Hoye Genealogy

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Some of the sources haven't shown up in previous versions of this web site, and may be missing still on certain pages.

Here is a brief summary of the main sources for this information:

 The Dorr Family - www.gencircles.com file from Charley Dorr "Descendants of Edward Dorr"

The Wolf Family - Jody Cullison

The Towle Family - Lorelei Towle Marshall

The Rettig Family - Jim Rettig

Descendants of Elizabeth Hoye - Vicki Van Steenburg and Judith (Farnsworth) Cameron

Descendants of Dorothy Hoye - Teresa (Paul) Iannaggi

Descendants Lawrence Hoye (1921-1997) - Mary Lou (Storch) Hoye

The original collection that I began with I received from my father, Lawrence Hoye (1921-1997) around 1990. He had inherited it from Noah Allen Hoye (1900-1973).

Robert Hoye (1952- ?)

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