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A2A Catalogue, Derbyshire Record Office, Reference Code D3155, Wilont-Horton of Osmaston and Catton:
Creators: Wilmot-Horton family of Osmaston and Catton, Derbyshire Horton, Extent and Form: 129 boxes, held at: Derbyshire Record Office.

In about 1400 Roger Horton (died 1423)from a Cheshire family purchased property in Catton, which had previously belonged to the de Albini and St Amand families.  The estate passed to Roger's son William, born 01 May 1404 (Chancery. Ittq. v. tn. 17 Hen. VI., No. 65)and then to his son Roger.  Roger's son John, had a son, Walter that never married. John's brother, William had a son, Christopher,of Staunton, Worcester, who inherited when Walter died. Christopher's son, Walter,had a son, Christopher who held the estate through the sixteenth century.  Christopher (1582-1659)and Walter his son (1628-1680) both served as Sheriff of Derbyshire.  Walter's son, Christopher, and grandson, Walter (1678-1716) do not appear to have been very active in local politics or in enlarging the estate.

Roger Horton was born abt 1348.  He resided in Coole-Pilate near Nantwich, England.  He inherited the St. Peter inheritance through his mother Alice St. Peter who had married William de Horton.  He then bought lands and a manor in Derbyshire which had previously belonged to the de Albini and St Amand families and became the progenitor of the Derbyshire Hortons.
 Manorial records include Barton under Needwood/Staffordshire 1414-1926,
Audley/Staffordshire 1368-1576 and Birmingham/Warwickshire 1704-1734  (Archival History - The estate records of the Wilmot family of Osmaston, the Horton family of Catton and the Wilmot-Horton family of Catton and Osmaston, including estate records for properties acquited outside of Derbyshire by marriage, were eventually held together at Catton Hall.  The estate papers include title deeds, rentals, accounts and plans for estates belonging to the Wilmot and Horton families in Catton, Brislincote Hall Farm (granted by Sir Richard Stanhope. The Hortons held Brizlincote until 1546), Walton on Trent, Rosliston, Coton, Weston on Trent, Aston on Trent, Shardlow, Stapenhill, Mickleover, Osmaston,Ockbrook/Derbyshire.  Outcounty estates in Staffordshire (Barton under Needwood, Tatenhill, Rugeley and Audley), Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Cheshire, Kent and Warwickshire and estates of related families such as the Eardleys and Buswell, are included.

Roger Horton, born about 1348 had a son, William Horton born about 1373 who inherited when his father died. At William's death, his younger brother, John Horton born, about 1375, then inherited the family estates. John Horton had a son, John Horton born about 1400.

John Horton, born about 1400,had a son, Roger Horton, born about 1430,who inherited from his father. He held it in the reign of Henry VIII. Roger had a son: John Horton, born about 1452, who died before his father Roger. John married Ann Curzon. John Horton was knighted. John and Ann Horton had a son, John Horton, born about 1474, and he inherited from his grandfather, Roger Horton.

A2A Catalog, reference D3155/J 592, date Sept. 29, 1413: Gift by Ralph Herteshorn vicar of the church of Croxhale to Roger Horton, Lord of Catton of a virgate of land with a croft call Longhayrowe and an acre of meadow in Catton..........

A2A Catalogue, reference D3155/J 599, October 18, 1502: Deed between Margaret, Countess of Richmond mother of the king and Roger Horton of Catton Esq by which Horton grants that his son Roger shall be married to such a gentle woman as her grace or her assigns shall think convenient.

Both the Wilmot and the Horton families were involved to some degree in local politics and administration during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as shown by records of collecting taxes and other levies.

The estate passed to Roger's son William born about 1373.  After Williams death the estate passed to his brother John Horton born about 1375.  John's son Walter, his son and grandson held the estate throught the sixteenth century.

Roger had another son, Robert, born about 1375 and died 1423.  Brizlincote Hall Farm was conveyed to Robert Horton by Sir Richard Mabon  (Derbyshire Feet of Fines 1323-1546, page 139).  It remained in the Horton family until 1546, when Walter Horton granted it to Sir William Paget. ( A History of the County of Staffordshire: vol. IX, published 2003, pages 211-213)

A2A  Catalogue, creator, Wilmot-Horton family of Osmaston and Catton, Derbyshire, catalogue reference D3155, date 1516:
"Gift by Thomas Curson, son and heir of John Curson of Croxall Esq dec'd to John Horton son and heir apparent of Roger Horton Esq and Anne wife of the said John (sister of Thomas Curson) of all messuages, lands, meadows, pastures, rents, reversions in Catton - with power of attorney to John Yrpe and Thomas Smyth to deliver seisin.  dated 20 September 8 Henry VIII (1516)

John Horton, born about 1474, had a son: Christopher Horton who died 25 Elizabeth (1583). Christopher Horton had a son: Walter Horton, who had a son: Walter Horton, who had an only child, a son, Christopher Horton of Catton, Esq. Christopher was High Sheriff for Derbyshire in 1640, died 18th Nov 1659. He married Parnell, daughter of Thomas Tyringham, Esq. Parnell died 17 Mar 1651. They had five sons and four daughters: Christopher, Walter, Thomas, Henry, Francis, Jane Elizabeth, Parnell and Anne. Walter died 19 Nov 1701. He was high Sheriff for Derbyshire in 1657. He married Dorothy Ferrers who was buried in Croxall 16 Apr 1680.Walter and Dorothy had two sons, Walter Horton of Catton who died in 1716. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Kynnersley. They had children: Christopher, Walter, Thomas & John, Binas, Elizabeth, and Maria. Christopher Horton who married Frances Buswell, daughter of Eusebius Buswell. They had children, one was a son, Christopher Horton who married Lady Ann Luttrell. Christopher died young with no issue.

A2A Catalogue, creator,Wilmot-Horton of Osmaston and Catton, Catalogue reference D3155/WH 17, Title Deeds estate and Family papers, Derbyshire and Staffordshire: Catton, date Mar 10, 1564:
From Scope and Content: Settlement by which Walter Horton of Catton, esq, agrees with George Curzon, Thomas Horton (and others) in his manor of Catton, 20 messuages, 20 tofts, 20 gardens, 20 orchards, 100a of land, 100a of meadow, 200a of pasture, 100a  of wood and L20 rent, to various uses; to the use of Walter Horton for life, then to be held by trustees for 10 years ofr the performance of Horton's will, then to the use of the lawful male heirs of Walter Horton and in default of issue to the use of Christopher Horton and his lawful male heirs.

Walter's son Christopher brought into the family property of the Buswell family through his marriage to Frances, daughter of Eusebius Pelsant who took the surname Buswell through his mother.  Christopher was also responsible for the building of Catton Hall in 1741-1742 on the site of an earlier house.

Marriage Settlement:  Christopher Horton (died before Nov 28, 1768) and Frances his wife, daughter and heir of Sir Eusebius Buswell dec.d of 1st part, Clement Kynnersley of 2nd part, Sir Thomas Gresley of Drakelow and Godfrey Clark of Chilcot esq of 3rd part, Sir Walter Wagstaff Bagott of Blythefield, Staffs, bart and Sire Robert Burdett of Foremark of 4th part. in consideration of marriage between Christopher and Frances - settlement of the Manor of Catton with apportenances in Walton, Tatenhill, Barton v Needwood and Croxall - the captitol messuage at Cadeby Leics, and property at Navenby - Market Bosworth - Newbred and Osbaston, and Clipson Newbold, Northants.

 Christopher and Frances' son Christopher died young with no surviving children.  His widow Lady Ann (Luttrell) is said to have caused a scandal by her morganatic marriage to Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland, brother of George III. Remaining children of Christopher and Frances' were:
John Horton, esq. Lieutenent in H.M. 1st Regt of Foot
Eusebius Horton of Pauls Wharf, London, Sugar Baker
Edward Horton of Queens College, Cambridge, gent.
Honor Horton of Camock, spinster.
Mary Horton, deceased
Clement Horton, deceased
(From The Genealogist's Magazine, vol 1, 1925 to vol 25, 1996, vol. II 1947,.
Chamber's Book of Days, A Miscellany, Popular Antiquities in two Volumes, 1869 carries the article on the scandal caused by Lady Ann's marriage to the Duke of Cumberland. "On October 2, 1771, Henry Frederic, Duke of Cumberland, younger brother of George III, married the Honorable Mrs. Horton, a daughter of Lord Irnham, and widow of Christopher Horton of Catton, a Derbyshire gentleman. She was also the sister of the famous Colonel Luttrel, whom the court-party put forward as the legal possessor of the seat for Middlesex in the House of Commons, in opposition to the claims of Wilkes. The match occasioned the utmost displeasure to George III, who was only informed of it about a month after the event by a letter which he received from his brother, saying that he was married to Mrs. Horton, and had gone off with her to Calais." The article went on to describe Mrs. Horton, "It is hinted, also, that he had only married Mrs. Horton after having failed in endeavoring to win her on easier terms. The lady is described by Horace Walpole as a a young widow of twenty-four, extremely pretty and well made, and remarkable for the great length of her eyelashes, which veiled a pair of most artful and coquettish eyes."

The estate passed to Christopher's brother Eusebius, whose daughter Anne Beatrix in 1806 married Sir Robert John Wilmot.  The Wilmots took the surname Wilmot-Horton on Eusebius' death in 1823 and moved to Catton as their main residence.  On the death of the 5th baronet, Revd Sir George Wilmot-Horton, in 1887 the estate passed to his niece Mrs. Anson whose descendants used the surname Anson-Horton.  From them it passed to the Neilson Family

                                                                          Anne Beatrix Horton
                                                                                          Anne Beatrix Horton
Robert Wilmot (father of Sir Robert Wilmot-Horton who married Anne Beatrix Horton) worked as Resident Secretary to twelve successive viceroys of Ireland (1737-1772) and as Secretary to the Lord Chamberlain (1758-1772).

Sir Robert Wilmot-Horton, 3rd Baronet (1784-1841) was Under-Secretary of State for War and the Colonies (1821-1828) and Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Ceylon (1831-1837)

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