Wales 1774 or 1777 details Wyndham was travelling in Wales during the summers of  1774 or 1777,
and I enjoy picking out the tiny details of the engravings.

They were drawn by S. H. Grimm, engraved on copper plates  by S. Sparrow, and published by Edward Easton in 1780.

Wales was about three days from London and was an exotic destination with only a few roads and packhorse tracks.

The two gentleman tourists have just crossed Pont Aberglaslyn from Merionethshire  into Caernavonshire,  and are waiting on horseback  a quarter of the way up the moutainside for their baggage and their servant to catch up with them.
 Their dock tail packhorse is greatly overloaded, and their man servant is tired having already walked the 7 miles from Tan y Bywlch and is following on behind.

Is he wearing a tricorn hat?
More pictures of or from this bridge.

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