IGI Batch Numbers for Denbigh, Wales





IGI Batch Numbers for Denbigh, Wales

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Some towns are listed in the IGI under more than one county. Where batch numbers for a town with the same name have been found in a different county as well as this one, that county appears in the "Other Counties" column as a clickable link (or more than one if appropriate). Clicking this link will take you to the relevant entry on that county's page (which may be either for the same town or for another town elsewhere in the country with the same name).

If you see a ** beside a batch number, this batch either covers more than one location or includes entries with different names/spellings for what may be the same Town, Parish, Church or Chapel. Common such discrepancies are to find both St. and Saint or to have both hyphenated and unhyphenated versions of the same name. Sometimes the same town will be listed with a different county even in the same batch. It should be remembered that much of the indexing performed by the LDS was done by people (who were all volunteers, I believe) who were not familiar with the local geography. Clicking on the ** will display a list of alternative locations for that batch.

If dates are available for a batch number they will be shown to the right of the batch number. Some of this information has kindly been provided by James Heald. These dates are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the batch. They may overlap or be consecutive and may have errors and are provided only as a guide to what might be available in the batch in question.

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Town or Parish
   (Church or Chapel)
Births or
Marriages    Other Counties

   (Waun Calvinistic
C098381  1812-1837  
   (Mount Sion Calvinistic
C101201  1810-1837  

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Bersham By Wrexham
   (Adwy'r Clawdd
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C101281  1810-1837  
Bettws Abergele
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C101251  1811-1837  
   (Harwood Calvinistic
C101341  1829-1837  
   (Sion Calvinistic
C101411  1820-1837  
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C101221  1831-1837  

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Capel Garmon
C056521  1818-1853  M056521  1818-1837  
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C101111  1813-1837  
Cefn Mawr
   (Cefn Wesleyan Methodist)C101611  1815-1837  
Cefn Meiriadog
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C101231  1810-1835  
Cerrig Y Druidion
   (Tyn Rhyd Calvinistic
C101631  1811-1837  
C058111  1813-1863  M058111  1813-1836  

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C058291  1815-1842  M058291  1815-1837  
   (Middle Chapel
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C101131  1810-1837  
   (Swan Lane Independent Or
C101621  1763-1837  
   (Wesleyan Methodist)C101641  1813-1837  
Derwen By Corwen
C090161  1813-1851  M090161  1813-1837  

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C090171  1813-1836  M090171  1813-1836  
Eglwys Fach Cardigan
   (Pwllterfyn Calvinistic
C101481  1813-1837  

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C090181  1782-1799  

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   (Calvinistic Methodist)C101441  1814-1837  
C090191  1796-1800  
   (Bont Uchel Calvinistic
C101331  1812-1837  

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Henllan Cardigan
C056461  1818-1849  M056461  1818-1837  
   (Capel Mawr Calvinistic
C101161  1810-1837  
   (Green Calvinistic
C101191  1824-1837  
   (Groes Calvinistic
C101181  1814-1837  
Holt Norfolk
C090201  1850-1869  

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Llanarmon Dyfryn Ceiriog
C098761  1758-1835  
   (Glas Aber And Tregeriog
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C101391  1812-1836  
Llanarmon Yn Ial
C098771  1730-1836  
Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd
C090211  1813-1860  M090211  1813-1836  
C098781  1768-1850  
C090221  1813-1845  M090221  1813-1837  
   (Dyffryn Calvinistic
C098371  1811-1837  
   (Ffynonau Calvinistic
C101171  1810-1837  
C090231  1813-1836  M090231  1813-1836  
   (Garnedd Calvinistic
C101471  1822-1837  
C056471  1814-1837  M056471  1814-1837  
   (Maeshafn Calvinistic
C098431  1821-1837  
Llanfwrog Anglesey
   (Mwrog Street Particular
C101891   **  1791-1837  
Llangadwaladr Anglesey
C056481  1814-1854  M056481  1813-1838  
   (Cefn Coch Calvinistic
C101451  1810-1837  
   (Pandy Tudur Or Pandy
    Bethania Calvinistic
C101461  1811-1837  
C056491  1813-1852  M056491  1813-1835  
   (Glan Yr Afon Independent
    Or Congregational)
C101691  1811-1837  
   (Penbryn With Glyndyfrdwy
C102531  1815-1861  
   (Pont Cysyllte
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C101371  1825-1837  
   (Rehoboth (formerly
    Berllan) Calvinistic
C101351  1805-1837  
   (Wesleyan)C101701  1812-1837  
Llangwm And Cerrig Y Druidion
   (Capel Y Groes And Pentre
    Llyncymmer Independent)
C101651  1799-1837  
   (New Chapel Fford Las
C101721  1834-1837  
   (Gellifor Calvinistic
C098361  1814-1837  
Llanrhaeadr Yn Cinmerch
   (Foel Yta Saron
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C101301  1834-1836  
   (Pentre Calvinistic
C101291  1812-1837  
   (Prion Calvinistic
C101311  1825-1837  
   (Sion Calvinistic
C101431  1810-1837  
   (Tabernacle Independent
    Or Congregational)
C101671  1803-1837  
Llanrwst Circuit
   (Wesleyan)C101681  1807-1837  
C049501  1666-1812  M049501  1818-1832  
C049502  1818-1832  
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C101141  1811-1837  
   (Tan Y Fron Calvinistic
C101151  1812-1837  
Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog
   (Ebenezer Calvinistic
C101601  1809-1837  
C056511  1813-1855  M056511  1813-1837  
   (Bethesda Independent Or
C101711  1818-1837  
   (Capel Cefn Canol
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C104571  1823-1837  
   (Horeb Calvinistic
C101361  1821-1836  
Llanynys Brecon
C090241  1813-1867  M090241  1813-1837  

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   (Waun Calvinistic
C101321  1811-1837  

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   (Independent)C101761  1810-1831  
   (Independent)C101731  1814-1837  
   (Pen Y Cae Particular
C101901  1789-1837  
   (Providence Calvinistic
C101751  1832-1837  
   (Rhos Or
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C101871  1810-1837  
C090251  1813-1860  M090251  1813-1837  
   (The Mill Chapel Wesleyan
C101801  1813-1837  
   (Well Street Independent)C101791  1824-1837  

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St. George
C049541  1681-1750  M049542  1820-1837  
C049542  1820-1846  
St. George And Abergele
   (Ebenezar Or Moelfre And
    St. George Chapels
C101741  1815-1837  

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Wrexham Shropshire
   (Abbot Street Calvinistic
C101661  1811-1837  
   (Chester Street
C101841  1707-1719
   (Penbryn Independent Or
C101861  1784-1837  
   (Pentrefelin Street
C101831  1832-1837  
   (Wern Independent)C101821  1808-1837  
   (Wesleyan Methodist)C101851  1813-1837  

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   (Cappel Mawr Calvinistic
C101071  1812-1837  
Yspytty Ifan
   (Bethel Independent Or
C101811  1805-1837  

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