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C & P Vol. 1



p.30 Patent bk 1, pt. 1, p.274. Richard Durrant, 250 acs. in James Co., 24 Aug 1635. To begin at the upper path that goeth to Jockeys Neck bounded with a valley parting said neck & this land, W to the Midle plantation path. 100 acs for the per. adv. of himselfe & wife & 150 acs for trans of 3 pers: THO. BENTON & 2 others.

p.137 Patent bk 1, pt.2, p.837. JOHN BENTON, 1,250 acs, about 15 mi. up the Southward side of Rappahannock River, etc., running to the mouth of a navigable cr. or branch, etc. 400 acs. by assignment from Samuell Davis, & the residue for trans. of himself, wife and 15 pers: JON. BENTON, JOANE HIS WIFE, JON. BENTON, ISABELL BENTON, ALICE BENTON, ABIGALL BENTON & others. Oct. 13, 1642.

p.141 Patent bk 1, pt.2, p.867. Samuell Abbott, Gent. 500 acs. in Rappahannock River some 14 mi. up the river adj. JOHN BENTON. Dec. 22 1642.

p.177 Patent bk. 2, p. 152. Richard Pettibon, 700 acs. upon Southward side of Rappahanock River, Nov. 28, 1648. Adj. land of JOHN BENTON, crossing Pettibon Cr.

p.196 Patent bk.2, p.238. Henry Lee & Wm. Clapham, 250 acs. in Corotoman Riv. being a branch of Rappa. Riv. 20 Aug 1650. Trans. of 5 pers: JOHN BENTON, JOHN KING.

p.199 Patent bk.2, p.252. George Pace, 1700 acs. Chas. City Co., 1 Aug 1650. Lyeing on S side of James River, commonly called Marocks, beg. at the mouth of a little swamp by the river side where Peirce his hundred takes ending, running etc. W to a swamp which leads to Powells Creek & along the creek to the river. Trans. of 34 pers: THOMAS BENTON & others.

p.235 Patent bk.3, p.15. Coll. Richard Lee, 300 acs. Lancaster Co, 14 Nov. 1653. Upon the S side of Rappa. Riv. bounded from a marked oak wch. standeth upon the head of a southerne branch of a Creek commonly called Matchepungo Creek which divides this & land of Dame Elizabeth Lunsford formerly Mr. Samuel Abbot & extending along the land of JOHN BENTON DEC’D.

p.288 Patent bk.3, p.263. Dame Elizabeth Lunsford, 50 acs. Lancaster Co., 8 June 1654. Upon S. side of Rappa. River & upon W by S side of Matchepngo Creek running to an oake dividing this & land of Col. Ralph Wormly dec’d & an oak on S branch of said creek dividing this & land of JOHN BENTON DEC’D.

p.332 Patent bk.4, p. 36 (56). Dame Elizabeth Lunsford 500 acs. 3 June 1656. On S side of Rappa. River adj. land of JOHN BENTON, on Wwd side of Matchepungoe Creek & near Col. Lees plantation.

p.362 Patent bk.4, p.160 (236). 1000 acs. Northumberland Co., 13 Mar. 1657. On S side of Peromeck on head branches of Matchotick River beg. at corner of George Watts. Trans. of 20 pers: JNO. BENTON & others.

p.434 Patent bk.4, p.118 (619). Owen Hayes, 500 acs. Low. Norf. Co., 25 Feb. 1664. To the Swd of Roede, commonly called Batts quarter &c. Trans of 10 pers: GEORGE BENTON & others.

p.446 Patent bk.5, p. 159 (37). John & Thomas Palmer, 365 acs. Westmoreland Co., 23 Mar. 1664. Bounded N.Ely by land of Mr. Robt. Howsing & Mr. Davis, E.Sly by Mr. John Ashton & S.Wly by land lately surveyed for MR. JNO. BENTON (OR BRUTON). Trans. of 7 pers: SARAH KING & others.

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