Solomon Horton-1681 Solomon Horton-1681

Solomon Horton-1681 was born 11 Jan 1681 in Milton, Norfolk County, MA and died Jan 1724. Solomon married Susanna Babcock on 05 Dec 1701 in Milton. She was the daughter of Enoch Babcock (abt 1655-1695) and Susannah Gregory ( -1695) Solomon and Susanna subsequently removed to Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA. The children of Solomon and Susanna were:
1. Sarah Horton was born 17 May 1702 in Milton. She married Obadiah Bowen who was born 07 Jun 1695 in Rehoboth.
2. Susannah Horton was born about 1704 in Milton, she died Sept 1727. Susannah married Samuel Fuller.
3. Hannah Horton was born 25 Feb 1706 in Milton. She married Moses Blake on 11 Feb 1730.
4. Anna Horton was born 12 Dec 1708 in Milton. She married Robert Goff on 08 May 1733 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA
5. Hester Horton was born 25 May 1711 and baptized 27 May 1711 in Milton. She married Ichabod Franklin.
6. Solomon Horton, Jr-1713. was born 1713 and baptized 25 Oct 1713 in Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA. He died 1776 in Deighton, Bristol County, MA and is buried in Brick Church Cemetery. He married Mary Goff who was born 1720 and died in 1802.
7. Simeon Horton-1715 was born about 1715 in Rehoboth. He married Mary Martin on 28 Dec 1743.(the source for Simeon is "History of the Town of Somerset 'formerly Swansea' Massachusetts; 1940; pages 245-247)
8. Moses Horton-1717  was born about 1717 in Rehoboth.
9. Daniel  Horton-1720 was born about 1720 in Rehoboth.
10.Patience Horton was born about 1722 in Rehoboth. She married John Allen on 13 Oct 1743.

Solomon Horton, Jr.-1713 was born 1713 and married Mary Goff in Deighton, Bristol County, MA about 1737. Solomon served as sergeant in Captain Elijah Walker's Company, Colonel Pope's Massachusetts Regiment, at the Rhode Island Alarm. He has the I.D. number of 107753 in the DAR Lineage Books. From: Ancestry Abstracts of Rev. War Graves, vol. 2, serial 10950, vol 13 and vol. 2, serial 11912, vol 4. NSDAR, DAR Lineage Books vol 108, p.246. Solomon and Mary have the following children:
1. Charles Horton-1738 was born 18 Mar 1738 in Deighton.
2. Constant Horton-1740 was born 29 Oct 1740 in Deighton.
3. Solomon Horton III-1741 was born 15 Jan 1741 in Deighton.
4. Mary Horton was born 04 Jul 1765 in Deighton
5. Abial Horton was born 14 Oct 1747 in Deighton.
6. Daniel Horton was born 30 Jan 1748 in Deighton.
7. Valentine Horton was born about 1750. He married Ann Hicks who was born 20 Jun 1750, she was the daughter of Rev.John Hicks and Hannah Galusha making Ann Hicks a descendant of  Mayflower pilgrim John Billington. see the family line of Thomas Horton-1745..
8. Aaron Horton was born 21 Mar 1751 in Deighton.
9. Sarah Horton was born about 1753 in Deighton.
10.Lettis Horton was born about 1755 in Deighton.
11.Nathan Horton was born about 1757 in Deighton.

Daniel Horton-1748  was born 30 Jan 1748 in Deighton, son of Solomon Horton, Jr.-1713.  Daniel wwas a soldier in the American Revolution, enlisting in his native town, as a private in Captain Nathan Carpenter's Company at Brookline, MA. During the course of the war he served also in Captain Israel Hix's Company, Colonel Thomas Carpenter's Regiment, marching from Rehoboth to Bristol, R.I. He was sergeant in Captain Israel Hix's Company in 1780. see page 265, vol. viii, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. Daniel married Mary Goff and their children all born in Rehoboth, were:
1. Nancy Horton was born 15 Oct 1780.
2. Silvanus Horton was born 20 Sep 1782 in Rehoboth and resided there all his life. He married Hannah Slade and they had a son:
Henry Slade Horton who married Arabella Simmons. They had nine children, among them was: Constant Simmons Horton born 07 Jan 1848 in Rehoboth. Constant married Calista W. Viall on 09 May 1875.
3. Simeon Horton was born 27 Sep 1784, he married Melvina M. Wheeler.
4. Rachel Horton was born 18 Jan 1787, she married John Slade and died at Somerset, MA.
5. Polly Horton  was born 06 Aug 1789, she married Isaiah Simmons, and died at Bristol, R.I.
6.  Lettis Horton was born 22 Dec 1791, she married George Case and lived at Rehoboth.
7.  Royal Horton was born 18 Nov 1795.

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