Locations found in batch M048011

Locations found in batch M048011

The following towns were found in batch number M048011. If the town name is a clickable link, clicking on it will take you to its entry in the relevant county page where you will find other batches for that town listed. To return to the previous page use the "Back" button on your browser. Please note that there may be some unlikely places or incorrect counties for the town listed here since these batches were often subject to transcription errors. Please DO NOT REPORT errors of this type - any such reports will not be acknowledged.

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Town  (Church, Chapel  
 or other place)  
County  Country  

Acklingytrnorwich     Norfolk  England  
Antrightrnorwich     Norfolk  England  
Defantrightrnorwich     Norfolk  England  
Ehowlett Or Birchrdh     Norfolk  England  
Eigham     Norfolk  England  
Gytrnorwich     Norfolk  England  
Htnellam     Norfolk  England  
Ishelamwpernorwich     Norfolk  England  
Kor Golderch     Norfolk  England  
Lleseigham     Norfolk  England  
Lorheigham     Norfolk  England  
Norwich  (Ckesrn Tombland)  Norfolk  England  
Norwich  (Eonrge Tombland)  Norfolk  England  
Norwich  (Eyinnnts)  Norfolk  England  
Norwich  (Rnaleonrge Tombland)  Norfolk  England  
Norwich  (Rrrorge Tombland)  Norfolk  England  
Norwich  (Saint George Colegate)  Norfolk  England  
Reneelandnsewell Or Wadech     Norfolk  England  
Sreneelandnsewell Or Wadech     Norfolk  England  
Tnormanrheigham     Norfolk  England  
Ttnormanrheigham     Norfolk  England  
Ykor Golderch     Norfolk  England  
Ylorheigham     Norfolk  England  


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