Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people
in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation.
New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co. 1910.


Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Lieutenant William Crook, the first ancestor in this country, as indicated by the public records of New England, was born in 1736, and died at Westminster, Vermont, Jan. 11, 1819, at the advanced age of eighty-three years. His gravestone is still (1910) standing, bearing this inscription:

"My flesh shall slumber in the ground
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound,
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise,
And in the Saviour's image rise."

His wife, Rebecca, who died Oct. 22, 1810, in her seventy-first year, has this inscription on her gravestone:

"Dear friends, don't mourn for me nor weep,
I am not dead, but here to sleep;
And here I must and shall remain
Till Christ shall raise me up again."

William Crook was a soldier in the revolution, in Captain Abijah ____'s company, from Putney, Vermont, on the Lexington alarm, April 23, 1775; also in Captain John Wood's company, Colonel Philip Dudley Sargent's regiment in the summer of 1775, and in Captain Philip Amidon's company, Colonel nathan Tyler's regiment, in 1780. In the revolution were a number of the Crook family in Plymouth county, Massachusetts. and in all likelihood he was related to them. According to the census of 1790, William and William Jr., were heads of families at Westminster. Charles, Reuben and Thomas, doubtless of the same family, were then living in Corinth, Orange county, Vermont.
The foregoing record of revolutionary service was in the Massachusetts Rolls. We find in the Vermont records that William was in Captain Azariah Wright's company, 1768-70; ensign in John Averill's company; also in 1777, in Captain John Petty's company, Colonel William Wililam's regiment; also, in 1778, in Captain Jesse Stafford's company, with the rank of lieutenant; also lieutenant in Major Elkanah Day's battalion at Westminster in 1780.
William, married, and lived at Westminster.
James, mentioned below.
and others.

(II) James, son of Lieut. William Crook, was born in Westminster, Feb. 17, 1777; died Sept. 12, 1838. He was a farmer at Westminster, Vermont.
He married, October, 1797, Hannah Martin, born June, 1767, died June 17, 1834.
Thomas, mentioned below.

(III) Thomas, son of James Crook, was born at Westminster, May 22, 1798, and died Oct. 3, 1879. He settled in Beekmantown, Clinton county, N.Y., before the war of 1812, coming thither with his father and brother Sylvanus. Thomas bought a farm there. Sylvanus moved west, and little has been heard of his family since then. Thomas became a prosperous farmer and influential citizen, held the office of sheriff of Clinton county, was county clerk for a time and then deputy collector of customs, and for thirteen years in all represented his district in the state senate. He moved to Plattsburgh at the time he was elected sheriff, and made his home there the rest of his lfie.
In politics he was a Democrat.
He married, March 21, 1821, Hannah Elizabeth DeLong, born March 11, 1805, died Nov. 2, 1874, daughter of Lawrence and Elizabeth (Jersey) DeLong. Her parents were married April 26, 1804. Her father, Lawrence DeLong, was born Oct. 4, 1775, and died July 4, 1830; her mother was born April 1, 1786, and died Aug. 11, 1842.
1. James Lawrence, born Dec. 29, 1822, died May 14, 1823.
2. William Thomas, June 16, 1824, mentioned below.
3. Mary Elizabeth, Aug. 5, 1827, died Nov. 17, 1882; married Harvey Hewitt.
4. Lawrence, born March 15, 1830, died July 4, 1830.
5. Lucy Ann, Sept. 3, 1831; married, Dec. 6, 1860, Jesse, son of Jorastus and Anna (Crook) Pardy; child, George F. Pardy, born April 15, 1865, married Dollie Turner, of Rouse's Point.
6. Anna Cornelia, born Nov. 24, 1835; died April 22, 1847.
7. Emily Adelaide, Sept. 20, 1842; died Sept. 9, 1843.
8. Helen Augusta, born Dec. 15, 1844; married Captain James Henton; children: Grace, Stanhope.

(IV) William Thomas, son of Thomas Crook, was born at Beekmantown, N.Y. June 16, 1824; died Aug. 17, 1897. He spent his boyhood at Plattsburgh, and was educated there in the public schools. He entered the employ of Nathan Webb, of Rouse's Point, June 5, 1843, as clerk in the old general store in the old stone building now (1910) standing, opposite the New Windsor Hotel. A few years later he entered partnership with Nathan F. Webb, son of his employer, under the firm name of Webb & Crook, and purchased the business. A few years later the firm was dissolved and Mr. Crook became the sole owner and conducted it very successfully until he retired in 1894 on account of ill health. He was succeeded by his sons, Thomas, Ralph and Frank.
He was active in town affairs, but never sought public office for himself, though he served on the school committee and in other positions of trust. In politics he was a Democrat. He was a faithful member of the Protestant Episcopal church, and a liberal supporter of that demonination and other churches of the community as well. He was a citizen of often demonstrated public spirit and enterprise and was highly esteemed y his townsmen.
He married, Jan. 4, 1849, Sarah Rebecca Kellogg, born March 4, 1825, died May 16, 1902, sister of Judge S. A. Kellogg, of Plattsburgh. (See Kellogg).
Children, born at Rouse's Point:
1. William, May 1, 1850, married Martha Hawks, and had Ralph W. and Sarah Avis.
2. Carrie F., Sept. 26, 1851, married John W. Lovell; children: John K. Lovell, Alice, Frederick K. Lovell, and William C. Lovell (twin of the preceding).
3. Ella M., born Feb. 18, 1853, died Aug. 12, 1871.
4. Thomas, April 25, 1855; unmarried.
5. John Henry, Aug. 6, 1857, mentioned below.
6. Charles, March 6, 1859, died May 18, 1863.
7. Ralph, Jan. 19, 1861, married Clara H. De les Derniers; children: William, born Dec. 2, 1895, died Sept. 8, 1904; John C., born April 26, 1900; Katherine R. May 12, 1906.
8 Sarah, Sept. 11, 1862, died Dec. 14, 1879.
9. Frank H., Aug. 15, 1864, unmarried.
10. Helen E., Nov. 1, 1866, died Jan. 20, 1870.

(V) John Henry, son of William Thomas Crook, was born in Rouse's Point, Aug. 6, 1857. He was educated in the public schools of his native town and at La-Colle, Canada. He began life as a clerk in his father's store, and was associated in business with him from 1872 to 1880, when he became cashier of the First National Bank at Champlain, N.Y. He has held this office to the present (1910) time, and is well known througout this section of the state and highly respected for his ability and good judgment in banking and business circles. He is also a director in the bank.
He is a Democrat in politics; a member of the board of education of Champlain for nine years, and a vestryman in the Protestant Episcopal church at Champlain for many years.
He married, Sept. 11, 1890, Helen S. Richards, born Sept. 11, 186[4?], daughter of George and Harriet A. (Belcher) Richards.
Children, born at Champlain:
Richard Henry, July 20, 1891.
Maurice William, Aug. 1, 1893.
Helen, April 29, 1895.
Laura Katherine, July 6, 1897.
Alice Rebecca, Nov. 2, 1902.


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