Hazel Park Historical Trivia
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Who was the first recorded resident of  the  Hazel Park area?
a) Anthony Neusius
b) Thomas Lacey
c) Chief Pontiac
d) George Brooks

3) What street name once was, but no longer exists in Hazel Park?
a) Stephenson Highway
b) Memorial Drive
c) Jacobs Street
d) John B

5) What is the oldest school building in the Hazel Park School District?
a) Clark
b) United Oaks
c) Hoover
d) Beecher

7) The first paved road in Hazel Park was:
a) 9 Mile
b) John R
c) Stephenson Highway
d) Dequindre

9) Hazel Park's first mayor was:
a) Clarence Adams
b) William Chynoweth
c) Carl Graves
d) John Cambell
2) What year was the Hazel Park school district established?
a) 1924
b) 1884
c) 1894
d) 1904

4) What year was Hazel Park officially chartered?
a) 1941
b) 1942
c) 1943
d) 1944

6) What was the most prominent feature along the area where I-75 is now up to the 1930's?
a) Farmland
b) Roadway
c) Trolley
d) Swamp

8) Who was the first Judge in the City Of Hazel Park?
a)John Dower
b) Stanton G.  Dondero
c) Robert C. Baldwin
d) William Lehman

10) Where was the site of the only hospital in Hazel Park?
a) 9 Mile and Stephenson
b) 8 Mile And Stephenson
c) 10 Mile and Stephenson
d) Woodward Heights and Stephenson

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