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There were two black parks, Seaview Beach on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach and Sunset Lake in Chesapeake, Virginia.

While still setting up Ocean View Park, Dudley Cooper was approached by three Black professional men: a dentist, a lawyer, and a high school principal. They wanted his help in establishing a special amusement park for the Black community. Dudley helped these men establish Seaview Beach Amusement Park, also on the Chesapeake Bay, which operated until 1966.

Chesapeake Bay beach: Two adjoining properties cover a half-mile stretch along the Bay, from First Landing/Seashore State Park to Beech Street. The land goes back 350 feet from the Bay. Lindsley sold this land to the Pasquotank group for a nominal $200 in June 1994. It includes part of the old Seaview Beach site, a former amusement park for blacks that operated in the days of segregation.