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These pages contain listings of family history researchers from all over the world. You are welcome to browse the lists for any possible connections with your own research and are invited to add your own interests to the listing. Addition of names and email addresses to this site is totally voluntary. Please read the notes before adding your interests. 

Researchers are listed by surname interest, not by own name.

The Hotlist is updated every Saturday.

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Notes about this site 

** Please make sure that your entries aren't already on this list before sending them in again!**

I don't change any of the info you give me other than obvious spelling mistakes that I'm sure about, for example "Sommerset" instead of "Somerset". I might change "born" to "b" to save on space but other than that, all the information on the lists is as I received it.

If you would prefer to be listed as "anon", that's fine.

To take yourself off the list altogether, send in the form again but only filling in your name and the surname you are entered for. Then in the part for extra info, please type REMOVE. If you want to remove only one particular entry and leave your others on the list, do the above, but typing REMOVE *SURNAME* in the extra info section.

PLEASE NOTE: Any reports of spamming, abuse or any unsolicited email from anyone on the list will result in you being removed from the list. Once on the list, if you receive any of the aforementioned nasties, please let me know by filling in the form again with all your details and (whatever problems have occurred) so that I know who you are. I will deal with the offenders immediately! Please note that I cannot be held responsible for any correspondence you enter into with anyone on the list!

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