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John Miller's Roller Coasters

John Miller was a prolific designer and builder of coasters. In a single year, Miller would design and build as many coasters as other designers would build in a lifetime. In 1920, for example, Miller built 15 coasters in various cities throughout the United States. What's more, Miller built roller coasters in countries all over the world.

Miller formed a partnership with Harry C. Baker in 1920 under the name Miller and Baker, Inc.

john miller roller coasters

Their 1923 catalogue describes the company as follows:

Designers and Builders of Amusement Parks, Miller Patented Under Friction and Under Friction Locking Device Coasters, Miller Dome Roof Carousel Buildings and Dome Roof Dance Pavilions, Old Mills, Mill Chutes, Fun Houses, Miller's Tandem Seat Serpentine Coasters, Mechanical Devices of every description, Equipment and Machinery for all Amusement Park Devices and Sales Agents for the Dodgem, the Whip, and Aero-Plane Swings.

Included in the catalogue is this partial list of coasters built during the past three seasons. (i.e., 1920, 1921, and 1922):

Miller and Baker ended their partnership in 1923.