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The Englert Family
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From "Englert Family History" by Gertrude Englert:

Louis Englert

Company Muster-in Roll

Roll dated Muscatine, Iowa, Dec. 15, 1862.

Where born: Germany

Age 51 years

Occupation Farmer

When enlisted Nov. 1, 1862

For what period enlisted: 3 years

Mustered out: May 24, 1865

Eyes Hazel

Hair Gray

Complexion Dark

Height 5 ft. 5 in.

Historical Stories about Iowa City Vol. 2 by Irving B. Weber, Pg. 204:

When Louis Englert arrived in Iowa City in 1842, he gave $75 for the lot where the brewery, and later the wood and ice business. He first built a frame building 30 feet by 40 feet for $450. He married Clara Kempfer of Iowa City in 1843, and first lived in the frame structure. They were the parents of nine children.

The brewery structure on the same site, was a stone building 20 feet by 36 feet, with a basement under the entire building. Englert operated the brewery from 1853 to 1877. Production at the outset was 10 barrels a day, using a Brobdingnagian kettle of brass, in the modestly equipped plant.

Englert shut down the brewery during the Civil War while serving as a member of "the Greybeards."

He sold the brewery to his son John J., and his son-in-law, Frank Rittenmeyer, in 1877. Englert and Rittenmeyer operated the brewery until 1883 when it was sold, and according to an unconfirmed report, to John Dostal, who had other brewery interests in the city at the time. Englert then started the Englert Wood and Ice Company at the same location.

The present Fred Pownall home, 1602 N. Dubuque St. just north of the Mayflower Apartments, was built by Louis Englert in 1857, 120 years ago. The home is still in excellent condition and well maintained.

The house served first, as a stage coach stop, a hotel with dining room and saloon. The Pownalls still have the recreation room which once as a tavern.


Historical Stories about Iowa City Vol. 2 by Irving B. Weber, Pg. 252:

Louis Englert, the first of the Englert family, arrived in Iowa City from Bavaria, Germany in 1842. The same year he gave $75 for the 319 Market Street lot, where a brewery and then later a ice and wood business stood. Englert married Clara Kempfer of Iowa City in 1843, and they lived at this location first. He started the brewery in 1853, and sold it in 1877 to his son and son-in-law.

In 1857, he built what is now the Fred Pownall home at 1602 N. Debuque Street, a beautiful, well-constructed house to this day. It was the family home (the Englerts had nine children), and in its earlier years also served as a stagecoach stop, an inn, a saloon, and served meals to stage passengers.

Englert constructed a large ice storage barn at the North Debuque Street house, and cut and stored ice from the Iowa River in front of the house. It was there the family started in the ice business, later moving to the Market Street location .

Three generations of the family were in the ice and wood business. In 1912, one of the third generation, William Englert, who also ran "Little Dutch Hall", left the ice business to build and operate the Englert theater, playing some of the great talent in show business. Today it is a movie theater.

Photo courtesy of Bob & Joyce Englert of Lisbon, IA
People are not identified in original photograph.

Francis Englert

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