The Immigrants
The Immigrants
Genealogy of  the family of Benjamin Hollister in South Australia

This site is designed to record, in more detail, information about the various immigrants to South Australia among my ancestors. It has a number of areas including:

My base research tree is located at (Hollister-Bartsch Family Tree) and an upload of the GEDCOM is placed on WorldConnect each month.

The table below contains a summary of the immigrants to Australia, including year of migration, ship, place of origin, and number of generations between them and me.

Name Spouse Child Ship Date From G
Johann Bohlmann Immigrated with first wife Anna Hartmann and child . Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patell 1846 Bremen, Germany 6
Heinrich Friedrich Gottfried Tronnier Johanne Caroline Sondfuchs Jane Trennear Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patell 1846 Bremen, Germany 7
William Hutchinson Sophia Carnt . . <1849 Buckinghamshire 6
Thomas Clayton Immigrated with second wife John Clayton Ascendant 1849 Bedfordshire 7
John Bowman Immigrated with second wife Barbara Tosh William Milne Bowman Calphurnia 1849 Angus, Scotland 7
Joseph Pryor Ann Hosking James Hosking Pryor Eliza 1849 Cornwall 7
Edwin Charles John MacFarlane . . Elizabeth 1849 Embarked from Plymouth, England 6
Edward Gregory . . . <1850 . 6
John Squire Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Taylor Squire . <1850 Devon and Bristol 7
William Buttle Sophia Whiting Elizabeth Butler China 1852 Cambridgeshire and Suffolk 6
Robert Wyly Ruth Meredith Alexander Wyly Lorena 1853 Co. Kildare, Ireland (arrived Melbourne, Victoria) 6
Annie Fearn (w parents?) . Waterlilly 1853 Angus, Scotland 6
John Presgrave Catherine Ewen . Irene 1854 Lincolnshire 6
Catharina Seekamp . . Reichertieg 1854 Germany 6
Alexander Brey Bray Grace Coad Head Grace Bray Standard 1854 Cornwall 7
Elizabeth Hosking . . . <1861 Cornwall 6
Stephen Norris Ellen Wall Agnes Dora Norris Peeress 1865 Somerset 6
James Hollister . . Prince of Wales 1866 Somerset 5
George Sheen Ryder Olive Maud Robinson . . <1907 London 4

Only Direct Ancestors are listed.
Where a spouse is listed, the couple immigrated together and both are my ancestors.
Where a child is listed, 2 generations of my direct ancestors immigrated together and all listed are my ancestors.
Where there is a "<", current research has not determined the exact date of emigration, with the date mentioned usually based on a marriage or birth.

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