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BAKER, Deanes b. Est. 1536-1559;  d. November 08, 1614 

Deanes Baker Brewer Family  

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BENNETT, Jemima b. Abt. 1724;  d. Aft. 1784  

Jemima Bennett Ponder Family


BENNETT, Stephen b. November 22, 1699;  d. 1752  

Stephen Bennett Family


BENTON, Elizabeth, b. 1728    

Elizabeth & Joseph Benton Family


BENTON, James Tinsley I b. November 26, 1808;  d. December 03, 1860  

James Tinsley Benton I Family



b. November 30, 1842;  d.  August 23, 1909;  

James Tinsley Benton II Family 

Notes on James Tinsley Benton  

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BENTON, Joseph b. October 15, 1725;  d. March 06, 1807    

Joseph & Elizabeth Benton Family


BENTON, Maggie Lee b. August 25, 1879;  d. January 22, 1945    

Maggie Benton Harper Family       

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b. 1764;  d. 1826    

Nathan Benton Family


BLEDSOE, Elizabeth  b. Aft. 1688;    

Elizabeth Bledsoe Nelms Last Will and Testament      

Elizabeth Bledsoe Nelms Family


BLEDSOE, George b. July 01, 1635; d. 1705;  

George Bledsoe Family


BREWER, Anna;  

Anna Brewer Family


BREWER, Drury I b. Abt. 1765; d. 1847

Drury Brewer's Last Will and Testament 

Drury Brewer's Family


BREWER, George b. 1670;  d. 1744;   

George Brewer's Family


BREWER, John I b. 1565;  d. 1635;  

John Brewer's Will   

John Brewer I Family


BREWER, John II b. 1600;  d. 1699;  

John Brewer II Family


BREWER, John III b. 1635;  d. 1705;  

John Brewer III Family


BREWER, Minnie  b. February 1766;  

Minnie Brewer Family


BREWER, Nicholas b. 1720;  

Nicholas Brewer Family


BREWER, Sarah Elizabeth b. 1800;  d. Aft. 1870;   

Sarah Brewer Harper Family


BREWER, Thomas b. 1540;   

Thomas Brewer Family


BREWER, William "Phisitian" b.  Est. 1527-1556;  d.  July 24, 1618         

Notes on William Brewer     

William & Deanes Baker Brewer Family      

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CARLETON, Henry d. 1796;  

Henry Carleton Family


CARLETON, Lucy d.  Bef. 1796;  

Lucy Carleton Family


CARLETON, Lucy Ann b. December 15, 1784; d.  March 15, 1870;  

Lucy Ann Carleton Ponder Family



Robert Carleton Family

Last Will & Testament of Robert Carleton


DEASON d. Bef. 1830;   

Family of Deason


DEASON, Mary b. Bet. 1780 - 1790;  d. Bef. November 28, 1839;  

Mary Deason Family

Inventory of Mary Deason Estate

Public Sale of Mary Deason Estate

Final Settlement of Mary Deason Estate


DEASON, Mary Ann b. 1817;  d. Aft. 1870;  

Mary Ann Deason King Family


DENNIS, Josiah;  

Josiah Dennis Family



b. June 03, 1756;  d. Aft. 1840;  

Josiah Dennis Family


DENNIS, Mary S."Polly"  

b. 1788;  d. Aft. 1883;  

Mary S. Dennis Harper Family



Drake Brewer Family


GROVE, Mary b.  1565;  

Mary Grove Brewer Family


GROVE, Ralph;  

Ralph Grove Family


HAMLIN, Elizabeth;  

Elizabeth Hamlin Jarrard Family


HAMOR, Sarah b. Abt. 1690;  d. 1741;   

Sarah Hamor Ponder Family


HARPER, Avington W. b. 1812;  d. Aft. 1870;  

Avington W. Harper Family


HARPER, Carolyn Lee 


HARPER, George b.  Abt. 1680;  

George Harper Family


HARPER, James Thomas b.  March 27, 1903;d. April 21, 1970;  

James Harper Family


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HARPER, Margaret "Peggy"  

b. 1813;  d. October 1879;  

Family of Margaret & Miles Harper


HARPER, Martha;  

Family of Martha & George Harper


HARPER, Mary Ann b. 1843;  d. Bef. 1888;  

Family of Mary Ann & W. H. E. Harper


HARPER, Miles J. b. 1806;  d. Aft. 1872;  

Family of Miles J. Harper


HARPER, Patrick

Patrick Harper Family


HARPER, Robert Lee I  

b. July 18, 1869; d. August 20, 1938;  

Family of Robert Lee Harper

Robert Lee & Maggie Lee Harper Marker.jpg (12448 bytes)



b. December 26, 1840;  d. July 29, 1904   

Notes on W.H.E. Harper;  

W. H. E. Harper Family   

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HARPER, William I b. 1703;  d. November 18, 1757   

Last Will and Testament of William Harper I

Family of William Harper I


HARPER, William II b. Abt. 1723;  d. Abt. July 1786

Family of William Harper II



b. Bet. 1750 - 1762; d. 1823 

William Harper & Mary Ingram Harper Bible Record          

Inventory of the Estate of William Harper III                 

Public Sale of William Harper's Property 

Family of William Harper III 

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  HARPER, William Peterson I, WAR OF 1812 VETERAN, 

b. February 03, 1785;  d. June 03, 1825

Family of William Peterson Harper I


INGRAM, Benjamin b. 1730;  d. 1794   

Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Ingram

Family of Benjamin Ingram


INGRAM, Mary b. September 27, 1759; d. 1840 

William Harper & Mary Ingram Harper Bible Record

Family of Mary Ingram Harper


JACKSON, Isaac b. 1674;  d. Bef. March 09, 1699/00

Family of Isaac Jackson


JACKSON, Sarah b. Abt. 1665;  d. Abt. March 09, 1743/44

Family of Sarah Jackson Tinsley


JARRARD, Elizabeth

Family of Elizabeth Jarrard Wyatt


JARRARD, Henry b. 1635;  d. Abt. 1692

Family of Henry Jarrard


JARRARD, Nicholas b. 1672;  d. July 25, 1718

Family of Nicholas Jarrard


KING, Margarett Anett 

b. November 13, 1843;   d. August 28, 1919

Family of Margarett Anett King Benton

James T. & Margarett A. Benton Grave.jpg (44285 bytes)


KING, Richard W. b. 1810;  d. Aft. 1870;  

Richard W. King Family


KNIGHT, Abigail b. 1768;  d. August 22, 1836;  

Abigail Knight & Drury Brewer Family


LANIER, John b. 1656;  d. April 14, 1719  

Will of John Lanier

Family of John Lanier


LANIER, Robert

Family of Robert Lanier


LANIER, Sarah b. 1686;  d. Bef. 1729

Family of Sarah Lanier Brewer


LUCKIE, Alexander (Sr.) d. June 08, 1776

Family of Alexander Luckie, Sr.



Family of Mary Luckie


LUCKIE, Violet  

b. Bet. 1766 - 1770;  d. November 05, 1846

Family of Violet Luckie Ponder


MORTON, Andrew b. Abt. 1625;

Family of Andrew Morton


MORTON, Elizabeth b. 1656;  d. Bet. 1707 - 1708;  

Elizabeth Morton & George Bledsoe Family


NELMS, Elizabeth b. July 16, 1734;  d. July 23, 1779

Family of Elizabeth Nelms Ingram


NELMS, William d. Bet. 1758 - 1762;  

William Nelms Family


PARKER, George d. Bef. April 1785

Family of George Parker



Family of Nilly Parker


PETERSON, Elizabeth b. Abt. 1740; d. Abt. 1806

Family of Elizabeth Peterson Harper


PETERSON, John d. 1769

Family of John Peterson



b. Bet. 1760 - 1763;  d. February 02, 1802

Family of Amos Ponder


PONDER, Caroline Melissa  

b. August 05, 1809;  d. July 05, 1872;  

Caroline Ponder Benton Family


PONDER, Daniel b. Bet. 1728 - 1732;  d. Aft. 1788  

Daniel & Jemima Bennett Ponder Family


PONDER, John b. Bet. 1650 - 1660;  d. February 17, 1702/03

Family of John Ponder


PONDER, John b. Bet. 1680 - 1685;  d. April 25, 1719

Family of John Ponder


PONDER, John Harris 

b. July 04, 1784;  d. November 17, 1864  

John Harris Ponder's Last Will and Testament  

John Harris Ponder Family

Ponderhm.jpg (9022 bytes) cm_pondr.jpg (17422 bytes) %johnh~1.jpg (32578 bytes)  



PONDER, Margaret b. Abt. 1700;  d. 1784;  

Margaret Ponder Bennett & Stephen Bennett Family


PONDER, Richard b. Bet. 1678 - 1683;  d. 1748

Family of Richard Ponder


RANDOLPH, Elizabeth b. Abt. 1630; d.  Est. 1649-1718

Family of Elizabeth Randolph Tinsley


SHEPERD, Mary b. 1680;  d. Bet. 1691 - 1728

Family of Mary Sheperd Ponder



Family of James Thweat


THWEAT, Elizabeth

Family of Elizabeth Thweat


TINSLEY, David d. Aft. September 26, 1801

Family of David Tinsley

Last Will & Testament of David Tinsley



b. 1764;  d. Aft. February 07, 1814   

Last Will and Testament of James Tinsley

Family of James Tinsley


TINSLEY, Nancy;  

Family of Nancy Tinsley Benton


TINSLEY, Thomas I   b. Abt. 1618;  d. Bet. 1700 - 1702

Family of Thomas Tinsley I


TINSLEY, Thomas II b. 1638;  d. Abt. 1716

Family of Thomas Tinsley II


TURNER, Mary b. Abt. 1675;  d. July 01, 1721

Family of Mary Turner Ponder


WOFFORD, Rebecca;  

Rebecca Wofford Carleton Family


WYATT, Conquest

Family of Conquest Wyatt


WYATT, Frances  d. Bef. 1757

Family of Frances Wyatt Harper


WYATT, Millie

Family of Millie Wyatt


WYATT, Nicholas  d. April 14, 1720 

Last Will & Testament of Nicholas Wyatt

Family of Nicholas Wyatt


ZACKERY, Elizabeth d. Bef. 1806

Family of Elizabeth Zachery Tinsley


Other Harpers I am Researching

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