Locations found in batch T000186

Locations found in batch T000186

The following towns were found in batch number T000186. If the town name is a clickable link, clicking on it will take you to its entry in the relevant county page where you will find other batches for that town listed. To return to the previous page use the "Back" button on your browser. Please note that there may be some unlikely places or incorrect counties for the town listed here since these batches were often subject to transcription errors. Please DO NOT REPORT errors of this type - any such reports will not be acknowledged.

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Town  (Church, Chapel  
 or other place)  
County  Country  

Bridport     Dorset  England  
Poole     Dorset  England  
Bearpark     Durham  England  
Colesborne     Gloucester  England  
Michaelchurch Escley     Hereford  England  
Weston     Hertford  England  
East Sutton     Kent  England  
Gravesend     Kent  England  
Bradshaw     Lancashire  England  
Haslingden     Lancashire  England  
Horwich     Lancashire  England  
Leigh  (Pennington)  Lancashire  England  
Liverpool     Lancashire  England  
Standish     Lancashire  England  
Clapham     London  England  
Edmonton  (Hornsey)  London  England  
Hampstead     London  England  
London     London  England  
Pimlico     London  England  
Abercarn     Monmouth  England  
Great Dunham     Norfolk  England  
Great_Yarmouth     Norfolk  England  
Badby     Northampton  England  
Eakring     Nottingham  England  
Longton     Stafford  England  
Tipton     Stafford  England  
Chediston     Suffolk  England  
Lowestoft     Suffolk  England  
Hainsley     Sussex  England  
Westwood Heath     Warwick  England  
Halifax     Yorkshire  England  
Kingston_Upon_Hull     Yorkshire  England  
Leeds     Yorkshire  England  
Pudsey     Yorkshire  England  
Selby     Yorkshire  England  
Carrickfergus     Antrim  Ireland  
Castle Caragh     Kerry  Ireland  
Londonderry     Londonderry  Ireland  
Dundee     Angus  Scotland  
Newton On Ayr     Ayr  Scotland  
St___Andrew     Fife  Scotland  
Larkhill     Lanark  Scotland  
Wishaw     Lanark  Scotland  
Rothes     Moray  Scotland  
Orphir     Orkney  Scotland  
Stromness     Orkney  Scotland  
Walkerburn     Peebles  Scotland  
Kilmalcolm     Renfrew  Scotland  
Cardiff     Glamorgan  Wales  
Merthyr_Tydfil     Glamorgan  Wales  


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