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In approximate Order of Appearance

+ISABELLA "She Wolf" of France (1291-1358)
married Edward 11. She had a lover, Roger de Mortimer, which whom she plotted Edward's death. Not the nicest person you'd ever want to meet. Later in the Story she teams up with WandaSue Skaggs. Talk about your unholy alliance!!

+King EDWARD II (1284-1327)
Not the best King England ever had. Tended to bestow favors on whichever male he fancied. Made Isabella quite angry.

+ELEANOR of Aquitaine (1122-1202)
Don't we all know about her already? OK, just in case: she married King Louis V11 of France, divorced him and married Henry II of England. Went on Crusades while married to Louis. She's a main character in the story. Wins the contest to see who will accompany William the C and Rosamond into the 21st century. Has great antipathy toward Rosamond until later in the story. In 21st Century she becomes: Eleanor of the Renaissance Festival, and Eleanor the Wonder Woman TV sportscaster. How? Read this and find out!

King Henry II's mistress, the affair was not even hidden. He locked Eleanor up in another location because she did plot against him, I'll have to admit, which may not have been wise, considering. Rosamond becomes a star of the soap opera "As The Planet Turns." How?? Read the story and find out!!

King RICHARD (1157-1199)
Gay son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Went on Crusades and was renowned as a warrior. Married Berengia of Navarre, no children.

+Bad King JOHN (1166-1216)
Did all he could to usurp throne from brother Richard (above). Turned out to be a cruel ruler. Is forced to sign Magna Carta. However, he at least left progeny.

+King HENRY II (1132-1189)
Good King, but had messy private life (see Eleanor and Rosamond, above).

+GEOFFREY le bon Plantagenet (1113-1151)
called "le bon" because he was drop-dead gorgeous by the standards of the day, married Maud/Matilda, dau of Henry 1st. She and her cousin Stephen waged wars against each other, as each claimed the throne. Excellent book about this: "When Christ and His Saints Slept" by Sharon Kay Penman.

King HENRY VIII (1491-1547)
Henry8 appears in the first scenes in the story, then later, after he time travels on his own to 1910 New Orleans, where he becomes famous as Toots Tudor the jazz musician. William finds out about it; goes there and brings him to the 21st Century.

Queen VICTORIA (1819-1901)
Appears in first few scenes.

+(Saint) MARGARET of Scotland (1045-1093)
married Duncan of Scotland, son of Malcolm who was killed by Macbeth. Margaret was so virtuous and philanthropic that she was canonized.

Queen ELIZABETH I (1533-1603)
The Virgin Queen who is in the first few scenes of the story, mainly fighting with Mary of Scotland.

MARY, Queen of Scots (1542-1587)
Appears in the first few scenes, mainly fighting with Eliz 1st over who is the rightful Queen of England.

+WILLIAM the Conqueror (1027-1087)
MAIN character in story. He knows how to time travel, which makes the t/t aspect of the story possible. In the 21st Century he has a TV cooking show: William the Conquering Chef. HOW does he manage to do that? Read the story and find out!

*Reverend Jackson
A letcherous, slimy character who runs off with John Gwinett's wife. Gives our time travelers a very hard time. Lives in 1640 Southold, Long Island, N.Y.

*Constable Spencer
About the same as Rev Jackson, but he doesn't run off with anyone's wife, he simply grabs any attractive woman within reach. Makes Rosamond's visit to 1640 Southold, L.I. perilous.

Another 1640 Southold, Long Island inhabitant. Has brutal husband, Caleb, whom she escapes by joining up with our time travelers who take her into the 21st Century. William especially appreciates Bethia because she doesn't make trouble for him the way Rosamond and Eleanor do. In time she wins a huge lottery jackpot. How you ask? Read the story and find out.

*JOHN Gwinett
Lives in 1640 Southold, L.I. His wife runs off with Rev. Jackson, and, being naturally adventurous, he joins up with our group and comes to the 21st Century. Rosamond has a huge crush on him. He also stars in the soap opera "As The Planet Turns." Why? Read the story and find out that and more!

*VINNIE Paponetti
Manhattan cabbie who also figures into some of the plot after our group moves to Westchester County.

A cleaning lady who is part Mary Poppins, part Harry Potter!

Bill & Hillary
You already know about them.

Hunka-hunka burnin' love, handsome guy who dates Bethia until she finds out __________. Curious? Read the story and find out!!

*DANIEL Gwinett
John Gwinett's evil twin. John & Bethia travel back to 1650 Southold to rescue Daniel, as they find out he gets murdered by the husband of one of the women he's having an affair with, and, even though he deserves what he gets, John doesn't want him killed. He lives to regret that!!

*GRACE Wheeler
A vacuous woman John & Bethia meet when they travel back to 1650 Southold to rescue Daniel. Bethia's brutal husband, Caleb, is engaged to Grace and Bethia can't bear the thought of the fate awaiting Grace, so they kidnap her and her 2 children and whisk them off to the 21st Century. Grace is not very intelligent unfortunately, very pretty, but stupid. Beethoven becomes enamored of her. Grace has a drinking problem.

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1750-1827)
(also known as LUKE)
William brought Beethoven to the 21st Century a year and a half before he brought the time travelers in our main story. Ludwig/Luke wants to stage a comeback with his 10th Symphony for jazz emsemble. William finds him again, living in the flat just above Grace in the blue house Bethia rents for her. He develops a huge crush on Grace, then later on Marilyn Monroe. How could that be, you ask? Read the story and find out!

*Billy Bob Montgomery
Has horse breeding ranch in Westchester County. Seems to be a good enough fellow, especially at first, then changes. Sings part time at the Dew Drop Inn. Gets involved with Rosamond, which complicates her life a great deal.

*JERRY Palmer
Real Estate broker and all-round nice guy Eleanor meets and becomes best friends with.

Luke falls in love with the wax image he sees of her at Madame Toussaud's wax works and insists William go back to 1961 and fetch her to the 21st century (because, as you know, she dies in 1962). This causes quite a stir in the household!!

*Dr. ROGER Bidwell
OB who Bethia meets when she takes Rosamond for an appointment. Instant attraction.

12th Century serving wench William brings back from the Court of Henry2nd.
Has quite a lot in common with Eliza Doolittle.

12th Century stable hand William brings back from the Court of Henry2nd.
Turns out to be highly intelligent and resourceful.

aka Susan Hemingway
Delightfully horrid woman from Billy Bob Montgomery's past.
Has no redeeming qualities whatsoever

**BESS Crane, the Inn Keeper's Daughter
the one "Plaiting a blood-red loveknot into her long black hair"; that one.

**RAFE Wilcox, the Highwayman
Dashing hero of the poem who Bess loves, but, after the danger is over and he shows his real character, Bess finds him less desirable and rethinks the whole relationship.
He reforms by watching Dr. Phil on TV.

*SLIM Skaggs
WandaSue's neer-do-well brother who drives a monster truck all the way from Texas to Westchester County.
Why? Read the story and find out!

Henry, HOTSPUR, Percy
A real character from British history who we moved back a Century so he'd fit in with the plot. We get to butcher history if we want to, this is science fiction, after all. OK, HOTSPUR has the hots for Rosemond, and accidentally gets brought to the 21st Century. Poor man is big and shaggy-haired and not too bright, which makes him perfect for this Story!

hotshot Police Officer who is gung-ho to solve the murder of, well, read it and find out. This guy is aggressive but something of a dim bulb, so he's just right for us!

*MIKE from Atlantis
Not Atlanta: Atlantis, the Lost Continent of. Marilyn and Marthy rescue him from the evil clutches of Queen Gargantua, who rules with an iron fist, and bring him to......(yep, you guessed it!)

Owned the property Beth and Roger buy, but back in 1730, and,
even as a ghost, wants it back.

Soap Opera actress who replaces Rose on 'As The PlanetTurns,' then is given the olde heave-ho when Rose returns to the cast.
PP carries huge grudge.

One of the men who works out at the fitness center, who, come to find out, writes romance novels. He gets to know Marilyn well. He finds out that his family legend about Megaera, whose true love is the Pirate Rhys, is true, and it totally changes the paternity of some of the major characters. To find out which one(s), read the story.

Jeremy Pennypacker is new to the Chappaqua Police, having spent several years in Los Angeles, a place he very much disliked as it bore no resemblance whatsoever to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where he grew up. Now he's in a more familiar environment and looks forward to years of issuing speeding citations and retrieving cats out of treetops for little old ladies. He is not prepared for what suddenly transpires before his very eyes...

Hired as a specialist on the Penelope P. murder case,
and stays; is hired full time; dates Jeremy P., see above.
Dead-ringer for Julie Christie the way she appeared in "Heaven Can Wait."

Tori Sheffield dates Police Chief Alan Carson until her life is mysteriously cut short.

A wacko "caught in the 60s" psychic who complicates a murder investigation with her far-out theories and meddling.
She also shows up as a participant in The 1643 House!

Another wacko "caught in the 60s" person who shows up at The 1643 House as their second minister,
the first one having been sent away because he....
well, read it and find out.

*"DAVID" the Statue of.
If you've seen Michelangelo's statue of 'David,'
you've seen a replacement statue, as the original one, very much alive, is living on Winding Willow,
right next door to William, Eleanor, and the gang.

Daughter of mob boss, Salvatore B., who becomes obsessed with Daniel,
who, as we all know, has a twin brother, John.
AB stalks..and stalks.

Wealthy socialites with nothing better to do than cause trouble pulling off scams.
Knew Roger and Jerry in college, and just happen to move to town.

* denotes a totally fictitious character.
** denotes a fictitious character made up by someone else who we
made up our own story about. So they're fictitious twice.
+ denotes an ancestor of Coralynn's.
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