Horton Family History

The Hortons are a family well hidden in the mists of time. It has taken me several years and a fair amount of digging to uncover their lives. The most difficult part of searching for the Hortons was the fact that there wasn't just one family of Hortons - but several! There are 14 villages named Horton in England. Not every village produced a Horton family of course, but at least three did. The Hortons that I've built this website for, moved to and lived in the counties of Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Wiltshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. I will also give a brief history of the Hartford and Shropshire Hortons. The Hortons of Hartford and the Hortons of Shropshireare totally unrelated.

The one thing I find the most interesting about the Hortons is the fact that they were aware of the value of buying and re-selling real estate long before landed property became a part of modern life.

Seats or estates of the Horton Family of Howroyde: Howroyde, Barkisland, Sowerby, Stainland and Coley Hall, YorkshireClick here for pictures of Yorkshire Manors.

Seats or estates of the Horton Family of Derbyshire: Catton Hall, Manor of Catton-on-Trent, Clipston Newbold - Northants, Oakthorpe Manor and Brizlincote Hall Farm.

Seats or estates of the Horton Family of Westwood: Baynton Manor, Horton's chantry, Westwood Manor (leased), Corsley Manor, Westbury Leigh Manor and Broughton Gifford.

Seats or estates of the Horton Family of Leicestershire: Noseley Manor,Griffen Manor

I've dedicated a lot of my time to being as thorough as possible. Are there mistakes in my work? Of Course. Genealogy research is not an exact science, a lot of conjecture is sometimes necessary, but everything I have put on this website is backed up by a source. My ultimate goal is to make this site a clearing house for all Hortons, if you would like to contribute or just need to ask a question, send an e-mail to Maggie

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Robert Horton's page will lead you to William Horton who married Sarah Gledhill and the family of Joshua Horton.
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The names with a generation number are the lineal ancestors of Robert (Long Island, NY Hortons) and Thomas (Rehoboth, MA Hortons) The block of names between the lineal ancestors are the brothers and sisters of each ancestor.

Alan de Horton - Generation 1

is listed in Walker Surnames as having been born in Yorkshire between 1160 and 1180. It is unknown who he married, but he had two sons:Roger de Horton, born about 1190 and Robert de Horton, born about 1193
Musgrave family of Edenhall, Deeds relating to Edenhall - ref. D MUS 2/2/46, not dated, (before 1290):from Scope and Content, witnesses: ............Alan de Horton...............

ROBERT DE HORTON was born about 1193, it is unknown who he married, but it is known that he had a son, Hugh de Horton born about 1223. Robert held land in Yorkshire.
The Book of Fees or Testa de Nevill, p.772:Robert de Horthon' (Horton), holding in Horthon'(Horton) 1242-43
Witheridge Historical Archive 1565-6 Cary Deeds, D.A.T. xxxiii date 1243 and 1330 from Scope and Content, "Walter Giffard, Robert de Horton,..................,clerks.
1243 - Walter Herewym, Roger and Hugh de Odeton hold in Odeton 1/8 fee of Robert de Horton, and Robert of the heirs of William Brewer.
1330 - I.P.M. of John de Mohun, 20 Nov 4 Ed 881 Odeton, 1/6 fee held by the heirs of Robert de Horton.
1243 - The prior of Barnstaple and Robert de Horton hold in Wasford and Westecoth and in Derth 2 fees of the same heirs and honour (i.e. Toriton.)
1302 - Prior of Barnstaple and Robert de Horton in Wasford, Strete, Westcote and Derte two fees, or the honour of Toriton.
1316 Harl.Ms 4278 Prior of Barnstaple 1 fee Stregheton of hon. Of Toryton, and Robert de Horton 1 fee in Westcot of the same honour.
Yorkshire Inquisitions. 5 VI Robert de Horton. Inq. p.m. 30 Hen.III, No. 22, writ dated at Canterbury, 18 May, 30th year (1246)......Robert de Horton had in demesne in Horton and in Clayton fifty-four acres of land(price of the acre /d?, sum, i8j). He had in villenage 25 acres in service of free men eleven bovates of land and fivescore and eight acres. He held his land of J. de Lacy, formerly Earl of Lincoln, by the service of the third part of one knight's fee; and Hugh de Horton is his next heir and of full age.
Robert de Chancy, Inq. p.m.30 Henry III, No.37, no writ: Inquisition concerning the lands of Robert de Chancy.....Robert de Horton had a grant from Robert de Lacy of four carucates in Horton and Clayton, by the service of a third part of one knight's fee. His son Hugh de Horton made a grant of land to Byland in 1239(ibid, p.373J)
AR/1/628,13th century; AR/1/623 and AR/1/629/30.

Hartland Manor AR/1/576-630 (1221 x 1258) Contents: Gift and quitclaim, Geoffrey de Dynam, lord of Hertlond (Hartland)=1; William Mauduth', nephew of (1)=2 contents are that #1 gives to his nephew #2 the mill of cranford for his heirs and assigns,and lays out the rules for keeping it. The witnesses were: Walter Giffard, Robert de Horton and 5 others.

ROGER DE HORTON - Generation 2

ROGER DE HORTONwas born abt 1190 in Northamptonshire, England. The recorded beginnings of Roger de Horton begin with a passage from:Loosemore of Devon, Chapter 3, Loosemore of Oxford, before AD 1500. Devon Eyre Roll for AD 1238, St. Hilary's Day 17, Henry III (13 Jan 1232):;Robert de Sicca Villa appeals Walter Losmer, Ralph de Hapse, John the Welshman (Walensis), Roger de Horton and Robert the huntsman that on the feast of St. Hilary in the seventeenth year they seized him at Lesmere, took him to Acford and imprisoned him there.
Eyre Roll, 1249, Final Court Summary of Crown Pleas, Witheridge Hundredtells that a murder was committed which Roger de Horton and four guests in his home witnessed but did not hold the murderers which earned them the courts displeasure for which they had to pay a fine.
A2A Catalogue, The Money-Kyrle Family, Estate of Whetham, Calne, Wiltshire, file (no title) reference 1720/77, date 1273:
From Scope and Content:
Grant by Roger le Chamberleng to Thomas Puke and Lucy his wife of all his land in the town of Whetham, i.e. the messuage and virgate which Roger de Horton, his mother's uncle, gave him, to hold to them and their son Thomas and his issue.
Roger de Horton had four sons:

HENRY DE HORTONHenry's information follows under the third generation.

GERVASE DE HORTONborn about 1213. Before 1240 Gervase was appointed Sheriff of Devon. From the history, "High Sheriffs of Devon, from the Conquest to 1472, List of the High Sheriffs of Devon compiled by Tristram Risdon in his "Survey of the County Devon" in 1630, "The High Sheriffs were appointed by the king and were the king's representative in their county of jurisdiction. As such their powers were wide and often arbitrary. Their primary functions were those of chief law enforcement officer and tax collector, as well they were responsible for the security of the itinerant justices and raising armed forces for the king. As tax collector, each Easter and Michaelman (21 March, 29 September) the Sheriffs were required to appear before the officers of the Exchequer and render their accounts for the previous period. The sums owed were negotiable and the difference between what they collected and what they turned over to the Exchequer went into their own pockets. As well, the Sheriff was housed and maintained by the royal castles and manors. From the time of the conquest until the reign of Henry II (1154-1189) The Sheriffs were mostly appointed for life.
Black Torrington Hundred - Gervase de Horton holds Culsworthy by the king's (unrecorded) gift. It is worth 3s (undoubtedly his reward for acting as Sheriff).
1240 - In 1240 King Henry III ordered by a writ which was dated the 13th of June that the lands of his brother Richard of Cornwall should be confirmed by a boundary perambulation. The lands in question were the Forest of Dartmoor and the Manor of Lydford which he had preciously granted to Richard in 1239. It was decreed that the Sheriff of Devon and 12 "lawful knights of the country" should undertake the mission. Accordingly the party consisted of the Sheriff, who Tristram Risdon lists as Gervas de Horton and the following men.......
1249 - on 13 June 1249, Gervase de Horton paid John Dyth 5 marks of silver for 16 acres of land in La Bere.
1249 - On 20 June 1249, Gervase de Horton given perpetual tenancy over 1 ferling of land in Grodehole for 12d scutage (40s if no scutage), save pasture rights after the corn crop from St. Michael to mid-March. He paid 20s.
1250 - On 12 Jun 1250, Gervase de Horton rented two plough lands and two mills in Bradworthy at an annual rent of 12.5 marks of silver. He paid 60 marks of silver.

Sir William de Horton born 1217, had two daughters, DIONYSIA HORTON born 1238,was dead before 1268(ibid Roll 1050, 52 Henry III, membrane 18d) She married Lord William Tempest.
MABEL HORTON born 1243, married Sir John Knyvett.

Antrobus Papers,ref. D(W)1761/A/4/9-10,date c.1240:"Scope and Content:............Witnesses......Wm. de Horton
John de Horton was born about 1223. He removed to London and became the progenitor of the London Hortons.
Crown Pleas: 39 Henry III - 41 Henry III (nos 50-77) The London eyre of 1276, pp 15-23:(a form of inquisition held to determine whether the rents and tenements of Master Adam in the City of London were escheats of the king or not). .....by the following jurors: William de Assyndon, John de Horton, Walter the Marshal..................
Folios 71-80, Calendar of letter-books of the city of London, Monday before the Feast of Conversion of St. Paul (25 Jan) 12 Edward I. (A.D. 1283-4, pp 156-72: ...........before the Mayor and Aldermen a certain writing of agreement whereby John de Herfeud and Margaret his wife demised to Roger the Tailor and Agnes his wife a house and shops in the parish of St. Michael le Quern, near the tenements of Laurence de Frowyk, John de Horton................

HENRY DE HORTON- Generation 3

HENRY DE HORTON was born 1220 in Northamptonshire, England, he died before Jan. 13, 1270 in Knaptoft, Leicestershire, England. Henry married Joan ______. Henry moved to Knaptoft and became progenitor of the Knaptoft Hortons.

Title Deeds, Devon, Hartland Manor - ref. AR/1/576-630 - from Scope and Content: all rights and the whole land of Westere Esse, Braworthy with a mill, and Seepwas with the whole moor of La Spanga, together with rents and services of Kranforde and Bokys, with all appurtenances; which lands and services Joan who was wife of Henry de Horton received from (1) in dower upon the death of Henry de Horton her husband. For (2) and his heirs to hold for ever of the chief lords of the fee, freely and hereditarily, by services due and accustomed. For this gift and quitclaim (2) has given (1) 100 marks silver beforehand."

1268 Henry moved from Northamptonshire to Knaptoft. In 1269 he was appointed bailiff for Gobion who worked for King henry III.

A Fine of Trinity, 5 Edward I; 1277
Between Hugh, son of Henry de Horton, plaintiff and Henry de Horton defendant, of messuage and virgate of land in Knaptoft.

Lay Subsidy Roll, 1327, printed in "Transactions of the Associated Architectural Societies, Vol. XIX, page 369,also lists the Armorial Bearings of Horton:
For Arms: - Gules, a Stag's Head cabossed Or, on a Chief of the last a Rose of the first between two Thistles slipped and leaved proper. For Crest: - On a Wreath of the Colours, In front of two Claymores saltirewise proper, a Spear erect Argent, the whole encircled by an Antique Crown Or. (His issue was authorised to assume and use Arms)
Henry and Johanna de Horton had at least five sons: Hugh de Horton, William de Horton, Robert de Horton,Thomas de Horton and Richard de Horton born abt 1255.

THOMAS DE HORTONis mentioned inWitheridge Histoical Archive 1565-6 Cary Deeds, D.A.T. xxxiii date 1276 from Scope and Content, "Thomas de Horton holds Odeton and Hegsteford for 1/8 fee of the heirs of John de Moun and the same heirs of the Countess of Albamara, and the said countess of the king. 1284-6 Thomas de Horton holds Stretthe, Derte, Uppecote and Westcote for 1 fee and 1/8 part of a fee of the prior of Barnstaple, and the prior of Thomas de Merton and Thomas of the king.

-ROBERT DE HORTONis mentioned in Title Deeds, Devon, Hartland Manor - ref. AR/1/576-630 date: (1221 x 1258)Gift of a Wood:Nicholas de West'meddone to Margery, his daughter, for her homage and service, all his wood of Wpacote, which he holds of Sir Robert de Hortone (Horton)......
Robert de Horton is also mentioned in Budleigh hundred, 1238 Devon Assize Roll page 2. Robert de Horton, holding in Budleigh hundred.

RICHARD DE HORTON is mentioned in "Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300, vol 3, 1977, Leicestershire Prebendaries Louth"
"First occurrence as canon, 17 Oct. 1269 (Rot. Gravesend p.37) Provost of the Common in early 1270's (R.A.L. X p. Iviii). First occurrence as this prebendary 23 Sept 1276 (Rot. Gravesend p.70) Treasurer from Nov. 1278; still alive 26 Nov 1298 (list 5). D. as this prebendary and treasurer by 5 Jan. 1300 (C.P.R. 1292-1301 p. 484)Richard de Horton had a son:.

JOHN DE HORTONFrom "The National Archives, catalogue reference - C 146/1203, Aldebury, Sunday before Christmas Day, 18 Edward II (1320)" Release by John Horton, of Bettelowe, to Sir Philip de Ayllesbure, knight, of all his right in land in the east fields of Tyscote and Bettelowe, in a tillage called 'Luttlebenhulle'

C. 161, Second day after St. hilary, 11 Edward II (1317)" Fragment of seal.Grant by Geoffrey Serich to John de Horton of a curtilage on which the grange of Reginald de la Gorste was built, in the parish of Horton.

C. 1623.30 May, 7 Edward II (1313)":Grant by Robert le Crabbe, of Horton, to John de Horton, clerk, of a power of distraint on all his lands in Horton for a fee far rent of a quarter and a half of best corn, issuing out of a piece of land in Horton which he held by the feoffment of the said John in a certain field near his messuage.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference E 101/291/6, 22 Edward III (1327) Receipts of silver at London and Canterbury in the time of John de Horton, keeper of the exchanges.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference E 101/291/8 22 & 23 Edward III (1327) Account of John de Horton, late keeper, of issues.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 146/769, Horton, vigil of All Saints, 29 Edward I (1272-1307): Release by Roger de Faukeham to John de Horton and Elizabeth his wife, of a field called 'Margerieland,' and another field called "Everardesland....together with land called 'Kyngesland,' in the parish of Faukeham. (Kent.)

WILLIAM DE HORTON is found in this testament: "To all the faithful in Christ who shall see or hear this present writing, William, lord of Horton, sends everlasting greetings in the lord. Know that I have conceded, and by this my present writing have confirmed, to Adam son of William de Horton and his heirs the whole of that land which the same Adam bought of William de Meyngwaring with all its appurtenance. To have and to hold to the said Adam, and to his heirs, or to his assigns as freely and quietly as is contained in our original charter which the same Adam and his heirs or his assigns have from the aforenamed William de Maynwaring. And for this my grant and in confirmation of this my present, writing the said Adam gave to me beforehand 20s of silver. In addition, because I will that this my concession and confirmation of my present writing shall obtain the force of perpetual stability, I have confirmed this present writing with an impression of my seal.

Witnesses: Robert de Wynington, Randle Starky, Randle de Berthynton, John de Merbury, Hugh his brother, Stephen the hunter, William le Bret, Robert the chaplain, and others. Temp Henry III or Edward I.

Hugh de Horton - Generation 4

HUGH DE HORTON was born abt 1240 in Knaptoft, Leicestershire, England and died between 1327 and 1332in Mowsley, Leciestershire, England. Hugh was the first born son of Henry de Horton. Hugh may have married a daughter of Philip Redesdale.

Hugh de Horton was a bailif for the outlying Mowsley holdings. St Nicholas Church was built in 1279 and a strategically located croft (house) with a common wall was built on the north side of the church for the Horton home. that croft was the Horton Home for 482 years (1279 to 1761) Knaptoft is one of Leicestershire's "lost" villiages. It disappeared because the lord of the Manor swapped from crop growing to sheep farming, which meant less labourers were needed. All that is left is a collection of farm buildings and church ruins. A letter written in 1921 by the Rev. J.H. Green, formerly Rector of Mowsley attributed the destruction of Knaptoft Church to the Cromwellians. The name of the manor was, "Le Prest Croft" (The Priest House). The manor of Knaptoft was located about six miles west of Market Harborough, only two muiles north of the Northamptonshire-Leicestershire border. This was Anselm Gobion's (Rector of Knaptoft and St. Nicholas Parish Church)payment for Hugh de Horton's work as a bailif. The Inquistion of 1279 taken in the 7th year of Edward the 1st reign says that Richard III Gobion was the Lord of the Manor. He had 33 virgates held in villeinage by 33 villeins at Knaptoft (land owners that paid rent to use the Lord's land) and three virgates held in free tenure. One being Philip de Redesdale, one being Hugh de Horton and one being his father Henry de Horton - they eventually owned their land free and clear. In the 1277 Fine of Trinity, 5 Edward I, shows that Henry de Horton conveyed this free tenement in Knaptoft to his son Hugh de Horton. The 1327 Subsidy List still shows Hugh de Horton living as a free tenent. It also showed that he had expanded his land holding, now owning that of his father and some land held in common with the Redesdale family, suggesting that he had married Philips daughter and received land as a dowry. The 1332 list does not have Hughs name on it.Click here for more on the county of Leicestershire.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference DL 25/2404, dated 1294: Hugh de Horton, lord of Brodcroft, to Henry de Lascy, Earl of Lincoln; Release, indented, of his right in a piece of ground in Little Horton.
(In 13th century feudalism, unfree peasants worked the lord's fields. These "serfs" or "villeins" got the security of living in the lord's domain and could subsist on their farming. They had to do "boon work"- a obligation to the lord of helping with plowing, sowing, harvesting, etc - and "week-work" - a regular obligation to work the lord's own fields - for the lord of the manor. Serfs also had to make money payments to the lord of the manor and provide military service when required. The king owned all lands, so these serfs had minimal land rights granted from the lord, who had rights to his manor granted from the king. The lord of the manor was obliged to make payments to the king and provide military service. The Horton Family kept the "Le Prest Croft" but by 1294 Hugh de Horton was Lord of his own Manor.)

Hugh had at least four sons: John de Horton born about 1270, Henry de Horton born abt 1272, Robert de Horton born abt 1277 and Thomas de Horton born abt 1274.

THOMAS DE HORTON born abt 1274, died before 1323. Thomas married Amice ______ and they had at least one son, Charles de Horton.
"The National Archives, SC 8/116/5785, dated 1321-1323:" Petitioners: Charles de Horton, son of Thomas de Horton. Addressees: King and Council, and Thomas Colepeper (Culpeper, Culpepper).

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference SC 8/117/5816, dated about 1323:Petitioners: Amice de Horton. addressees: King. Places mentioned: Leigh, (Kent) Tonbridge, (Kent). Other people mentioned: Steven de Penecestre; Thomas de Horton, late husband of the petitioner; Henry Wyth: Charles de Horton, son of the petitioner; Thomas colepeper. Nature of request; Amice de Horton request and restore to her son certain lands formerly held by her husband Thomas, but now in the king's hands due to the forfeiture of the tenant, Thomas Colepeper.

ROBERT DE HORTONborn abt 1277 acted as sheriff of Devonshire. The National Archives, Catalogue Reference SC 8/3/138 dated 1315;Robert de Horton, sheriff of Devon. Nature of request: Writ ordering the sheriff to proclaim to all vintners and taverners selling wine at retail in his bailiwick, that a gallon of wine should be sold for not more than 3d.

born about 1278, he made his living as a tanner - then living in the East Quarter of Leicester.Henry paid taxes of 3s in Knaptoft in 1327, 2s 9d in 1332, then removed to Leicester where his descendants were of record.

John de Horton - Generation 5

-JOHN DE HORTON was born in 1279 in Knaptoft, Leicestershire, England and died in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. He married Maude de Bosco, daughter of William and Eva de Bosco. Maude was born abt 1279 and died April 1345. John was still alive in 1345, he was mentioned as John de Horton (fl. 1345),( fl. means flourished) in A History of the County of Leicestershire: Volume V, Pub 1964, pages: 247-356.

Proof of John and Maudes marriage can be found in the Medieval Sourcebook: Wakefield Court Rolls, the Yorkshire Archaelogical Society, Record Series vol. 29, 1900. Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield vol. 1, 1274-1297, by William Paley.
Rastrik--Maude wife of John de Horton in full Court granted, released, and quit-claimed for herself and her heirs to Beatrice and Cicely daughters of William de Bosco, all rights which she has or can have in a bovate of land for which Eva, wife of William de Bosco, their mother, paid a relief for their use in the time of Richard de Heydon, on condition that the said Eva shall pay 6s 8d for the said Maude which she is to pay for having an inquistion as to the said bovate of land, and shall give her a super-tunic worth 3s. They (Beatrice and Cicely) give 2s for having seisin."

John de Horton was a free tenanat at Mowsley, whose messuage and lands were specified and carefully defined in the Schedule to the Brabazon Charter of 4/4/1345, preserved in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
John de Horton worked as a bailiff for the King's Court. His appointments to arrest and bring others before the judgement of the King's Court can be found in the following: Calendar of patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrane 14d, page 78, April 6, 1348.
24 "Edward III - Part II, Westminster, Membrane 25d, page 587, July 10, 1350. 27 Edward III - part II, Westminster, Membrane 20, page 475, July 5, 1353.

In 1345 John held 3 virgates or 72 acres, the messuage and the croft. "For the said messuage and the three virgates of land and for a croft called "Le Prest Croft," tendering per annum for capital rent - 5s 8d all the said free tenent had a fifth part of the service of one knight's fee.

John was apparently the first of his family to settle in Mowsley and became the progenitor of the Mowsley Hortons . His house in 1345 lay on the north side of the churchyard, (in 1761 a house on this site, still belonging to the Horton family, was demolished and new one built on the other side of the property. There were still Hortons in Mowsley in 1909).

A History of the County of leicestershire: Volume V Pub. 1964, pages 347-356 mentions the children of John de Horton.
John and Maude had sons, Robert de Horton, Henry de Horton, Thomas de Horton, Andrew de Horton and Richard de Horton.
Their daughters were: Agnes Horton, Alice Horton, Barbara Horton and Elizabeth Horton.

RICHARD DE HORTON married Milicent _____. From "The National Archives, catalogue reference C 1/31/220, dated between 1386 -1486" Milicent Horton, late the wife of Richard, son of John Horton................
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C1/31/220.dated between 1386-1486: Milicent, late the wife of Richard Horton, gentleman v. Henry Fen: Bond concerning the murder of the said Richard by rioters in Peterborough and robbery of his goods, &c.
The National Archives, catalogue reference C 1/31/238, dated between 1386-1486: Milicent Horton, late the wife of Richard son of John Horton v. Robert Frere, Richard Horton, John Some, Will Some, John Horton and George Estell, feoffees to uses..; Messuage and land in Chicheley, late of John Horton...Bucks.

ROGER DE HORTON from the "Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 10d, Westminster, May 15, 1351" ............on complaint by Roger de Horton that John Whitheved of Teukesbury, John Cecourt and others assaulted him at Wynchecombe, co. Gloucester, and carried away his goods. For 10s paid in the hanaper.

Thomas de Horton - Generation 6

THOMAS DE HORTON was born about 1300 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. It is unknown who he married. Thomas de Horton did have sons, John de Horton, Adam de Horton,Thomas de Horton, Robert de Horton, Nicholas de Horton and William de Horton.

"The Victoria History of the Counties of England,. A History of the County of Leicestershire: vol. v, 1964, pages 248-256"
The civil parish of Mowsley lies about eleven miles south-south-east of leicester on the rising ground towards the Northamptonshire border. The village has been the principal settlement in the ancient parish of Knaptoft since the depopulation of Knaptoft in the 16th century. The township of Mowsley was included in Gartree hundred, but Knaptoft and a second township, Shearsby, were in Guthlaxton hundred.

By the late 13th century there had been a considerable amount of subinfeudation which produced several free tenants with relatively small holdings. Members of the Horton family received two of the highest assessments however.John and Agnes Horton (4s 2d). William and Alice Horton (3s 9d)

All the buildings in the village of Mowsley lie on or near the main street. Next to the school is a brick house with a date tablet of 1761 with the initials J.H. (Joseph or John Horton). It has a disused 19th centruy bake-house in the yard. Nearby there is a brick stable which is dated 1732. During the 17th and early 18th centuries there were several transactions in land between local yeoman families which related to so called manors. The Horton family were also prominent in the buying and selling of property.

Calendar of patent rolls, Clarendon, Membrane 7, dated August 6, 1370: Licence, for 10s paid to the king by William Brounce, chaplain of the chantry of St. Eligius in the Church of All Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne,...............to celebrate diving service daily in the said church for the safe estate of John and Thomas de Horton, and for their souls when they shall have departed this life,.......

Sons of Thomas:

JOHN DE HORTON born abt 1320. He married Agnes _____.
The first recorded item about John was from the Calendar of Patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrance 34, October 11, 1364:
"Pardon to John Horton and Agnes his wife of his outlawry and her waiver in the county of Middlesex for non-appearance before the justices of the Bench to answer Joan Ferours touching a plea that they render to her chattels to the value of 100s; they having now surrendered to the Flete prison, as appears by a certificate of Robert de Thorpe, chief Justice."
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 27, page 118, 1392 - A messuage, 20 acres of land and 2 acres of meadow, after the death of John Horton;.....

ADAM DE HORTON born abt 1332.
24 Edward III, Part 1, Westminster, Membrane 3d, June 2, 1350, page 533:
"Association of Thomas de Curteneye in the commission of the peace in the county of Devon in the place of John de Ralegh of Beaudeport, removed for certain causes shewn before the council. And afterwards, on 10 December following, (among others) Adam de Horton are appointed to keep the peace in the county of Lancaster."
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrane 27, March 6, 1369, page 222:
"Mandate to Adam de Horton, mayor of the town, to deliver to him the keeping, and the rolls, memoranda and other things relating to the office, which are in the mayor's keeping, and to permit him to have the office."

THOMAS DE HORTON, born abt 1326, died before 16 Aug 1389.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 3, page 300, dated June 1373: ...........appointments of..............and Thomas Horton of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to arrest all ships, goods and merchandise of all merchants of Flecchyng found in any of the said ports and detain them under arrest until justice be done for him.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 29, page 328, Westminster. 13 Feb 1379 - Thomas Horton, clerk of the king's spicery, to one in that of St. Paul's London.
13 Richard II. part I, Membrane 20, Westminster, 16 Aug 1389 - Ratification of the estate of the king's clerk, Thomas de Horton, as prebendary of Wallokkesbern in the same.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 5, Westminster, page 582, dated June 2, 1395: Pardon and remission to William Slepe, executor of the will of Thomas de Horton, clerk, and administrator of his goods and chattels, and to all others his executors and administrators, and to all tenants of his land, of all debts and accounts for which he in his life time was sued or could be sued......

ROBERT DE HORTON born abt 1328.
Edward III, Part II, Membrane 12, Westminister, page 489, Sept 26, 1353: Presentation of Master Robert de Horton, vicar of the church of Gayneford, in the diocese of Durham, to the church of Kirkeby Thurne, in the diocese of Carlisle, in the king's gift by reason of his wardship of the lands and heir of Roger de Clifford; on an exchange of benefices with Thomas de Ripplyngham.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference E 40/4499, dated Monday before St. George the martyr. 8 Henry IV (1399-1413):
Grant in tail by Robert Horton, parson of Lapworth Church..............
Rotulus Viagil - 6 Henry IV - Membrane 12, Pontefract, July 26, 1405: Robert Horton of Newcastle.

NICHOLAS DE HORTON born abt 1330. Edward III, Part II, Membrance 18, page 83, Westminister, June 27, 1354: Presentation of Nicholas de Horton, parson of the church Fyndon, in the diocese of Chichester, to the church of Rayle, in the diocese of London, in the king's gift by reason of the Priory of Prit__(?) well being in his hands on account of the war with France; on exchange of benefices with Gilbert le Freynsh.
14 Richard II, Part II, Membrane 32, page 377, Westminster, 17 Feb 1391 - Revocation of protection with clause rolumus for one year granted 03 July last to Nicholas de Horton of Craven, (Craven is a local government district in the English county of North Yorkshire, centered around the market town of Skipton.) as going on the king's service to Picardy to stay in the company of Thomas Talbot, knight, late captain of the castle of Guynes, because he has not gone, as appears by the testimony of John Woderoue and others, and the said Thomas is now discharged of the custody of the castle.
Subsidy Roll (Poll Tax) for 1379 for the Yorkshire parish of Penistone parish, Staincliffe wapentake, Yorkshire: Nicholaus de Horton, Mercator Best", & uxor (wife).

Michaelmas, 11 Richard ij, m.636, October 1387.
Sir Richard Tempest sued Nicholas de Horton and others for damage done to his property at Pathenhall (Painley)

William de Horton - Generation 7

WILLIAM DE HORTON was born abt 1324 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England and died aft 1381 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. William had an out-of-wedlock son named Walter de Horton who died before October 17, 1358. William married Alice St. Peter, daughter of John St. Peter. William and Alice are first of record at Mowsley on 04 Apr 1345 in the Brabazon Charter.

William was admitted to the Leicester Merchant Gild in 1351-2.

13 Henry VII, Part II, the St. Peter inheritance:
"Thomas Grevill alias Cocksey died, the sole representative of the St. Peter inheritance. An inquistion found his next heir to be Roger de Horton, being son of William de Horton, son of Alice St. Peter."

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrane 16d, dated May 25, 1367: A Edmund Knolles claimed that many evildoers, armed, vagabonds in the West Riding, co. York and lying in wait for him, his wife and children, have made divers assaults on him, chased him and his wife and children from his manor of Holefeld, and threatened them with death and the burning of their houses so that they dare not return. The King ordered that William de Horton, William de Peek, Henry Dautre, Nicholas Pathorn, John Holden of Bolton, Adam Hardacre, John de Rokesburgh, John Haket, John Cokesson and John de Categy of Setle be arrested and compel them to find the mainpernors (malefactors) that they will not do or procure damage to the said Edmund and his wife and children, or else to commit them to the gaol of York castle until they will.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrane 39d, dated November 6, 1376: ..............the said king (John, king of Castile and Leon and duke of Lancaster), Roger de Clifford, Thomas de Ingelby, Roger de Kirketon,.....................William de Horton and John del Bank, in the West Riding, co. York.

A History of the County of Leicestershire, Vol V, 1964, pages 248-256:
William and his brother, John Horton were both holders of land at will in 1381, were probably the heirs of John Horton, who was a free tenant of Roger le Brabazon in 1345. This John Horton was in the third generation of Hortons descended from Henry of Horton who became the free tenant of Hugh Gobion at Knaptoft shortly after 1268.

Subsidy Roll (Poll Tax) for 1379 for the Staincliffe wapentake, Gisburn parish, Yorkshire: Willelmus de Horton, ffrankeleyn, & uxor (wife)

Child of William de Horton and ?:
WALTER DE HORTON died before October 17, 1358. 23 Edward III, Part II, Membrane 23, Clarendon, July 12, 1349, page 389: Whereas John Chelfham and Walter de Steveneston lately acquired in fee from Walter de Horton a fifth part of the manor and borough of Chepyngtorition, held in chief, and entered therein: and afterwards Walter released the estate which he had in the same to the said John and his heirs.
A2A Catalogue,creator, Arundel family of Lanherne and Trerice, Cornwall, Title Deeds, Cornwall, Bodardle Manor, reference AR/1/395-406, Saturday 29, 1343: From Scope and Content ..............Sir John Ralegh, knights, Walter de Sutton, John Fraunceys and Walter de Horton.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference: SC 8/100/4969, dated between 1300-1350: Petitioners John de Chelsham. Addressees: King and Council, Walter de Horton.......
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference: E 136/15/7, 17-18 Edward III. Mentions Walter de Horton (1m)
32 Edward III, Part II, Membrane 25, page 103, dated October 17, 1358: Grant to Thomas Cheyne, one of the yeomen of the chamber, of all lands in the county of Devon lately held by Walter de Horton of the king in chief, which are now in the king's hands as his escheats because the said Walter was a bastard and died without heir of himself, and do not exceed the value of 20l. yearly to hold for his life by the services whereby they were held before they came into the king's hands.

Children of William and Alice de Horton: Roger de Horton, John de Horton, Edmund de Horton, Ralph de Horton, Hugh de Horton, Thomas de Horton and James de Horton.

ROGER DE HORTON born abt 1348, died before 16 Nov 1424. This Roger became progenitor of the Derbyshire Hortons. He married Alice ____.
3 Henry VI. Part I, Membrane 12, page 261, Westminster, 26 Nov 1424 - Pardon, for 20s. paid in the hanaper, to Peter Lynam and Alice, late the wife of Roger Horton, tenant in chief, for intermarrying without the king's licence.
Roger moved to Coole-Pilate near Nantwich in about 1399. It is known that Roger had a son named John Horton (21 Henry VIII, vol VIII, page 390)
13 Henry VII: Thomas Grevill alias Cocksey died, the sole representative of the St. Peter inheritance. An inquistion found his next heir to be Roger de Horton, being son of William de Horton, son of Alice St. Peter, daughter of John.
Roger bought land in Derbyshire and removed there, he became the progenitor of the Derbyshire Hortons.
Cheshire: Bromborough - Talbot Deeds, 1200-1682: Those Charters concerning people/places in Shropshire (especially Albrighton) "Grant:...........the village and manor of Albrighton, Salop, and a market fair; reversion to Hugh de Holes, kt., Roger Horton..................This was done by the king's licence, the octave of Candlemas 5 Henry 4th. (09 Feb 1404)
10 Henry IV. - Part II, page 79, Westminster, 21 May, 1409 - "Revocation, so far as concerns a moiety of the manor of Weston Turvile, co. Buckingham,...............that the said Walter long before his death by charter granted the moiety to Roger Horton, Richard Ruyhale, William Boteller of Yatton,.........."

JOHN DE HORTON born abt 1352.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1216-1398: 1389, Mayors - John of Horton
Calendar of Patent Rolls, 13 Richard II, Part I, Westminster, Membrane 30, dated, August 24, 1389:Appointment of the following as controllers in the following places: - John Horton, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and all ports thence as far as Berwick-upon- Tweed, on the one side, and Scardeburgh, inclusive, on the other.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, 13 Richard II, Part III, Westminster, Membrane 20, dated, April 16, 1390: Revocation of protection with clause relumus for one year granted 9 March last to Thomas Hervy the elder, as going on the king's service to Ireland to stay with John de Stanley, knight, Justiciary of Ireland, because he tarries in Suthwerk on his own affairs, as is certified by John Horton bailiff of Suthwerk.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 29, page 176, Westminster, 29 Sep 1397, Grant, for life or until further order, to John Horton, ranger of the forest of Sauci, co. Northampton, of the livery of the Crown, for which he is to receive 6d. a day at the Exchequer.

Archaeologia Aeliana (Relating to Antiquities)vol. XXII, pub by "The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. House in the Close, Newcastle, 249, Dec. 12
"Deed Poll Grant from John de Horton, son and heir of John de Horton, formerly burgess of Newcastle, deceased, to John Barkar of Newcastle, merchant, of a messuage in 'le close,'boundered by the mote of the Castle, E., 'leschare' called the Close, S., the foss and gate of the Castle commonly called 'le postern' (illegible) the tenement in which Andrew de Bulkham resided so long as he lived' inter hoga. castr., 'N., a tenement (illegible)John Barkar aforesaid formerly feoffed and given by said John de Horton on south and extending from the stayre to the tenement formerly Gilbert Flemyngs.

EDMUND DE HORTON, born abt 1346, died before July 12, 1388.
Edmund was listed (as Esmon) in records as an Archer under Commander Henry Percy earl of Northumberland, 1383 x 1385 on the Expedition to France.BL_HARLEY_782,membrane 179v. TNA E101/40/5,membrane 1shows Esmond de Horton as an Archer for John of Gaunt,Duke of Lancaster, for an expedition in Scotland.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrane I, July 12, 1388, page 540: Commission to William Rikhill and John Cassy, upon the petition of John Cruwys, praying restitution of certain lands, rents, etc in Horton, Hayen Halle and elsewhere in Devon, whereof Edmund de Horton, deceased, was lately seised in his demesne as of fee, and which by virtue of the judgement in Parliament against John Blake were taken into the king's hands, to enquire touching the premises, and return their inquistion into Chancery. (Cf. Ancient petitions, No. 12842)

Calendar of Patent rolls, 1 Henry IV, Westminster, Membrane 18, dated, November 22, 1399: Grant for life to the king's servant John Holt of 5 marks yearly at the Exchequer. The like to the king's servant Ralph Horton.

HUGH DE HORTON born abt 1350.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrane 3, Jan. 12, 1404, page 352:
Manor of Albrighton, co. Salop, after the death of Roger la Warre, was granted to Thomas la Warre, his brother, with remainder to the said Hugh and Roger Horton, Thomas Thorenburgh and Henry Birteles and the heirs of Hugh and Roger, Thomas and Henry to grant reversion in the life of Richard or the manor after his death to Thomas, son of the said Hugh for life.

THOMAS DE HORTON,born 1351 and died 1377.The building of The Cathedral Church of Gloucester, "A Brief history of the Espicopal See", Author, J.L.J. Masse. (Hart, i. 48,49,50)." Thomas Horton finished the work, comprising the high altar, with the presbytery, the stalls on the Abbot's side, or south side of the choir on the north side, and in the six years, ending with 1374, he completed the casing of the north transept, defraying the greater part of the cost himself (L444, 0s. 2d. out of a total sum of L781, 0s. 2d.)Horton also built "the Abbot's chapel near the garden of the infirmary, the covered camera of the monks' hostelry, and the great hall in the court, where the king afterwards held his Parliament in 1378." The present cloister, as far as the door of the chapter-house, is also his work.

JAMES DE HORTON, died before 21 June 1396
Priors of Coventry, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Institute of Historical Research, Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541, Volume 10, published 1964, pages 4,5.
"Lic. el. sought 12 Sept. 1390 (P.R.O., C 84/34/42).Petition for royal assent to el. 23 Sept. (P.R.O., C 84/34/44). Royal assent 27 Sept. (CPR 1388-1392 p. 303) Assent of bp. 30 Sept. (Reg. VI (Scrope) f.7). Temps 7 Oct. (CPR 1388-1392 p. 305). D/ before June 1396 (P.R.O., C 84/36/32).

William de Horton - Generation 8

WILLIAM DE HORTON was born 1350 in Mowsley, leicestershire, England and died aft 1373 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. He married Agnes Byrches.William is on record in the Mowsley Poll Tax of 1381. He is shown as a land holding resident, paying a tax rate of 21d. The fact that this is the owest tax rate of any Horton in Mowsley in that year suggests that his father still lived and occupied the family property.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/15/127 1386-1486: George Byrches v. William Horton, husband of petitioner's sister: Fraudulent grant to another of the manor of Plumtons, in Kingsbury (?) (Kynnysbury) which he had granted to petitioner for life. Warwick.

Children of William and Agnes: Roger Horton,Thomas Horton, William Horton, Nicholas Horton and John Horton:

ROGER HORTON born about 1370.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrance 16, page 276, Shrewsbury, 01 Feb 1398 - ........Revocation.... on summons by Thomas Wyke, Roger de Horton,..............
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 18d, page 306, Westminster, 08 Dec 1406 - Commission of oyer and terminer to...........Roger Horton,.......(to investigate) complaint by Richard, earl of Warwick, that a group of men went to Patyncham, co. Stafford, broke his closes and hedges there and assaulted his men, servants and tenants.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 3, page 470, Westminster, 10 Oct, 1408..........before Hugh Huls, Roger Horton and Thomas Henster, justices appointed to deliver the gaol of the castle of Oxford.
11 Henry IV., Part I, page 173, Westminster, 13 Feb, 1410 - Commission of oyer and terminer, pursuant to the ordinance in Parliament of Richard II, at Westminster, to Roger Horton.........
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane I, page 372, Westminster, 10 Oct 1411 - Commission of oyer and terminer to....Roger Horton,............on information that the bondmen and tenants in bondage of William Boteler of Sydeley, esquire, lord of the manor of Forfeld, co. Worcester, have withdrawn their due customs and services.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrance 8d, page 320, Westminster, 10 Aug 1411 - Commission of oyer and terminer to Roger Horton..................touching any counterfeitings and falsifications of the king's money within the county of Stafford.
(Sessions of oyer and terminer were intended to hear and determine more serious offences such as treason, murder and rebellion. The most serious cases were tried at the sessions of goal delivery at Newgate.)
A2A Catalogue, creator, Moulton family, book and document dealers of London, Title Deeeds, Hertfordshire, Watford, File - Grant - reference DE/Z120/44978, date 30 Oct 1401: By Thomas Thorneburgh and William Asshe to Henry, Prince of Wales, Robert Braybrok, bishop of London, Reginald de Grey of Ruthyn, John Norbury, esq......................and Roger Horton of the manor of Oxhey.................
Cal. Pat., 1416-22, pages 183-95: "Inspeximus and confirmation to John, Bp. of Ely, and Wm. Prior, and the monks of the catherdral church of Ely, of an arbitration of certain disputes between them-by Henry Ware, Keeper of the Privy Seal, Wm. Hankeford, the King's Chief justice, and Roger Horton, one of the Justices of the King's bench, on the feast of St Nicholas the Bishop, 1417............

THOMAS HORTON,born abt 1372.
12 Henry IV, Membrane 18, Westminster, dated, March 15, 1411:Licence for John Gerveys of the county of Southampton and Thomas Horton of the county of Sussex to grant in mortmain to the prior and convent of the church of St. Swithum, Winchester, a messuage, two carucates of land and 20 acres of pasture in Chircheokelegh and Wotton, not held of the king in chief, worth 26s 8d. yearly, as found by an inquistion taken by Robert Andrewe, escheator in the county of Southampton, to hold to the value of 40s. yearly in part satisfaction of a licence by letters patent of Edward III.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrane 40, dated April 7, 1399: Grant, for life, without rent, to the king's servant Thomas de Horton, of two shops, with sollars built over them, in the parish of St. Nicholas Fleshammeles, London, forfeited to the king because alienated in martmain without licence, by William Ryf and Thomas Brandesby, executors of the will of Cecily.......

NICHOLAS HORTON born abt 1379.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference (three of them) E 358/6 - E 101/45/9 - E 101/46/11 - dated 3 Hen V (1413 -22)
# 1 - Account and official: Nicholas Horton, Henry Bromley, John Clynk and John Louthe, esquires.
#2 - Particulars of the account of Nicholas Horton and others.
#3 - Indenture as to delivery of jewels to Nicholas Horton and others.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference E 101/69/3/369, 3 Henry V (1413 - 22)
Indentures between the king and the following for service in his invasion of France: Nicholas Horton, Henry Bromley, John Clynk, William Welde and John Louth.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference E 101/70/4/653, 7 Henry V: Indentures between the king and the following for service in France. Nicholas Horton of co. York.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference E 101/70/4/656B, 8 Henry V: Parties to Indenture: Nicholas Horton. Nature of Service: Custody of Castle of Oye (Pas de Calais).

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrane 28, dated October 26, 1440: Pardon to Nicholas Horton, late captain of the castle of Oye, for losing it to the king's enemies, the capture having been due to want of men and victuals and the said Nicholas having been made prisoner, with the loss of all his goods there, and put to a ransom the amount of which he cannot bear without aid from his friends, who are unwilling to contribute until such pardon has been obtained for him.

Archives,Berks. 363, 8 dec, 12 Henry VI.(1440)Seals. Grant by John Roger, of Benham co. Berks, and Elizabeth his wife, to John, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Robert Shotes-broke, knight, John Shotesbroke, John Golofre, John Stopyngdon, clerk, John Roger of Mapuldurham, John Station, clerk, Thomas Pynchepole,NICHOLAS HORTON, John Hapsford the elder, and Thomas Asshenden, of the manor of Benham Valence, upon condition to re-enfeoff them, the said John Roger and Elizabeth of the same with remainder to John Roger of Braneston.

Archives, Berks. B 362.23 December, 13 Henry VIIHaving granted to John Roger......NICHOLAS HORTON.....(10 others) the manor of Benharn Valence, co. Berks, with the intent of re-enfeoffing then,upon the decease of Robert Shotesbroke.............

JOHN HORTON was born about 1381 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England.
John Horton was listed on the Agincourt Battle Roll. He served with Sir John Grey. Sir Grey's retenu consisted of 35 Lances and 96 Archers. A date in English History known to most Archers, 25th October 1415 - Saint Crispin's Day - When a relatively small and vastly out numbered English Army of less than 4000 men, demonstrated the lethal and devastating power of the English Longbow against the might of the French Army, numbering, according to some accounts, 50,000 men under the command of Constable d'Albret. Before the battle, Sir Walter Hungerford, gloomily confided that he wished he had 10,000 of the best Archers in England with him. King Henry replied angrily, "You are wrong. I do not need a single extra man, for my hope is in God, and if my cause is just I shall prevail whatever the size of my following." "Barons, Knights, Esquires, Serviteurs, and others that wer withe our most noble kinge Henry V at the Battell of Egyncourt on the Twentififthe of October 1415"

William Horton - Generation 9

WILLIAM HORTON was born 1370 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England and died 1413 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. He married Joan Dutton, daughter of Edward and Joan (Munshull) Dutton. She was born 1381 in Hatton, Cheshire, England.

A2A Catalogue, Cheshire and Chester Archives: Cholmondeley family of Cholmondeley, Cheshire - file - Manor account roll - reference DCH/0/8, date 1420-1421:From Scope and Content: ....................account of William de Horton, bailiff.

A2A Catalogue, Cheshire and Chester Archives: Cholmondeley family, Marquesses of Cholmondeley, Schedule "B", box "B" - reference DCH/13/389, Norbury section date c. 1300s:.....................witness William de Horton, Thomas de Dutton.

A2A catalogue, Hampton (Pakington) of Westwood Park, Broitwich, Catalogue reference, 705:349/12946/475247, file (no title) dated Wednesday next after the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary, 15 Richard II - March 27, 1392: From Scope and Content: Grant from William Wade of Hampton Lovett, co. Worc., to Henry Wych, William Abraham of Hamton Lovet, William Horton and Thomas Rose of Hampton, of lands, rent and appurtenances in Hamton Lovet.

William remained the heir at the croft of the St. Nicholas Church until his death. It was also reported by the rector of Mowsley, Rev. J.H. Green who served at St. Nicholas Parish Church from 1876 to 1915, that (written in his unpublished notes) "The Horton family was represented in Mowsley and the messuage situated on the north side of the church was in their possession in 1761. The old house was replaced on the other side of the property in 1761. In putting up a wall around the church in 1909 the old foundations were dug up and discovered.

Children of William and Joan: They had at least six sons, Richard Horton, John Horton, William Horton, Robert Horton, Roger Horton and Thomas Horton.

JOHN HORTON born 1392
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Westminster, Membrane 4, page 314, Jan. 24, 1421; Presentation of John Horton, parson of the church of Wokkeseye, in the diocese of Salisbury, to the church of Hulpryngton, in the same diocese, on an exchange of benefices (wages) with William Bekke.
A2A Catalogue, Sandford of the Isle, Catalogue Reference 465/554, Creators Sandford family of Bicton, Shropshire, file (no title) date 1457. From scope and content: grant by Hugo de Overscrofte, Chaplain,........................of lands and tenements in Eccleston, and Eton, to Edmund and his heirs, if Edmund should lack heirs.......to Roger Cartwright, and Ella his wife, sister of Edmund. In default of their heirs to John Horton and his heirs, in default of which to William Horton and his heirs.

WILLIAM HORTON born abt 1394, died before September 26, 1474.
A2A Catalogue, Manors of Little Neston and Hargrave, reference DDX 178/17, date 02 Feb 1440/1:
Party (2) in DDX 178/13 to William de Horton

ROBERT HORTON born about 1396
Archives - 08 February, 8 Henry VI. Fragment.Release by Robert Horton, of the King's Household, to John Drynkwater, the younger, of Peckham, and Elizabeth his wife, of all his right in lands, &c., in the vill and parish of Camberwell, which he had of the feoffment of Thomas Sondeford, son and heir of John Sondeford, deceased.
The National Archives, Catalogue reference C 146/1175, dated Monday after Whit sunday, 2 Henry VI (1423):
Letters of attorney from Thomas Sandeford, son and heir of John Sandeford, of the parish of Camberwell, Surrey authorising Robert horton to receive seisin from Robert Tatersale......

THOMAS HORTON born about 1400
A2A Catalogue, Northants and Leics deeds, file (no title) reference D3155/WH 124, date 27 Henry VI, April 20, 1449:
From scope and content:..........Witnesses, Thomas Horton of Moessaley (Mowsley)
Archives.1060, 01 July, 17 Henry VI (1438) Seal.
Grant by William Bulkeley, of Eyton, Cheshire, esquire, to John Vampage, the elder, and Thomas Horton, of all his lands. &c., in Pyndeven, Pypulton, and Pershore, which descended to the grantor, after the death of John Ryvers, as kinsman and heir of the said John Ryvers. Appointment of Richard Tounlay and Robert Tounlay attornies to deliver seisin. Pershore.

SIR ROGER HORTON born abt 1399.
1 Henry VI, Part I, page 3, Westminister, dated October 1, 1422: Grant to the following of 110 marks yearly: Roger Horton, Justice of the King's Bench.
6 Henry V., Membrane 12d, page 207, Westminster, 01 Dec 1418 - Commission of oyer and terminer to William Hankeford, Robert Hull, Roger Horton,.............
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 31, page 3, Westminster, 01 Oct 1422 - Appointment, during pleasure, of Roger Horton, to be a justice of the King's Bench.
7 Henry V, Membrane 26d, Westminster, page 269, May 19, 1419:
Commission to Roger Horton, John Preston and William Lee of Knyghtley to enquire about all treasons, escapes of felons from prison, all persons who are irreplegiable by law and statute and are demised to baio or mainprise by sheriffs or other ministers of the king, all wards, marriages, reliefs, escheats, chattels of felons, fugitives and outlaws, deadands, treasure trove and wreck of sea pertaining to the king and concealed from him and any other concealments in the counties of Salop, Oxford, Berks, Worcester, Gloucester and Hereford.
9 Henry V., Part II, page 421, Westminster, 05 Feb 1422 - Commission to Roger Horton, John Juyn and Thomas Heuster to enquire about any escapes of felons or traitors in the counties of Oxford, Berks, Worcester, Stafford, Salop, Hereford and Gloucester.
9 Henry V., Part II, Westminster, page 407, 11 Feb 1422 - Commission to Roger Horton and John Juyn, justices of assize in the counties of Gloucester, Worcester, Hereford, Salop, Stafford, Oxford and Berks, to treat in the king's name with any of the king's lieges of the said counties willing to occupy the office of the exchange of the mint.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C1/45/251, dated 1386-1486: Edmund Starky v. Richard Towne and Thomas Horton. The estate of Roger Horton, late one of the king's justices.

Richard Horton - Generation 10

RICHARD HORTON was born 1410 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England and died after 1450 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Membrane 16, Salop, 1434: William, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and John de Talbot, knight, with Richard Laken, knight, and William Boerley, knights of the shire for the county of Salop, commissioners to take the oath of the following:............Richard Horton.................
Calendar of patent Rolls, Westminster, 27 Henry VI, Part II, dated May 23, 1449: Licence, for 6s. 8d. paid in the hanaper, for Richard Horton 'gentilman,' to grant to John Wydowesson, citizen and saddler of London, and Isabel his wife, all his lands in Midelham, co. Surrey, called the manor of Midelham ......................................
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C1/205/41 covering dates 1486-1529: Richard, son and heir of William Horton v. Henry, son and heir of George Shushe, and John Butteler, esquire; Sale of a messuage to Butteler during a suit concerning it.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/264/29 covering dates 1486-1529: Richard, son and heir of William Horton v. William Milborne, chamberlain of London; Detention of deeds relating to lands and tenements in Thames Street and elsewhere in the city; London.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/1504/10-12, dated 1386-1558: Richard, son and heir of William Horton v. Henry, son and heir of George Zouch and John Boteler: Reviver of a suit for a messuage and garden in Hertford and land. Herts.

Children of Richard Horton: Robert Horton, John Horton and Richard Horton.

ROBERT HORTON born abt 1430.
Calender of Patent Rolls Preserved in the P.R.O., Henry VII, Vol. 1 (1485-1494) page 394, Commission, issued at Westminister on 24 Feb 1492 to:
Robert Horton of Leicester - "To provide Charyet Horses, Sumpter Horses, Draught Horses, and Labourers and carters for the transport of the king's ordinance in the counties of Warwick and Leicester.

JOHN HORTON born abt 1432.
A2A Catalogue, Savile of Rufford: Deeds and Estate Papers: Yorkshire, etc. - reference DD/SR/30/1-114, date 3 Rich III 26 Jun-22 Aug (1485): Appointment by William Scargill and others of William Hipton and Gilbert Sayvile as their attorneys to enter upon a messuage, lands and tenements etc in Staynland, now in the tenure of John Horton of Helywell,............
John Horton removed to Lullington co. Somerset where he married and had issue: William Horton born about 1453; Thomas Horton born Lullington co Somerset, died in 1530, married Mary ____, her will was proved 1564; James Horton, Lullington co. Somerset, he was a priest; Joan Horton, Lullington co. Somerset, she married William Rogers Esq.

WILLIAM HORTON born abt 1453, son and heir of John Horton, born about 1428. William Horton married Rachell ____. They had a son: Thomas Horton

THOMAS HORTONborn 1474 in Lullington co. Somerset, son and heir of William Horton. he died about 1530 in Iford,Wiltshire, England. He married Margery, daughter of Thomas Barkesdale of Kevell, Wilts. Margery's will was proved in 1564. Children of Thomas and Margery were: William Horton born Iford, co Wilts; Edward Horton died 1603; Marye Horton Iford co. Wilts, ,married Henry Long of Whaddon; Agnes Horton Iford co. Wilts, married Henry Winchycombe of Newbery co Berks, Gentleman; Mawde (Maud) Horton Iford co. Wilts, married (1) Christopher Bayly of Trowbridge, (2) Walter Bush; John Horton of Bradford, (26 April 1540, Nicholas Tempest and Thomas Gryce, Gentlemen, were directed to take evidence in a suit between Christopher Mychell of Colne and John Horton of Bradfordale, he signing the certificate. - Early Chanc: proceed: bdle 103, Michael v Horton) Thomas held the manor of Westwood in 1518, he was the progenitor of the Westwood Hortons

The National Archives, C 1/642/40, covering dates 1529-1532: Thomas Horton v. John Goddard... bond for the price of wool, for which complainant has paid without acquittance had.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference, C 1/ 319/27, covering dates,1386-1486: Thomas Horton of Iford, clothman, administrator of the goods of William Horton.............
A2A Catalogue, Crewe Muniments, Part 1, Title deeds etc. of the Rich family to estates in the parish of
Penistone,Yorks, File - Grant and letters of attorney - reference CM/632, date 01 Jul 1531:
Thomas Horton to Margarete Wilcoke. All his messuages and rents etc. in Carlecotts and Langsyed which came to him after the death of William Horton.
Brass Engraving of Thomas Horton

Brass Engraving of Thomas Horton of Iford, c.1520
(Bradford-on-Avon Brass, Wiltshire)

Wool was medieval England's most valuable export. The tax on the wool trade provided the crown with a regular and buoyant income, Brasses to the woolmen- the middlemen in the trade - are found in greatest number in the main wool-growing areas, notably Gloucestershire and Lincolnshire. A good example of a clothier's brass is that of Thomas Horton at Bradford-on-Avon,Wiltshire.

The Victoria History of the Counties of England, A History of the County of Wiltshire, vol VIII, 1965, pages 250-263:
The ancient parish of Keevil had at least two chantries endowed with land. Among the property of Horton's chantry at Bradford was a house and about 23 a. of land in Keevil, which was granted by the Crown to the founder's nephew, Thomas Horton of Iford. It evidently descended in his family to William Horton who held it in 1605, but it's subsequent descent has not been traced.
Westwood is a small village, nestling right on the western Wiltshire border. Notable for it's Manor house, now in the hands of the National Trust. The most famous tenant was Thomas Horton. Horton made a fortune in the wool trade with interests in Bradford-on-Avon and Trowbridge. Horton took the lease in 1518, not only adding to the manor, but also paying for the tower of Westwood Church as well as extensions to the church itself. In 1543, the Manor of IIford was sold to Thomas Horton and after the death of Thomas in 1549, in accordance with his will, passed successively to his wife Margery and son William. On Williams death in 1584 the lands passed in turn to his son William and grandson Toby. Toby Horton and his wife Barbara sold Iford in 1625 to Sir Edward Hungerford.
William Horton son and heir of Thomas Horton of Iford co. Wilts, Gentleman, married Jone, daughter of Thomas Bayley of Trowbridge. They had son: Thomas Horton of Westwood.
Thomas Horton son and heir of William Horton of Iford co. Wilts, Gentleman, married Alice, daughter of Thomas Yerberie (Yerbury) of Trowbridge. They had children: Sir John Horton Knight of Iford and Westwood in 1617; Edward Horton of Westwood co. Wilts, Gentleman, he married Alys (Alice), daughter of Rolbert Maye of Broughton co. Wilts. This may be the Edward Horton that was High Sheriff of Wiltshire, he was of Greatcalfield, near Bradford; Jeremy Horton of Broughton co. Wilts. Jeremy had two sons: Robert Horton of Wilts,(born abt 1593, Biliol College matric on 6 ul 1613, aged 20) and son, Toby Horton.
A small estate in Corsley belonged to the Horton family of Westwood in the 16th century. Edward Horton held it in 1580, Jeremy Horton in 1599, and Toby Horton in 1613. It was then described as lying in 'Sloe Street', and contained 33a, held of the manor of Corsley by a rent of 4s. 1d. and 3/4 pound pepper. Toby Horton sold it in 1618 to his cousin Sir John Horton of Broughton Gifford, who still held it in 1643.

A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume VIII Corsley, published 1965, pages 13-25

The Manor of Westbury Leigh was purchased in 1591/92 by Edward and Jeremy Horton. The capital messuage of the estate was Ludborne House. In 1639/40 the estate was sold by Sir John Horton, son of Jeremy Horton to William Wheler.A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume VIII, Westbury Manors, published 1965, pages 148-163).

2A Catalogue, Probate and Executorship, Papers in various chancery causes concerning the estate of the late Edward Horton:

reference 947/1668/2, no date. William Horton v. Henry Long, concerning the same debt, and also Edward Horton's intention to settle rent-charges out of the manor of Stony Littleton to endow a grammar school at Bradford and Scholarships at Oxford.

Warminster: Manors' A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume VIII; Warminster, Westbury and Whorwellsdown hundred(1965), pp. 96-103: The manor of Kingston's was sold to Edward Horton of Westwood in 1577 by William Bird. Edward Horton died in 1603 and Kingston's was sold by his trustees to Edward Scutt of Warminster in 1609.

A2A Catalogue, Gibbs , Ludlow & Martyn families, reference 1494/94, date 1593: Conveyance of Hinton Farm, a capital messuage called Leach Court, and extensive lands in Great Hinton, Steeple Ashton, and West Ashton from William Horton......

A2A Catalogue, Wiltshire Deeds, Broughton Gifford, File (no Title), reference212B/896, dated 12 Feb 1605/6: Letter Patent granting licence to alienate to John Horton, esquire, 1/3 part of manors and lands in Berks and Somerset, and the 1/3 part of a moiety of an estate at Box, and the 1/3 part of an estate at Broughton Gifford and Melksham.

A2A Catalogue, no title, reference 212B/912, dated 15 Mar 1639/40: Will of Sir John Horton - pr. P.C.C. 1667 Nov. 21.

A2A Catalogue, Gibbs family of Barrow Gurney, Somerset, Catalogue Ref. DD/GB/148/21 11 Dec 1656: Receipt of Sir John Horton to John Wildman, esq., for L1,000 consideration money in 2 deeds of same date.....

A2A Catalogue, Gore Legal Papers, reference DD/GB/153, date c.1641: Case of Edw. Tooker, esq., plaintiff, against Sir John Horton, knight ........

Richard Horton - Generation 11

RICHARD HORTON was born in 1450 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. He died June 01, 1515 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. He married Elizabeth __________. They lived in Smyth Place, Leicestershire, England.

A History of the County of Leicestershire, vol V, 1964, pages 248-256: Richard's three sons, William, Thomas and Richard Horton "The Younger," in 1524 were assessed for goods worth L50, L12, and L4 respectively and together paid more than three quarters of the sum subscribed by the whole village of Mowsley.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/ 304/64, covering dates, 1500-1515: John Dykkes, of London, dyer v. George Treheron and Elizabeth, his wife, late the wife of Richard Horton; Debt for wine: London.

A2A Catalogue reference C1/205/41, covering dates 1486-1529: Richard, son and heir of William Horton v. Herry, son and heir of George Shushe, and John Butteler, esquire; sale of a messuage to Butteler during a suit concerning it. Hertford.

A2A Catalogue, reference C1/264/29, dated 1500-1515: Richard, son and heir of William Horton v. William Milborne, chamberlain of London: Detention of deeds relating to lands and tenements in Thames Street and elsewhere in the city.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth:

THOMAS HORTON born 1480 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England.

The National Archives, C 1/825/24-25, covering dates 1532-1538: Thomas Horton of Mousley (Mowsley) husbandman, son and heir of Richard Horton v. Robert, grandson and heir of William Imyn, Land in Saddington, leicester
The National Archives, C 1/1111/6-10 covering dates 1544-1551: John Caldewall and Isabel his wife, granddaughter and heir of Thomas Horton, v. Margaret, late the wife of Henry Savage, feoffee to uses, and Roger Horton, uncle of the said Isaobel; Messuages and land in Bradley (in Cuttlestone Hundred) and Levedale (in Penkridge).
A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume VIII, Warminster Manors pub. 1965 pages 96-103 - The manor of Newport or Portway was sold to Thomas Horton and William Bird, Vicar of Bradford, in 1515
Thomas Horton had a son: THOMAS HORTON born about 1500.

This Thomas Horton was a very extraordinary person. He was a minister for the church during the dangerous troubles of the Duchess of Sulfolk in the time of her exile for religions sake.(1520-1564) (Fines)Minister. MA (1549). Fellow of King's College, Cambridge (1540-1542). Fellow of Pembroke
(c. 1548) Prebend of Durham (1560-1561). Rector of St Magnus, London (1560-1564). Of Catton, Derbyshire. (Venn) Disciple of Bucer. (Fines)
John Foxe's Book of Martyrs, 1563 Edition, book 11, page 1470, 1563 Edition, book 12, page

1715, 1570 Edition, book 12, page 1715, 1576 Edition, book 12, page 1973, 1583 Edition,

book 12, page 2081 tells the story of Thomas Horton, Minister. Thomas Horton fled to the continent to avoid persecution (written in John Foxe's words and spelling):As ye haue heard of the daungerous trubles of the Duchesse of Suffolke in tyme of her exile for religions sake, whom notwithstanding the Lordes present protection still deliuered in distress as well from her enemyes in England, as in Dutchland from the Launceknightes there: so haue we no lesse to behold and magnify the Lords mercifull goodnes in preseruing of Thomas Horton from the like perills of the countrey. Which Thomas Horton, what a profitable instrument he was to the Church of Christ in Queene Maryes tyme, all our English men almost beyond the seas then, did both know and feele. This good Thomas Horton, as he vsed oftentymes to trauyale (travel) betwene Germany and England,for the behoofe and sustenaunce of the poore Englishe exiles there: so he iourneying vppon a tyme betwene Mastricke and Collen, chaunced to be taken there by certayne Rouers, and so beyng led by them away,was in no litle daunger: and yet this daunger of hys was not so great, but the present helpe of the Lord was greater to ayde and deliuer hym out of the same.

WILLIAM HORTON born abt 1482 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England, died before 1531. He married Alice ______.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/801/36-37 cover dates, 1532-1538: John Gresham and Mary, his wife, granddaughter and heir of Gilbert Ippeswell v. John Palmer and Alice, his wife, late the wife of William Horton , Detention of deeds and waste of messuages and land in Stanbridge and Fenny Strarford.

ROGER HORTON born about 1485 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. Married (1) Joan _________married (2) Sybil ___
A2A Catalogue, Cholmondeley family, Marquesses of Cholmondeley, reference DCH/B/44, date 23 Jan 1506/7: INSPEXIMUS of a Fine levied before Thomas Englefeld, knt, Justiciar of Chester, and others.............................and Roger Horton and Joan his wife, deforciants, (damaged property)
A2A Catalogue, Cholmondeley family, Marquesses of Cholmondeley, reference DCH/B42, date 06 Dec 1506: From Scope and Content - GRANT in Fee by Roger Horton, gentleman, to John Yonge alias John Somersotte, gentleman, of his MANOR of Bickley, 50 messuages, 2 water Mills, 1000 acreas land, 200 a. meadow, 500 a. pasture, 100 a. wood, 200 a. heath & furze, 200 a. moor and marsh, and L10 worth of Rents,...................
A2A Catalogue, Cholmondeley family, Marquesses of Cholmondeley, reference DCH/B/43, 08 Dec 1506: From Scope and Content, BARGAIN and SALE, made 08 Dec 22. H. VII, by John Younge, esq alias John Somersett, cousin and heir of Thomas Cookesey knt .......................Manors, lands and tenements which Miles Gerrard and John CAMBY late recovered against the said John and Roger Horton at the Shire of Chester holden at Chester.
A2A Catalogue, Sheriffs of Chester, Sheriffs' Books - reference ZS/B/5i - date: about 1524/5: From Scope and Content - Note of two actions:.................and "Roger Horton and Sybell his wyffe uppon..............."

Richard Horton - Generation 12

RICHARD HORTON "THE YOUNGER" was born 1485 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England.

A History of the County of leicestershire, Vol. V, 1964, pages 248-256: Richard Horton "The Younger" in 1551 was reported to be the tenant of Crown lands in Mowsley which had formerly belonged to Leicester Abbey. The Hortons were a substantial yeoman farming family in Mowsley, Saddington and Gumley during the 17th and early 18th centuries, and continued to buy and sell land in the district.

In 1524, Richard owned 3/4 of the personal estate of the entire Village.

Children of Richard Horton: Thomas Horton, William Horton, Robert Horton, Bartholomew Horton, Henry Horton and John Horton.

WILLIAM HORTON click here for William's family in Halifax,Yorks was born 1507 in Mowsley, Leciestershire, England
THOMAS HORTON was born in 1511 - his story next under Generation 13.
BARTHOLOMEW HORTON was born about 1512 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. He married Agnes Dawe. Bartholomew was living in Saddington on October 7, 1548 with no children on record.
ROBERT HORTON born about 1514 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. Robert married Eleanor of Saddington, Leics.about 1538.They had the following children,all born in Halifax, Yorkshire: Edward Horton,ch.27 May 1540,he had a son: Edward Horton ch. 20 Dec 1562;Margaret Horton ch.06 Oct 1542; Chrystabella Horton ch. 15 Apr 1539; Elizabeth Horton ch.20 Oct 1548; Isabella Horton Ch. 26 Jul 1540, Isabella married William Fairbanke on 28 June 1562 at Sowerby, Halifax,Yorkshire; Richard Horton ch.08 May 1546; Robert Horton ch. 06 Oct 1551.
HENRY HORTON was born abt 1510 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. He married Joan Talbon, daughter of John Talbon.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/810/54-57, covering dates 1532-1538: Henry Horton and Joan, his wife, daughter and heir of John Talbon v. Henry Warde, executor of William Burton, Clerk. Detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Woolsthorpe.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/812/43, covering dates 1532-1538. Henry Horton, husbandman v. George Colbourne, gentleman; Messuage and land in Northfield adjudged to complainant in a former suit of defendant.
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/827/38 covering dates, 1532-1538. Henry Horton v. Richard Smythe and Joan, his wife, Expenses of a suit for pasture in Northfield.......
The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/884/29-30, covering dates, 1532-1538: .........Henry Horton. Land held of the said Sir Nicholas's manor of Silverton.
The National Archives, C 1/619/21, covering dates 1529-1532: George Cowarne of Harborne (Staffs.) yeoman, v. Henry Horton of Northfield, yeoman: Detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Northfield, bought of Thomas Greves, husbandman: Worcester.
Henry Horton moved to Birmingham, Warwickshire, England becoming the progenitor of the Warwickshire Hortons.

JOHN HORTON born abt 1505 and died before 1529. John married Alice________.
The National Archives, C 1/643/10, dated 1529-1532: Henry Horton of Northfield, brother and executor of John Horton, v. Thomas Grevys and Alice, his wife, late the wife of the said John Horton: Detention of the goods of the said John Horton, who, as defendants allege, died intestate.

Thomas Horton - Generation 13

THOMAS HORTON was born about 1511 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. He died after November 08, 1560 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. He may have married a daughter of William Warde.

The National Archives, Catalogue Reference C 1/825/24-25, covering dates 1532-1538: Thomas Horton of Mousley (Mowsley), husbandman, son and heir of Richard Horton. v. Robert, grandson and heir of William Imyn; Land in Saddington, Leicester
(apparently Thomas won this suit because his son , Thomas, moved to Saddington, Leicestershire, England and became the progenitor of the Saddington Hortons.

Children of Thomas Horton:

JOHN HORTON born abt 1534 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England.
A2A Catalogue, Records of the Garnstone Estate, catalogue ref. F 78/11/355,date, Hilary 1551, Title Deeds, Lands in Shredicote and Bradley, From Scope and Content: .............John Horton, quers.
A2A Catalogue, Records of the Garnstone Estate, catalogue ref. F 78/11/318, date Easter 1562, Title Deeds,
Lands in Barton al, Bartherton, From Scope and Content:......... John Horton and Barnabas Thewe, quer.

CATHERINE HORTON born about 1536 married in about 1554, Edmund Dudley born about 1525, died 25 Sep 1611.

ROBERT HORTON born 1530 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. Robert was the ancestor of Barnabas Horton of Long Island, New York.

THOMAS HORTON born abt 1539 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. Thomas Horton was the ancestor of Thomas Horton,Regicide

From "The Bradford Telegraph and Argus, Saturday, 5 December, 1931, Mansions of Barkisland, Domestic Architecture of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries." Barkisland is about six miles from Halifax, about a mile away is Ripponden. The place may be said to have local associations, for one of the mansions already mentioned was built by a member of the Horton Family, of Great and Little Horton. This is Howroyde Hall. Over the north doorway of this hall are the initials and date: "W.H. 1642 E.H." and these initials relate to William Horton and his family. In an ancient record of the family, written on vellum, and at one time preserved at Howroyde Hall, it sets out that their original settlement seems to have been at Horton in Bradford-dale, in Yorkshire. It goes back to one Robert de horton, born 1277, who had his manor at Horton long before the days of Henry Lacy, the particulars having been taken from a deed that is "very ancient and of a Saxon character."

This lordship of Horton, which thus clearly belonged to a family who took their name from it, is divided into two hamlets, viz, Horton Magna and Horton Parva; the first containing twenty-seven oxgangs and a half, the latter about eighteen oxgangs. It continued in the name of Horton till the lands belonging to that family came to the Leventhorpes by marriage; from the Leventhorpes it also went by marriage with Alice, sister and heir of one Oswald Leventhope, to John Lacy Esq., a descendant of whom called also John Lacy, sold it to Joshua Horton, of Sowerby, Esq., a younger branch of the above family of Horton, whose great great grandson, Sir Watts Horton, of Chadderton, in Lancashire, baronet, now enjoys it.

Howroyd Hall, Barkisland, Hall-and-cross-wings, hearth-passage plan house built by William Horton of Bradford. Although only having two storeys, the design is similar to that of Barkisland hall. There is a large stained glass window. The Hall is approached by a long and well-wooded drive, and occupies a commanding position some distance removed from the village of Barkisland, which it overlooks across a valley. Older features of the hall suggest that Horton's building may have been an enlargement and refurbishment of an earlier hall owned by Thomas Mouldson. Howroyd became the seat of Thomas Horton, Esq. in late 1700s and early 1800s. After his death, Howroyde became the seat of his wife, Lady Mary Horton. Howroyd is located in the township of Barkisland, and Parish of Halifax. (from Halifax History Supplementary: The Parish of Halifax, 1822).(Read more about Yorkshire and Horton Family Manors)

Hugh Horton Esq. was a Sheriff of Buckinghamshire in 1688. Seat, Grove in Ellisborough.

The Horton Coat-of-Arms appears on the internet in varyingly different colors. I have seen it in black; yellow, blue; yellow and red; yellow. Recently I had an Horton descendant write and ask me what is the exact color of the arms. The actual color is: A black shield with a silver stag's head cabossed, with gold antlers. Heraldic designs researched by the lay-artist are in many cases inaccurate and portrayed incorrectly. The objects in the arms, crest and supporters, their colors and positions may not be altered, but how each object is rendered provides a wide latitude of design to the artist.The Horton Coat-of-Arms was granted the right of descent.

Horton Coat-of-Arms

A Thomas Horton was the Governor of Isle of Man 1725-1735.

Sir William Horton of Chadderton was High Sheriff of Lancashire, 1764.

John Horton, born Husbands Bosworth, England. Moved to Dublin by Will dated 13 May 1731. Vested in the British Herring Fishery Company the sum of 300 Pounds: The interest thereof to be laid out in bread for the poor of Husbands Bosworth, and distributed weekly after Divine Service at the discretion of the Minister and Churchwardens.
(His descendant, James Horton, was caught up in the Irish Potato Famine of 1845-50. He was arrested for stealing food, and was sentenced to work aboard a ship. When the ship reached the coast of America - he jumped ship - and successfully hid out until the ship left on its return trip to England.

The Rev. J.T. Horton, vicar of Ormskirk, was the son of Thomas Horton, Esq. of Howroyde, Yorkshire, the cousin of Sir Watts Horton, of Chadderton, who married Harriet, sister of the twelfth Earl of Derby, Lord Stanley. On the death of Sir Watts Horton, the 2nd baronet, Chadderton Hall, which had been the resort of the "gayest of the gay", was suffered to fall into a state of great dilapidation, owing, it is said, to Sir Watts having willed a part of the estate to the Rev. J.T. Horton, which caused family differences.


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