Baby Updates

Here is the long awaited Christmas photo of Chip and myself. Sorry it took us so long to send it.

I slipped the pregnancy test into a present on Christmas morning. Here is the look on Chip's face when he opened his "surprise".

Here is Chip immediately following the picture above. As you can see he has fallen over in the floor and is violently ill. Needless to say he didn't have any Christmas ham.

Here is a photo of my first ultrasound. I was really surprised to find it already had little arms and legs.

You can't see it in the picture but this view showed it's heart beating. You can almost make out what appear to be eyes.

Here is the picture of the nursery that Chip and I have spent two years making. Everything was done by us, including the rocking chair which belonged to my Grandmother.

Here is another view of the room toward the other wall. The changing table was discontinued and one of Chip's friends found this one for us on the Internet.