Locations found in batch C595792

Locations found in batch C595792

Click on the town of interest to go to its entry in the relevant state/province page or use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the previous page. Please note that there may be some unlikely places listed here since these batches were often subject to transcription errors. Please DO NOT REPORT these - any such reports will not be acknowledged.

Town/County  (Church, Chapel  
 or other place)  
State or Province  Country  

Adrian, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Almends, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Amboy, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Cedar, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Cherry, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Cowpermwarth, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Edgemond, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Edgmont, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Edmont, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Hope, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Lambert, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Laurel, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Memphis, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Moyer, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
New Kirk, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Otter, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Owen, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
Poplar, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
S th St, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  
York, Philadelphia     Pennsylvania  USA  


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