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This home page is a gateway for viewing images relating to the genealogy files for Harley L. Miller, searching the following surnames and related families:

[MILLER]-, 1816 NY-1855 IA-1870s NE; White, Herrington, Graham, Bonneau, Choate, Connell, Hawley

[HAUSER]-, 1625 DEU-1739 PA-1757 NC-1830s IN-1870s IA, Fiscus, White, Hugaboon, Berger

[SHEETS]-, 1780s VA-1830s OH-Stover, Lewis, Trump/Van Trump, Maulding, Beattie, Caswell and Bahl

[FOSTER]-, 1840s IA-1880s NE-Keller

I also have a number of pictures of people who are not identified. If you can help with these I will very much appreciate having them named:


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