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Here are some of the photos of Hazel Park schools, more to come.

NEW School Photo from the early 1900's in front of the first school building. Names of students are on the photo.

An overhead view of HPHS (Beecher Jr High) from the 1957 Yearbook

HPHS Senior Class Trip 1927 to Washington

A photo of an unknown Majorette from HPHS 1950's?

City Council Mayor and Council for a day? HS Seniors?This photo taken in the first City Hall on John R in 1952 or so. Count the council photos on the wall....

The Hazel Park School District, or to be more accurate the High School students, published a newspaper for the students of the district titled The Hazel Nut. Here we have an example from 1929. Page 1  Page 2 Page 3 Page 4.

Photo of the New HPHS in 1961. Note the dirt road.

In 1927 The Hazel Park School Board decreed that all femaale teachers were required to wear smocks that reached 10 inches from the ground. This decision was in response to the styles of the day, naamely shorter skirts for women. 
Read all about the story and the ensuing furor HERE
Be forewarned... it is a rather large file.

Copies of the original invitation to the laying of the old  High School cornerstone, September 29th, 1929. Front of the invitation, and the interior view.

The old Hazel Park High School, now Beecher Junior High, was built in 1929. This view is an aerial photograph of the school and site as it looked in 1949. Also included is Scout Park. This photo is part of a larger collection created to show block by block what Hazel Park looked like in 1949. Go Here to see what has been done so far.

Another view of HPHS (Beecher) as it was before the library and cafeteria was added in the 60's. Yet another, from 1960, sent by Jim Walker Class of '60.

The school district was founded in 1884, the school that was built not much later is shown here. It cost 1000 dollars to build.