Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people
in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation.
New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co. 1910.


Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Andrew Everest, immigrant, was one of the Englishmen who settled early at York, Maine. As early as 1646 he had a farm there and had marsh lands laid out to him (York deeds I, p. 29). He took the oath of allegiance to the Massachusetts government, Nov. 22, 1652. He was living as late as 1673, when he witnessed a deed at York, and again June 5, 1680, when he and his wife Barbara (or Barbary) sold land at York. He deeded land as late as March 18, 1681-82.
He had sons:
Job and Isaac.

(II) Isaac, son of Andrew Everest, was born about 1650, perhaps earlier, died Jan. 26, 1697, at Guilford, Conn., where he settled, being driven from Maine, doubtless, as were most of the settlers, by King Philip's and the later Indians wars. His wife Johanna died at Gilford, Nov. 8, 1703, aged fifty-three. He was a farmer and weaver at Guilford. He was admitted a planter, Nov. 6, 1680, and lived at Nut Plains.
John, killed by Indian.
Benjamin, mentioned below.

(III) Benjamin, son of Isaac Everest, was born about 1680, and he lived in Guilford, Conn.

(IV) Benjamin (2), son of Benjamin (1) Everest, was born about 1710-15. He lived at Simsbury, Mass., now Connecticut.
Zadock; Benjamin; Joseph (mentioned below).

(V) Joseph, son of Benjamin (2) Everest, was born at Simsbury, Conn., Aug. 8, 1754, died Sept. 13, 1825. He married Sarah Eells, born at Scituate, Mass., July 26, 1755, died March 5, 1835.
1. Joseph, married Celecta Stafford.
2. Calvin G., born at Ticonderoga, N.Y., married at Kingsley, N.Y. June 26, 1808, Catherine Hartman, born Aug. 15, 1790, at Hartford, N.Y.; their daughter, Sarah Maria, born at Easton, N.Y. Sept. 29, 1817, died Dec. 17, 1877, married, in Peru, N.Y., Aug. 13, 1840, Richard Heyworth, born July 20, 1798.
3. Edward, died young.
4. Edward, married and settled in Rochester, N.Y., afterwards removing to Michigan, where he founded the named town of Rochester.
5. John, married Matilda Hawkins.
6. James, married Prudence Carriel.
7. Luther, married Matilda Hawkins.
8. Oliver, married Julia Ann Eells.
9. Sally, married Rial Chase.
10. Josiah Terry, mentioned below.

(VI) Josiah Terry, son of Joseph Everest, was born at Addison, Vermont, Oct. 5, 1800, died Sept. 1, 1873. His parents settled in Peru, Clinton county, N.Y., when he was about six months old. He was educated there and became a very prominent citizen. He was for many years collector of taxes of Peru; was justice of the peace for sixteen years; served one term as county judge; was a highway commissioner for a number of years; and was elected assemblyman in 1855; subsequently was inspector of state prisons, being the first Clinton county man nominated and elected on the state ticket. He was provost marshal of this district during the civil war. During most of his long, active and useful life he made his home in Peru, and was highly respected by his townsmen, being noted for his public spirit.
In politics he was a Republican, in religion a Methodist.
He married, June 3, 1821, Sallie Sibley, born at Peru, Jan. 18, 1806, died May 5, 1883.
Children, born at Peru:
1. Sarah, April 6, 1822, died April 13, 1822.
2. Elmira, Jan. 12, 1824, died unmarried, July 19, 1844.
3. Sarah, July 8, 1826; married Oct. 17, 1844. Rennselaer S. Hewitt, born Feb. 23, 1814.
4. Ann Eliza H., March 5, 1829; married, Dec. 18, 1850, Sylvanus G. Chase.
5. Josiah, Feb. 6, 1831; married Lura Ann Hewitt, Sept. 18, 1852.
6. Joseph D., Aug. 12, 1832; married, June 3, 1857, Julia E. Bates; children: i. Carroll, born Dec. 27, 1863, married Addah Gunter; children: Gladys J. and Joseph G.; ii. Philip H. Sheridan, born March 9, 1865, married Bessie Belle Beers, of Indiana, and have one son, Philip; iii. Judge, born Nov. 14, 1869; iv. Grace, born Aug. 26, 1876.
7. Aaron S., April 23, 1835; married, April 28, 1856, Maria M. Darrah.
8. Benjamin Franklin, July 28, 1837; married, March 25, 1866, Fannie H. Barnes.
9. John Wesley, Oct. 12, 1840, died July 21, 1854, drowned while bathing in a river in Peru, N.Y.
10. Jennette E., Feb. 11, 1844, died May 3, 1846.
11. Alice Frances, Sept. 27, 1846; married, Nov. 22, 1865, Edward C. Miller, born Nov. 25, 1841; children: three died young; and Sarah Lucretia Miller, born Dec. 5, 1873, married Albert H. Taylor; children:
Alice Julia Taylor, born Dec. 4, 1900.
Lettice Alberta Taylor, Sept. 30, 1902.


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