Holmes Ancestry

Descendancy of Holmes - annotated

Compiled by Paul W. Holmes  —   ggggrandson of Finley Holmes  —  updated: October 2020
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First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Forth Generation

Associated cousins:  William Holmes (b. 1747 in County Down, Ireland),  William B. Holmes Rev. (b. ~1785), Joseph Holmes Rev. (b. ~1789).

   Extended Family Tree   - includes: Abercrombie, Clarke, Downs, Goodwynne, Guerry [Gary], Harrison, Holmes, Kelley [Kelly], Raines, and Vance

Elmwood Cemetery Memphis, Tennessee

Burial place for
Finley Holmes (born 1802), his wife, Emily Goodwyn Raines (b. 1806), his son,
Finley Holmes (Jr.) (III) (b. 1832), his brother, Robert Holmes (b. 1806), and in an adjacent plot,
his daughter, Marcia Elbertina Holmes [Treadwell] Beardsley (b. 1845, d. 1910)
with her first husband, Bertie Dekalb Treadwell (b. 1840, d. 1876).
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