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Morgans of Stokes Co., North Carolina

The Descendants of Hardin Morgan

The Morgan Surname Project is a genealogical research site dedicated to the descendants of Hardin Morgan of Stokes Co., North Carolina in the United States . It is an attempt to gather and distribute information on his descendants. I am updating Vivian Imogene Morgan Uran's 1950 Morgan Genealogy for future publication. The Morgan Surname Project database currently has 936 individuals. If you are a Morgan of this line, please consider contributing your ancestry or descendancy. Any data submitted to the Morgan Project will be cited to the contributor in the final publication and the contributor will be noted on the website. If you need help with your Morgan research,

Contact Charles J. Vella, Ph.D. at:


Send any Morgan descendancy data you want to contribute to the Morgan Project (I can use Gedcom, TMG, FTM, PAF, Word/WordPerfect/Dos Text formats) to the above email address. I use The Master Genealogist V. 7 as my genealogy program.

Morgan Bibliography: Sources and Census Data

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We still need many more male Morgan surname volunteers to create a definitive Morgan genetic profile.
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The following Morgan genealogical indexes include all of the known descendants of Hardin Morgan of Stokes Co., North Carolina. My private Morgan Database contains substantially more data (with pictures, census data, bibliographies, and extensive source citations) than the Birth, Marriage, Death information given on this website. 

Double clicking on any surname in blue in any index will transfer you to their descendants or ancestors.

Master Index

Surname Index

Contributors to the Morgan Project    

Search for any name in the Morgan Database (names in quotes are more specifically searched). Once a page is found, double clicking on a blue highlighted name takes you to that name.
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If you discover any information that you believe to be in error, please email me the corrections. If you discover any duplicate individuals, please let me know.

Privacy Policy: If you want to remove any living individual in the online Morgan Project, simply let me know.

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