Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people
in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation.
New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co. 1910.


Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

(I) Henry Champion, the immigrant ancestor, came to the American colonies and settled at Saybrook, Conn. as early as 1657. His land is described in the records of 1660, when they were first kept. Before 1660 he had sold his lot on the town plot to Jonathan Rugg. He removed, with his family, to the east side of the Connecticut river, and became one of the most active founders of Lyme, being propounded a freeman May 12, 1670. The records of that town were begun in 1674, and on June 18, 1674, a record of his land is made; he owned several lots at this time.
He lived in the house which he had built on the hill just east of the meeting-house, near the old burying-ground, and he very likely was a farmer as the rest of the settlers were. His ear-mark was recorded March 24, 1673-74. In March 12, 1671, representatives of the town of New London entered a complain against Henry Champion and several of his fellow townsmen in the court at Hartford. The trouble between the town was a strip of land between Birde Brook and Niantic river, including Black Point in Lyme, which both towns claimed by virtue of previous grants. New London was fined nine pounds and Lyme five pounds, and these fines were afterwards remitted.
His name occurs frequently in the records as a grantor or grantee of land. He was a witness of the will of Tobiah Colls, of Saybrook, Sept. 2, 1664, and was a beneficiary in it, as were the other two witnesses.
When Sir Edmund Andros received the government of Connecticut in October, 1687, he ordered an inventory to be taken, Aug. 27, 1688, and Henry Champion's property was valued at 37 pounds. At this time he had given much of his property to his sons. Nov. 12, 1706, there is a deed of gift to his grandson Henry, eldest son of Henry, his son, in which he gives part of his home lot on Meeting House Hill, and "said Henry was not to put any tenant on this tract during the liftime of his grandfather or his wife Deborah," who signed the deed of consent "as per marriage agreement."
His wife was probably a sister or daughter of one of the early settlers of Saybrook. His second wife was evidently very shrewd, as she induced the old man to make a very good marriage settlement on her and finally involved him in a lawsuit with the widow of his eldest son, who maintained a strong fight for her rights in the property of her husband. His second wife's name was Deborah, whom he married March 21, 1697-98.
He died Feb. 17, 1708-09, said to be ninety-eight years old.
Children, born in Saybrook:
1. Sarah, born 1649.
2. Mary, 1651.
3. Stephen, 1653.
4. Henry, 1654, mentioned below.
5. Thomas, April, 1656.
6. Rachel, 165 _.

(II) Henry Champion, son of Henry Champion, was born in Saybrook in 1654, and died in the middle of July, 1704, in Lyme. He married, in Lyme, April 1, 1684, Susanna DeWolf, daughter of Balthazar and Alice DeWolf. She married (second) John Huntley Sr., of Lyme.
Henry Champion lived on Meeting Hosue Hill in Lyme, and owned several tracts of land, some by grant and some from his father. He was forty-nine years old at his death.
The inventory of his estate amounted to two hundred and thirty pounds, more than half of which was real estate. Mrs. Susanna Champion was made administrator, Aug. 8, 1706. She was given one-third of the property for life, and one-half of the movable property forever.
The eldest son was given a double portion and the others equal shares.
Children, born in Lyme:
1. Henry, born Jan. 5, 1685, mentioned below.
2. Joshua, Sept. 28, 1686.
3. Susanna, Feb. 25, 1689-90.
4. Samuel, June 18, 1691.
5. Alice, March 15, 1694.
6. Rachel, Dec. 1, 1697.
7. Abigail, June 25, 1699.
8. Stephen, July 15, 1702.
9. Mary, Oct. 14, 1704.

(III) Captain Henry, son of Henry Champion, was born in Lyme, Jan. 5, 1685, and died there April 3, 1780. He married in Lyme, July 11, 1708, Sarah Peterson, daughter of Henry and Mary Peterson. She was born Oct. 20, 1686, in Lyme, and died there Sept. 27, 1748.
He was appointed ensign of the South Company of Lyme on Oct. 12, 1732, and on May 9, 1734, was made captain. He inherited the lands of his grandfather, Henry, and lived in Lyme, where he was a prominent man. He and his wife were buried in the old burying-ground where their gravestones still (1910) reside.
Children, born in Lyme:
1. Mehitable, born Sept. 4, 1709.
2. Sarah, Aug. 15, 1713.
3. Esther, Oct. 28, 1717.
4. Henry, March 20, 1729, mentioned below.

(IV) Captain Henry, son of Captain Henry Champion, was born in Lyme, March 20, 1729, and died there May 16, 1792 (1791 on gravestone). He married in Lyme, Dec. 19, 1751, Sarah, daughter of Jasper and Sarah (Clark) Pecks, of Lyme. She was born Dec. 24, 1732, and died in Lyme Aug. 7, 1769.
He was appointed lieutenant of the South Company of Lyme, May 9, 1765, and was promoted captain on the "Second Thursday in October, 1771." He lived on Flat Rock Hill in Lyme, and he and his wife were buried in his Lyme burying-ground.
The inventory of his estate was made May 15, 1791, amounting to one thousand one hundred and thirty-one pounds, and his will was proved June 13, 1791, mentioning real estate to eight hundred and fifty-nine pounds, as follows:
the "old farm" of his grandfather's, the "upper farm woodland," the "Lynde farm and orchard," house and two home lots, meadow south of Rowland's Creek, meadow further west, and one piece on the north side of the creek. He left half the movables to his wife Lucretia, a part of the "old farm" to his son Elisha, and the rest of the land to the others. His library went to his four sons. The rest of the chlildren were provided for also.
He married his second wife soon after the death of the first wife.
Children, by first wife:
1. Judith, April 24, 1755.
2. Elisha, March 7, 1758.
3. Lynde, July 9, 1760.
4. Sarah, Oct. 21, 1763.
5. Roswell, Feb. 19, 1766, mentioned below.
6. Henry, born Aug. 19, 1768, died April 23, 1769.
7. Henry, July 17, 1769.

(V) Captain Roswell Champion, son of Captain Henry Champion, was born at Lyme, Feb. 19, 1766, and died in South Lyme, Jan. 24, 1824. He married in Lyme, Feb. 21, 1788, Jemima, daughter of John and Mercy (Higgins) Mather. She was born Jan. 17, 1767, and died Dec. 19, 1857.
He was elected a captian in the Thirty-third regiment in 1793, and again in 1794, and was prominent in military life until his death.
He lived in Four Mile River (South Lyme) where he owned much land. His death was a tragic one. He was returning home from New London on horseback. As he started across the bridge at the river, the old gatekeeper tried to persuade him to give it up, as there was a strong gale blowing and it was too dark to see, but he insisted on going ahead. The horse was blinded and confused by the spray, and lost his footing and fell into the river. The next morning the horse appeared without his rider, at the gate before the house, and led the anxious family directly to the spot where his master lay, half buried in the sand, drowned almost within sight of his home.
He and his wife were both buried in the South Lyme Station burying-ground.
Children, born in South Lyme:
1. Sylvester, born Nov. 17, 1788.
2. Henry, July 13, 1790.
3. Roswell, March 9, 1793.
4. Daniel, Dec. 26, 1798.
5. John Mather, April 12, 1801; mentioned below.
6. Juliet, May 6, 1809.
7. Mary Ann, May 1, 1811.

(VI) John Mather, son of Captain Roswell Champion, was born at South Lyme, April 12, 1801, and died Sept. 25, 1884 in Litchfield, New York.
He married in Old Lyme, April 8, 1824, Sophia Maria, daughter of Abner and Lydia (Cone) Lay. She was born March 23, 1806, in Old Lyme, and died in Litchfield, N.Y. Feb. 29, 1876.
He removed to Litchfield in 1840, where he was a prosperous farmer.
1. John Daniel, born Dec. 23, 1824; mentioned below.
2. Roswell, May 26, 1827.
3. Jane Maria, Feb. 11, 1830.
4. Emma, Aug. 21, 1832.
5. Orlon, Oct. 10, 1843; died April 1, 1853.

(VII) John Daniel, son of John Mather Champion, was born in South Lyme, Dec. 23, 1824, and died Sept. 17, 1885, in Ilion, N.Y. He married in Litchfield, N.Y., July 4, 1847, Olive West, daughter of William and Olive (Cady) West. She was born Nov. 26, 1825, in Columbia, N.Y., and resided in Little Falls, N.Y.
He was sixteen years old when the family moved to New York, and he lived in Litchfield for many years, being a well-known man in Herkimer county.
Child, born in Litchfield, N.Y.:
1. Delano Adelbert, Feb. 21, 1852; mentioned below.

(VIII) Delano Adelbert Champion, son of John Daniel Champion, was born Feb. 21, 1852, at Litchfield, Little Falls, N.Y. He attended the public school of Little Falls and the academy in that town, the Cazenovia Seminary and the Whitestown Seminary. In 1872 he commenced the study of law in the office of Hon. George A. Hardin, justice of the supreme court of the State of New York, and was admitted to the bar at Rochester, N.Y. at the November term, 1876. He began to practice immediately afterward and has continued to the present time (1910), with marked success and distinction.
In religion he is a Presbyterian; in politics a Republican.
He married (first) Feb. 25, 1885, Margaret Wolaber, of Herkimer. She died June 1, 1885, and he married (second), Jan. 12, 1887, Clara Eliza, daughter of James H. and Sarah (Taylor) Witter, of Canterbury, Conn.
1. Royce Taylor, Oct. 30, 1892.
2. Allen Roswell, Feb. 22, 1898.


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