Coralynn B. and Terri

Once, a very long time ago (the 12th Century, to be exact), in a Kingdom far away
(England, if you must know),
there was held a most magnificent Dinner Party.
Monarchs of the Realm were invited to attend.
Monarchs from many different centuries were there together, which throws this story into the category of:
Science Fiction
The Authors are nuts!

No one knew who had drawn up the guest list, and, as they arrived, they were an odd group indeed, as many were not on good terms with others at the event.
As the evening progressed, they found that William the Conqueror had made out the guest list, but why he had invited them remained a mystery.
It is a mystery to this day!
Not all the guests were polite and proper, or one might add, even civilized.
Henry VIII, for instance, was looking for a damsel to bear a son for him.
None of the women volunteered.
Henry VIII decided that Rosamond Clifford was a good choice, and prepared to abscond with her.
She was no more attracted to him than any of the other women.
Finally, in desperation, she shouted
"I am with Child!!"

Henry II, her paramour, and husband of Eleanor of Aquitaine (who was also in attendance) was suspicious that the babe might not be his.
Trust was not a commodity that flowed freely within the Plantagenet Dynasty


William suggested a time travel trip into the 21st Century, where DNA testing was commonplace.

And so a Contest was begun.
Whoever found the Coin that William had hidden in the Castle would get to accompany he and Rosemond into the future.
After many arguments and mishaps, the winner was declared:
Eleanor of Aquitaine.

William had done quite a bit of time traveling, and used the Coin to transport through time and space. Something went wrong this time, however. Instead of ending up in 21st Century New York City,
They found themselves in 1640 Southold, Long Island
amongst Puritans
who harrassed them till they barely escaped with their lives.
They found two new friends in Southold,
Bethia Adams & John Gwinett
who they took with them as they again tried to get to 21st Century Manhattan.
This time they succeeded.

This story chronicles their adventures in modern New York
plus their time travels back to "Court" (12th Century) and t/t Rescue Missions.
They find themselves on some very odd t/t adventures!
One of William's biggest problems at the beginning is the anomisity between Eleanor and Rosamond.

Will Eleanor and Rosamond ever become friends?
How does "I am with Child!" come back to haunt Rosamond?
Will the Secret of who they really are become known?
Can any of them form relationships with people who aren't time travelers?
How do they explain why they have never heard of "The Partridge Family"?
How can they make a living with their Quaint skills?
How does Henry VIII get to 1910 New Orleans?
What is meant by: Boys Night Out at the French Revolution?
Why does Beethoven live upstairs in the blue house?
What and where is Bloomingdale's Far East Oasis?
Has Marilyn Monroe really been cloned?
Who murdered Ruth Bidwell?
Does "The Highwayman" have an actual name? YEP!! In this story he does!
What gender is Steven Wood anyway, and who murdered him?
Which two women (3 if you count...) straighten out the Lost Continent of Atlantis?
Why do WandaSue and Sally Jennings join forces?
How does Michelangelo's Statue of David come to life?
Why is there a recipe for Wassail in the story??
Will Rosamond ever decide between the 3 men she has on the string?
Whose picture appears with alarming frequency on the front page of the newspaper?
Which characters find out they have different fathers than they thought they had?
What famous book is turned into a mini-series starring Rosamond, Eleanor and Henry2?
Who ends up on the Titanic?
How do many different people from various timeframes and locales come together to form a loving, cohesive family?
Just what is 'disappering tea'??
Who gives the most disastrous dinner parties since Mary Richards?
Which of them wins a huge lottery jackpot?
and finally:
Who are the crazy women writing this thing?

with the exception of the crazy women

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