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Fourteenth Generation

12032. Photo Robert Titus of St Catharines216,412 was born in 1600 in Stansted Abbot, Hartfordshire, Canterbury, England. He immigrated in Apr 1635 from Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony In 1644 he lived at Seakunk. Plymouth Colony . Before 23 Mar 1653/54 he lived at at Rehoboth property Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony . On 11 Jun 1654 he lived at L I, Oyster Bay, North Riding of Yorkshire . He died on 24 Nov 1678 in L I, Huntington, North Riding of Yorkshire. Sailed to Boston on Hopewell on Apr 3 1635. Robert Titus was not a Quaker, but got himself into a row for harboring one of them; and served notice on the town authorities of his intended removal. This was in Massachusetts and he then moved to Long Island in 1654

11 June 1654-Shortly after this date Robert Titus and his family of Rehoboth moved to Oyster Bay. Long Island. On 23 Mar. 1653/4 he sold his Rehoboth property to Robert Jones, of Nantucket, Mass. On 6 June 1654 he complained before the Plymouth court that Mr. (John) Browne had laid an attachment of œ50 on his estate. It was brought out in court that contrary to the mind of the town he had received into and harbored in his house as inmates,' Abner Ordway and a woman, persons of evil fame, with children". The court ordered that when "he removeth himself and family (from the town) he shall carry the said Abner and all that appertaineth unto him with him, or else give security saving the inhabitants of the town harmless from any reterment that may befall them by Abner Ordway". (Plymouth Colony Records, Volume. L [II, p.521.

21 May 1654 RoBert Titus of Rehoboth with consent of wife Hannah deeded to Robert Jones of Nantucket his dwelling house and home lot etc. Witnesses: Robert Martin and William Smith (Plymouth Colony Deeds Volume. Ill, Pt. I, page. 113). Robert Titus of St Catharines and Hannah Ann Carter were married on 24 Jun 1624 in Watford Parish, Hertfordshire, England.

12033. Photo Hannah Ann Carter was born in 1604 in Hertfordshire, Bushey, England. She died on 14 May 1672 in L I, Huntington, North Riding of Yorkshire. She had her estate probated on 1 Mar 1679/80. The last will and testament of Hanna Titus being in prefit memory, I bequeath my soul to God that gave it, and my body to the earth, and for my estate I depose of it as followeth: Imprimus, I give to my son Content my house and all my land; and out of the aforesaid house and lands I give to my son John my mare, and to my son Edmond I give a horse, and to my son Samuel a browne cow, and a yearling steer, and I give to son Samuel's wife my warming pan, and to my son Abialle's wife my smothing yron and to my son Content's wife my skimmer, and for what remnantes of sarg and cloth I have, my will is that it be equally divided among all my children, and to my dafter Susana I give my sarge hood. and for all the rest of my estate within the house and without it, I give to my son Abiall and Content to be equally divided between them two, and to this my will I set my hand in the presence of Richard Williames

The Mark of Thomas Skidmore Hana Titus Richard Williames being one of the witnesses to this will have given his oath to the truth of it before me this 28 of May 1679 Jonas Wood Thomas Skidmore being a witness to ye w in written will doih declare in ye presence of God ye truth of it before me Isaac Platt, Constable Hunting December ye 17th. 1679 In the absence of ye Justice . Also listed as Hannah Uxar. Children were:


John Titus216,217,412,413 was born on 18 Dec 1627 in Saint Catherines, London, England. He immigrated in 1635 from Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony aboard "Hopwell" from London; William Bundick, Master.. He died on 16 Apr 1689 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts Colony. He had his estate probated on 20 Nov 1689 in Bristol County, Massachusetts Colony. He was a farmer. In 1675 fought with John II in King Philip's War.

Apr 1667- Abigail Carpenter of Rehoboth, widow deeded to John Titus of Rehoboth all rights in land in North Purchase being the whole share of the lands purchased from the Plymouth Government. Witnesses: William Carpenter and Samuel Carpenter (Ihid., Volume III, pt 2, page. 225

30 May 1672-John Peck of Rehoboth, planter, deeded to John Tiliiq., Sr. of Rehoboth 8 acres upland in Rehoboth. Witnesses; William Carpenter and Samuel Carpenter (Ibid.. Volume. III. pt. 2, page. 22).



Edmond (Edmund) Titus.


Edward Titus216 was born about 1632 in Saint Catherines, London, England. He died on 7 Apr 1719 in L I, Westbury, Queens, New York Colony.


Photo Samuel Titus216,217,412 was born in 1635 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony. He died after 1681 in L I, Huntington, North Riding of Yorkshire.217 Son of Robert Titus and Hannah (?) Titus.


Susanna Titus216 was born in 1636 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony. She was baptized in 1672 in L I, Huntington, North Riding of Yorkshire. She died in 1679 in L I, Huntington, North Riding of Yorkshire. Susanna (Titus) Jones Daughter of Robert Titus and Hannah (?) Titus.


Abiel (Abial) Titus216,412 was born on 17 Mar 1640/41 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony. He died in 1737 in L I, Huntington, Sufflok, New York Colony. Son of Robert Titus and Hannah (?) Titus.


Content Titus216,412 was born on 28 Mar 1643 in Weymouth, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony (now Norfolk County.). In 1651 he lived at L I, Newtown, (Kings County), New Netherlands . In 1654 he lived at L I, Huntington, New Netherlands . In 1672 he lived at L I, Newtown, West Riding of Yorkshhire . He died on 17 Jan 1729/30 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York Colony. He had his estate probated on 31 Jan 1730. In the name of God, Amen. This 24th day of February, 1727/8. I Content Titus, of Newtown, in Queens County, on Nassau Island, being old and crazy, but of sound mind. I leave to my son Robert, all my real estate in Newtown, he paying out the legacies, and allowing grass and hay for 2 cows for Hannah. And all my wearing apparel, and all my tools for building, turning, and husbandry. Also 3 horses, 4 cows, and a Negro man Jack. I leave to my sons, Silas, John, and Timothy, 5 shillings each. I leave to my daughter Hannah, the use and whole command of my newest house, during her single state, and then to my son Robert. Also 2 Negro girls, and all household furniture, belonging to the Great room, in the new house, and the rest of the movable estate. And she is to have 1/3 of the crop of every sort, and grass and hay for her cows, and if she dies unmarried, then to my daughters, Phebe and Abigail. I leave my daughters Phebe and Abigail, each a Negro girl and boy and 20 pounds, having heretofore dealt out household goods to them. I make my son Robert, and my daughter Hannah, executors. Witness, Moore Woodard, Charles Wright, Samuel Pumroy. Proved January 31, 1729/30.
He was buried in Pres Church, L I, Newtown, West Riding of Yorkshire, New York Colony. His gravestone is in the S. W. corner of the ancient burial place in Newtown. Son of Robert Titus and Hannah (?) Titus. He was; a very active in the affairs of the church and state, captain in the war against the Indians and became an elder of the Presbyterian Church at the age of 80.