Hollis, George Washington, founder of Hollis, Harmon Co. Oklahoma


G.W. Hollis Families, Founder of Hollis, Harmon Co. Oklahoma

All are descendants of John Hollis,
b: 1736 London, England , Great Britain and Mary ?

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Family of George Washington Hollis, founder of Hollis, Harmon Co., Oklahoma.
Top row left to right, Joseph Edwin, Alonzo David, Tom, Gertrude, Second Row, Frances Stroud Sapp (mother of Mrs Hollis) Nancy Jane Sapp Hollis (Mrs. Hollis, wife of G.W.), holding daughter Virginia, George Washington Hollis, holding daughter Ada, William, Ida (Williams wife) holding son George. Front row: Artie, Jessie, Cleveland.

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Photo courtesy of Debbi (Shipley) Parker Family.

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(This new copy of G.W. Hollis family is courtesy of Neal and Rose Mary Hollis)

George Washington Hollis Family 1893

G.W. Hollis family, circa 1898 This was written on the back of the photo by Abbie Hollis.

(Names in parenthesis added by me, Bill)

Identification: A.D. (Alonzo David), W.L. (William Lewis), Tom (George Thomas), 


Gertrude, Cleveland (Grover CLeveland), Jesse (Jesse Benjamin), Edwin (Joseph Edwin)

Photo courtesy of: Susan Currell Hollis 7/05/2005

Sons of G. W. Hollis This photo appears to have been taken the same day as the Hollis family photo you have on your Harmon Co. Hollis family webpage. (Note the background and clothing is the same.) This photo was not marked by Abbie Hollis, but I have identified them by comparing with the larger photo.

Back row left to right: J. E. Hollis, A. D. Hollis

Front row left to right: Tom Hollis and William Hollis

Photo courtesy of: Susan Currell Hollis 7/05/2005

Start first row bottom left: Herman Hollis, Geneva Hollis,(died in 1911) - )(son and daughter of Alonzo David and Rosa Hollis); Lois and Blanche Pendergraft, (daughters of Roy and Gertrude Pendergraft); William Webster Hollis, George Hollis, and Alvin Gail Hollis, (sons of William Lewis and Ida Hollis): Lynn Hollis, (son of Joseph Edwin and Lena Hollis); Ada Hollis (sister); Rosa  (Alonzo David's wife), Virginia Hollis (sister), Gertrude Hollis Pendergraft (sister); Ernestine (Cleveland's wife); Abbie Alexander Hollis (wife of Jesse B.Hollis); Ida (wife of William Lewis); Lena (Joseph Edwins's wife); Artie Jane Hollis (sister); Alonzo David Hollis; Roy Pendergraft, Grover Cleveland Hollis, W. L.'s baby Maur?/cie), Joseph Edwin Hollis.


Photo courtesy of: Susan Currell Hollis 7/05/2005

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