Joseph H. Houghton

M, #29101, b. circa 1841


Birthcirca 1841age 20 in 1861 enlistment
Milit-BegAug 16, 1861Granville Co., NC, USA, in the Confederate Army, Comp. G, 2nd NC Cavalry (19th St. Troops), a private, age 20
Deathin the Civil War

J. S. Houghton

M, #29102


Milit-BegAL, USA, in the Confederate Army, Comp. K, 12th AL Infantry, a private

Marcus Lafayette Haughton

M, #29103


Mil. EnlsMay 3, 1861Washington Co., NC, USA, in the Confederate Army, Comp. H, 17th NC Infantry (1st Org.) , Corporal, a POW; and Comp. G, 17th NC Infantry, a sergeant, discharged a musician


Mary Pointer
MarriageMarcus Lafayette Haughton married Mary Pointer

Mitchell Bennett Houghton

M, #29104, b. 14 September 1844, d. 4 November 1925
Father*Col. William Hull Houghton b. bt 1806 - 1811, d. 15 Mar 1879
Mother*Eliza Ann Bennett b. bt 1811 - 1817


BirthSep 14, 1844Franklin, Heard Co., GA, USA, age 15 in 1860 census; age 16 in 1861 enlistment; age 35 in 1880 census; age 64 in 1910 census
Mil. EnlsJan 2, 1861Newton, Dale Co., AL, USA, Comp. H., 15 th Alabama, infantry; Remarks: Rank: Private. Wounded at 2nd Manassas and again at Chickamauga. Captured at Raccoon Mountain, taken to Camp Morton, Indiana, where paroled December 1864. Authority: Personal Statement Census Tax Assessor Montgomery County 1907
Milit-EndMay 26, 1865Montgomery, AL, USA, Oath of Allegiance is dated
1880 Census1880Union Springs, Bullock Co., IL, USA, age 35, single, a merchant, with 2 servants
1910 Census1910Walkers, Montgomery Co., AL, USA, age 64, single, farmer; and nephew, W.E. Pierce, 62, AL, and M. A. Pierce, 52, AL
Author1912AL, USA, Two boys in the Civil War and after

(Confederate States of America. Army. Alabama Infantry Regiment, l5th (Subject) : original published: Montgomery : Paragon Press, 1912; 242 p.)
Includes description of infantry events in the following locations: Yorktown, Va; Seven Pines, Va; Malvern Hill, Va; 2nd Manassas, Va; Fredericksburg, Va; Gettysburg, Pa; Chickamauga, Ga; Spotsylvania, Va; Cold Harbor, Va; Petersburg Campaign; Appomattox Campaign.
Members of the regiment were assembled together from the following counties: Barbour, Russell, Dale, Henry, Macon, and Pike.

[ 1 ]      Houghton, M. B. (Mitchell Bennett), 1845?-      From the beginning until now : [essays] / M.B. Houghton.      [Montgomery, Ala. : The Author, 1914?]
Location: OFFSITE      Call Number: 973.709 H814      
[ 2 ]      Houghton, M. B. (Mitchell Bennett), 1845?-      Two boys in the civil war and after [by] W.R. Houghton [and] M. B. Houghton.      Montgomery, Ala., Paragon Press, 1912.
Location: OFFSITE      Call Number: 973.7 H814      
Author1914From The Beginning Until Now: in the beginning, two great contending forces, sectional strife and war, the federal apollyon, an invisible triumphant army, romance and reality, along life’s highway, from Dan to Beersheba.

From the Beginning Until Now appears to have been self-published in 1914. It is not so much a historical account of the war as it is retrospective reflections on the the conflict and its aftermath from a Confederate perspective. Many passages compare the tragedies of the war with biblical passages.

Houghton offers his justification for the Confederacy's right to succeed from the Union, defends the treatment of Negros in the pre-war south, and recounts the formation of the KKK. Some excerpts:

The Anglo-Saxon people of the Southern States within a few generations elevated the heathen, savage black people, the lowest and most degraded race of mankind to a pinnacle higher in the scale of civilization than did the Egyptians with all their learning and art uplift the Israelites in four hundred years of vassalage. (pp. 28-29)

The tragic and untimely death of President Lincoln was lamented by the Confederates as well as by the Northern people. The Southern people detest assassins and cowards even when they strike down their avowed enemy and greatest persecutor.
The conclusion has prevailed, that had Mr. Lincoln's life been spared, the lot of the defeated Confederates would have been more tolerable. There is nothing in his conduct of the war, or in his expressed animus toward the Southern people to justify such a verdict. (p. 64)

In June, 1866, in the little town of Pulaski, in Southern Tennessee, near the Alabama line, a few young men, finding time hanging heavily on their hands, met in a law office on night and concluded to organize a society of some kind; some one suggested that they call it 'Kukloid,' from the Greek work kuklos, meaning a circle, and some other person present said, 'Call it Ku Klux'; the work 'Klan' was then added to complete the alliteration. In order to arouse public curiosity and surround the organization with an atmosphere of mystery, various devices were resorted to; the oath bound the member to absolute secrecy in regard to everything pertaining to the order, and he was prohibited from disclosing the fact that he was a Ku Klux, or giving the name of any other member, or soliciting membership; each member was required to appear at the meetings arrayed in a long robe with a white mask and very tall hat made of white pasteboard; the meetings were held at night in the cellar of a deserted brick house standing on a hill near the town. The only business transacted at the meetings was the initiation of new members with the most fantastic of ceremonies, and the only purpose of the order was to mystify outsiders and have fun. (pp. 126-127)

This book has 276 numbered pages and a number of illustrations. It is in very good condition, with all pages and illustrations intact. There are no markings in the book. The binding is tight, with just a few loose pages near the front of the book. The cover is bright, but the spine is slightly worn and darkened.
1920 Census1920Dist 134, Walkers, Montgomery Co., AL, USA, age 75, own; 2 servants
DeathNov 4, 1925AL, USA
BurialGreenwood Serenity Memorial Gardens, Montgomery, AL, USA

R. H. Houghton

M, #29105


Milit-BegSC, USA, Confederate Army, Lt. Arty. 3rd (Palmetto) Bn. Culpeper's Co., Hosp. Stew.

Sandford Houghton

M, #29106


Mil. EnlsGA, USA, in the Confederate Army, GA, 3rd GA Reserves, Co. F, a private

S. E. Houghton

M, #29107


Mil. EnlsAL, USA, in the Confederate Army, Comp. B, 4th AL Volunteer Military, a private
Branch: Home Guard; Regimental Unit: Byrd's 1st Regiment Militia; Rank: private; Co. Unit Name: Autauga Minute Men; Authority: Muster roll 1862/03/26 Camp Shorter

Stephen J. Houghton

M, #29108


Mil. EnlsMS, USA, in the Confederate Army, Comp. E, 5th MS Infantry, a corporal

Th. Houghton

M, #29109


Milit-BegLA, USA, in the Confederate Army,18th LA Infantry. Comp. F, a private. Also appears in Comp. F of the Consolidated 18th Regiment and Yellow jacket Battn. LA Infantry. Appears on Roll of Prisoners of War, Paroled at Natchitoches, --, June 6, 1865. Res. Sabine Parish, LA.

T. H. Houghton

M, #29110


Milit-BegLA, USA, Confederate Army, LA, Inf. Cons. 18th Regt. & Yellow Jacket BN. Co. F

Theodore Mortimer Houghton

M, #29111, b. 11 March 1844, d. 4 September 1916
Father*William Michael Seneca Houghton b. 27 Mar 1800, d. 1 Mar 1868
Mother*Mary F. Doney b. c 1824, d. c 1860


BirthMar 11, 1844Traveller's Rest, Dooly Co., GA, USA, age 5, GA, in 1850 census; age 16 in 1860 census; GA in 1870 census; May 1844, age 56, GA, in 1900 census; age 66, GA, in 1910 census; death certif. of son William M. gives San Angelo, TX; also Sumter Co., GA
Milit-BegTX, USA, in the Confederate Army, Comp. D, 11th Texas Infantry, a private
MarriageJun 23, 1867Williamson Co., TX, USA
1870 Census1870Williamson Co., TX, USA, age 26, farm laborer; and Anna Preese, 19, TX
1880 Census1880Williamson Co., TX, USA, age 36, a farmer
1900 Census1900Williamson Co., TX, USA, age 56, farmer
1910 Census1910San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX, USA, age 66, wagon yard, own yard
DeathSep 4, 1916San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX, USA, at home; age 72 y 5 m 24 d
BurialFairmount Cemetery, TX, USA


Annie Eliza J. Rutledge b. 20 Mar 1849, d. 3 Oct 1917
Marriage*Theodore Mortimer Houghton married Annie Eliza J. Rutledge on Jun 23, 1867 at Williamson Co., TX, USA

Thomas Houghton

M, #29112


Milit-BegLA, USA, Confederate Army, LA, Mil. 2nd Regt. 3rd Brig., 1st Div.

Thomas Houghton

M, #29113


Milit-BegVA, USA, Confederate Army, VA, 6th Cav. Co. B

Thomas Benbury Haughton

M, #29114, b. between 1781 and 1790, d. 1832
Father*Charles Haughton Jr. b. b 1754, d. 6 Aug 1803
Mother*Tamer Benbury b. bt 1756 - 1774


Birthbetween 1781 and 1790
MarriageDec 25, 1808Buncomb, Washington Co., NC, USA
1810 Census1810Capt John Phelps, Washington Co., NC, USA, 3 Individuals: 1 male 26 thru 44 (1784-1766)// 1 female under 10 (<1800), 1 female 16 thru 25 (1794-1785); 19 in agriculture
1820 Census1820Washington Co., NC, USA, 7 Individuals: 1 male 0-10, 2 male 26-45; 2 female 0-10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26; 26 in agriculture; 33 Slaves: 9 male 0-14, 5 male 15-26, 4 male 27-45, 3 male 45+; 6 female 0-14, 4 female 15-26, 2 female 27-45
1830 Census1830Plymouth, Washington Co., NC, USA, 11 Total: 1 male under 5 (1826-1830), 1 male 10 to 15 (1816-1820), 2 male 20 to 30 (1801-1810), 1 male 40 to 50 (1781-1790) // 1 female under 5 (1826-1830), 1 female 5 to 10 (1821-1825), 1 female 10 to 15 (1816-1820), 1 female 15 to 20 (1811-1815), 1 female 20 to 30 (1801-1810)
Mil. EnlsJan 26, 1863Washington Co., NC, USA, in the Confederate Army, 50th NC Infantry, a chaplain; in the Confederate Army, General and Staff Officers, Corps, Division and Brigade Staffs, Non-Com. Staffs and Bands, Enlisted Men, Staff Dept., a chaplain


Elizabeth A. P. Goelet
Marriage*Thomas Benbury Haughton married Elizabeth A. P. Goelet on Dec 25, 1808 at Buncomb, Washington Co., NC, USA

William Houghton

M, #29115


Milit-BegNC, USA, Confederate Army, NC, 8th Inf. Co. A

William Henry Houghton

M, #29116, b. 28 May 1845, d. 21 September 1923
Father*James Wade Houghton b. 6 Feb 1819, d. 16 Nov 1902
Mother*Lucretia Hawkins b. 11 Feb 1818, d. 7 Mar 1895


BirthMay 28, 1845Lewis Co., VA, USA, age 5 in 1850 census; age 15 in 1860 census; age 35 in 1880 census; age 64 in 1910 census
Milit-BegVA, USA, Confederate Army, VA, 26th Cav. Co. B., a private
MarriageJan 1, 1868
1880 Census1880Collins Settlement, Lewis Co., WV, USA, age 35, a carpenter
1900 Census1900Collins Settlement, Lewis Co., WV, USA, age 55, carpenter; 8 children born, 6 living
1910 Census1910Collins Settlement, Lewis Co., WV, USA, age 64, farmer
1920 Census1920Collins, WV, USA, age 74, farmer; and great granddaughter Lona L. Baker, 6
DeathSep 21, 1923Weston, Lewis Co., WV, USA


Elizabeth Jane McClain b. Apr 1844, d. 17 Jul 1933
Marriage*William Henry Houghton married Elizabeth Jane McClain on Jan 1, 1868. 

William Jackson Houghton

M, #29117, b. 17 April 1834, d. 8 January 1909
Father*Elijah Houghton b. 5 Jan 1806, d. 7 Mar 1890
Mother*Sarah Reynolds Compton b. c 1808, d. 1862


BirthApr 17, 1834Culpeper Co., VA, USA, age 16 in 1850 census; age 27 in 1860 census; age 37 in 1870 census; age 42 in 1880 census
MarriageFeb 10, 1859Rappahannock Co., VA, USA
Mil. Enls1862VA, USA, in the Confederate Army, 6th VA Cavalry, Comp. B, a private, during the summer of 1862. He later qualified for a disability
pension from the state of Virginia because injuries sustained during the war.
1870 Census1870Hampton, Rappahannock Co., VA, USA, age 37, a farmer, personal property $740
1880 Census1880Rappahannock Dist., Fauquier Co., VA, USA, age 42, a farmer
DeathJan 8, 1909Remington, VA, USA, where six of his children would eventually be buried.
BurialRemington Cemetery, Remington, VA, USA


Ann Elizabeth Fogg b. 28 Jan 1839, d. 15 May 1921
Marriage*William Jackson Houghton married Ann Elizabeth Fogg on Feb 10, 1859 at Rappahannock Co., VA, USA

William M. Houghton

M, #29118


Milit-BegTX, USA, Confederate Army, TX, 11th Inf. Co. D

William R. Houghton

M, #29119


Milit-BegApr 16, 1861Muscogee Co., GA, USA, in the Confederate Army, Comp G, 2nd GA Infantry, a private and 1st Sgt.

William R. Haughton

M, #29120, b. circa 1839
Father*Malachi Haughton b. bt 1790 - 1800
Mother*Eliza (?) b. c 1803


Birthcirca 1839NC, USA, age 11 in 1870 census; age 31 in 1870 census
Mil. EnlsApr 29, 1861Chowan Co., NC, USA, in the Confederate Army, Comp. M, 1st NC Infantry ( 6 months, 1861), a corporal, age 22

W. S. Houghton

M, #29121


Milit-BegFL, USA, in the Confederate Army, Comp. B, 10th/19th? Infantry; Capt Jm Bryant A, 9th FL Infantry

Bina Fairbank

M, #29122, b. 6 September 1782, d. 19 January 1851
Father*Nahum Fairbank b. 24 Aug 1753, d. 31 Jan 1827
Mother*Lucinda Houghton b. 3 Mar 1764, d. 23 Dec 1839


BirthSep 6, 1782Augusta, NY, USA
Marriage1820Augusta, NY, USA, w/2
DeathJan 19, 1851Welshfield, OH, USA

Family 1


Family 2

Rebecca Morrison b. 15 Jun 1783, d. 19 Nov 1863
Marriage*Bina Fairbank married Rebecca Morrison on 1820 at Augusta, NY, USA, w/2. 

Rev. Ira Fairbanks

M, #29123, b. 5 October 1784
Father*Nahum Fairbank b. 24 Aug 1753, d. 31 Jan 1827
Mother*Lucinda Houghton b. 3 Mar 1764, d. 23 Dec 1839


BirthOct 5, 1784Augusta, NY, USA
Marriagehis second
Deathnear, Rushville, NY, USA

Family 1

Charlotte (?) b. 24 Feb 1787, d. 15 Jul 1838
Marriage*Rev. Ira Fairbanks married Charlotte (?) 

Family 3

Mary (?)
Marriage*Rev. Ira Fairbanks married Mary (?) his second. 

Achsah Fairbank

F, #29124, b. 12 December 1786, d. 16 December 1864
Father*Nahum Fairbank b. 24 Aug 1753, d. 31 Jan 1827
Mother*Lucinda Houghton b. 3 Mar 1764, d. 23 Dec 1839


BirthDec 12, 1786
MarriageJan 1, 1803Mayfield, NY, USA
DeathDec 16, 1864Rome, NY, USA


John Stebbins b. 25 Jun 1779, d. 16 Feb 1827
Marriage*Achsah Fairbank married John Stebbins on Jan 1, 1803 at Mayfield, NY, USA

John Stebbins

M, #29125, b. 25 June 1779, d. 16 February 1827


BirthJun 25, 1779Wilbraham, MA, USA
MarriageJan 1, 1803Mayfield, NY, USA
DeathFeb 16, 1827Herkimer, NY, USA


Achsah Fairbank b. 12 Dec 1786, d. 16 Dec 1864
Marriage*John Stebbins married Achsah Fairbank, daughter of Nahum Fairbank and Lucinda Houghton, on Jan 1, 1803 at Mayfield, NY, USA

Rev. Eleazer Whipple

M, #29126, d. 1860


MarriageFeb 12, 1829
Death1860Rome, NY, USA


Achsah Fairbank b. 12 Dec 1786, d. 16 Dec 1864
Marriage*Rev. Eleazer Whipple married Achsah Fairbank, daughter of Nahum Fairbank and Lucinda Houghton, on Feb 12, 1829. 

Eli Houghton

M, #29127, b. 7 May 1769
Father*James Houghton Jr. b. 31 Mar 1728, d. 1777
Mother*Anna Eveleth b. 7 Jan 1741/42

Daniel Haven

M, #29130


Milit-BegKY, USA, Confederate Army, KY, 2nd (Duke's) Cav. Co. G