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NEW- Photos of a bird's eye view of John R and 9 Mile area, circa 1972
Block from I-75 to Goulson, I-75 looking North, view of 9 Mile looking East, and a view of City Hall and Library

Picture of a parade down John R, flagbearers, sometime after WWII.

Northbound Stephenson Approching 10 Mile from 1962. Also construction of the Stephenson Highway in 1961

Fixing homes in Hazel Park has always been a civic problem. In the City report for 1961, examples of what the City fathers were up against then. One   TwoThree   FourFive   Six

Hazel Park had been a swampy area, only through a lot of work has the city dried out. Here you will find examples from the past as to what the City was like then. 
These pictures of canoers on our city streets, location unknown One  Two
A photo from the 40's of a car stuck in water. Possibly in what is now Scout Park.
A photo of a home, with more standing water. Imagine the mosquitos!

More Photos from the 1961 City Report... A photo of the engineering dept. at work, the DPW chipping brush, and the burning of Christmas Trees by the Fire Department.

Carnival 1940's - Many surrounding communities had banned carnivals in the 1940's. Hazel Park was not one of them...

Easter 1939- A photo picturing Pearl street in 1939, note the lack of houses...

Easter Egg 1 and Easter Egg 2 - Jaycees sponsored Easter egg hunts in Green Acres Park in the 50's. These Photos are from 1955 and 1956

John R and 9 Mile Views -  One Two Three  - One is a pic from the top of Adams barber shop facing North on Otis 1943 Two is a view facing South from  the 1930's. Three is a view from 1943 in a snowstorm.

Some other scenes from Hazel Park... a tree fort built by local kids, decorations on John R for Christmas, another decoration scene, houses removed by the urban renewal for the Courts (Roberts street), Hazel Park Goodfellows in front of the First City Hall, A traffic toll board in front of the second city hall, a soapbox racer, the sled hill in Scout Park, E. Pearl between Highland and Russell in 1952, a street construction scene, a view of Madison Heights (10 and John R)

Teens in Hazel Park formed their own club in the Forties. Called the Parker Club, they purchased their own building and constructed it (a quonset hut) 

Parade Pics 1966 and Community Fair - the First place float in 1966, the Viking Band , and Pics from the Community Fair 1966  One and Two 
Kids march down John R to support a clean Hazel Park, One And Two 

First Garbage Truck - Not a really appealing subject, but a precursor to the city services we enjoy today.

Ashley Ambulance - Ambulance services were furnished by funeral homes, all the way to the 60's in some communities. This is a picture of Ashley's funeral home ambulance from the early 40's.

8 Mile and Stephenson from about halfway between E. Muir and 8 Mile. Note the small building, it was once Brown's real estate, currently empty.Note also how Stephenson was a 2 lane highway. In this view, Stephenson from 9 Mile facing South,
in the 1940's.

9 and Stephenson- A view facing north. McDonalds and Cambridge Mall now occupies this space. 

John R and 9 Mile 1950's A view facing north from the Lacey School.