IGI Batch Numbers for Maryland, USA





IGI Batch Numbers for Maryland, USA

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Some towns/counties are listed in the IGI under more than one state/province. Where batch numbers for a town/county with the same name have been found in a different state/province as well as this one, that state/province appears in the "Other States/Provinces" column as a clickable link (or more than one if appropriate). Clicking this link will take you to the relevant entry on that state/province's page (which may be either for the same town or for another town elsewhere with the same name).

If you see a ** beside a batch number, this batch either covers more than one location or includes entries with different names/spellings for what may be the same Town, Parish, Church or Chapel. Common such discrepancies are to find both St. and Saint or to have both hyphenated and unhyphenated versions of the same name. Sometimes the same town will be listed with a different county even in the same batch. It should be remembered that much of the indexing performed by the LDS was done by people (who were all volunteers, I believe) who were not familiar with the local geography. Clicking on the ** will display a list of alternative locations for that batch.

If dates are available for a batch number they will be shown to the right of the batch number. These dates are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the batch. They may overlap or be consecutive and may have errors and are provided only as a guide to what might be available in the batch in question.

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   (Specific Location)
Births or
Marriages    Other State(s)/

C734273   **  1865-1902  
Accomack, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
All Faith Parish, Saint Marys
C714841  1692-1824  
All Hollows Parish, Anne Arundel
C507621  1689-1858  M507621  1691-1858  
All Saints Parish, Frederick
C507041  1727-1781  M507041  1742-1773  
M533501  1792-1804  
M533721  1791-1865  
Animessex, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Annamessex, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Annamessix, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Annapolis, Anne Arundel
   (Saint Annes Parish)M533701  1705-1848  
Anne Arundel
M533511  1777-1804  
M533671  1777-1864  
M533672  1865-1886  
Annimessex, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Annomessix, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Apples Congregation Of The Reformed Church, Frederick
C711781  1884-1885  

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Back Creek, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
C516142   **  1869-1870  M533521  1777-1804  
C735528   **M533731  1777-1792  
M533732  1832-1835  
M533733   **  1792-1798  
M533734  1798-1803  
M533735  1803-1807  
M533738  1819-1825  
Baltimore, Baltimore
   (Associate Reformed Chur)C507631  1812-1864  M507631  1812-1865  
   (Christ Church Parish
    Chase And St. Paul
    Street Protestant
C507651  1828-1871  M507651  1829-1870  
   (Evangelical Reformed
C535631  1768-1787
M535631  1769-1800  
   (First English Reformed
M586731  1867-1874  
   (First German Reformed
J535561  1768-1849  M535561  1769-1800  
K535561  1768-1849  
   (First Methodist
    Episcopal Church)
M533733   **  1792-1798  
M533736  1807-1815  
   (Gay Street And Court
    House Plaza Zion German
C507641  1785-1855  M507642  1788-1849  
   (New Jerusalem Or
C510191  1798-1839
M510191  1793-1839  
   (Saint James Protestant
    Episcopal Parish)
C507821  1783-1875  M507821  1787-1885  
   (Saint Peters Protestant
C507661  1803-1875  M507661  1817-1885  
   (St. Paul Protestant
    Episcopal Church)
C502931  1710-1832  
   (Trinity Street Trinity
    Protestant Episcopal
C507831  1805-1818  M507831  1805-1816  
   (Waverly Presbyterian
M587041  1888-1891  
Bel Air, Harford
   (First Presbyterian Church)C587092  1872-1900  
Buckeystown, Frederick
   (St Johns Fourth Reformed
C711811  1883-1899  

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M533531  1777-1804  
Cambridge, Dorchester
   (Great Choptank Parish)C504131   **  1790-1875  M504131  1790-1838  
   (Zion United Methodist
C504151  1855-1866  M504151  1856-1866  
M535591  1774-1865  
M535592  1860-1871  
M535601  1840-1863  
M533541  1777-1804  
M535581  1654-1726  
Church Hill, Queen Annes
   (Saint Lukes Protestant
    Episcopal Parish)
C507671  1736-1817
M507671  1722-1759
Church Records, Saint Marys
C714861  1763-1802  
Colora, Cecil
   (Lower West Nottingham
    Presbyterian Church)
C524231  1836-1840
M524231  1837-1840
C524232  1876-1885  
Conococheague District, Washington
   (Salem German Reformed
C507731  1771-1783  
Coventry Parish, Somerset
C504732   **  1837-1875  M504732   **  1838-1885  
Creagerstown, Frederick
   (Saint John Evangelical
    Lutheran Church)
C504161  1782-1875  M504161  1822-1823
C504162  1876-1885  

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Diary Of Baptisms, Saint Marys
Dorchester Parish, Dorchester
C504111  1793-1822  
C504112  1743-1854  

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M533551  1791-1803  
Frederick, Frederick
   (Evangelical Lutheran
C504181  1737-1811  M504181  1743-1811  
C504182  1876-1887  
   (German Reformed Church)C507711  1746-1875  M507711  1756-1885  

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Graceham, Frederick
   (Moravian)C502981  1759-1871  M502981  1759-1871  
Great Choptank Parish, Dorchester
C504131   **  1790-1875  
Greate Mony, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  

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Hagerstown, Washington
   (Reformed Congregation)C507741  1766-1807  
   (Saint Pauls Methodist
C503011  1857-1875  M503011  1857-1880  
C503012  1876-1910  
   (Zion Reform Church)M507752   **  1851-1885  
   (Zion Reformed Church)C507751  1807-1849  M507751  1826-1841  
C507753  1866-1875  M507753  1867-1885  
M533561  1777-1804  
Hillsboro, Caroline
   (Saint Johns Parish)C507721  1746-1858  M507721  1746-1858  
C733331   **  1867-1884  
Howard Arkansas
M535681  1840-1850  
Hyattsville, Prince Georges
   (Presbyterian Church)C711991  1874-1885  

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Jacobs Church, Washington
   (Jacobs Lutheran Ch.)C504781  1791-1860  M504781  1857-1858  
Joppa, Harford
   (St Johns Parish
    Protestant Episcopal)
M594771  1792-1883  

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M533571  1777-1804  
King And Queen Parish, Saint Marys
   (Episcopal)C714851  1799-1885  

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Madonna, Harford
   (Bethel Presbyterian)C503031  1750-1875  
Manchester, Carroll
   (Reformed And Lutheran)C507571  1760-1836  
Mannoakin, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Manny, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Manokin, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Manolin, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Mattawoman, Charles
   (Roman Catholic)C507931  1793-1861  M507931  1793-1861  
Middletown, Frederick
   (Evangelical Lutheran)C507701   **  1742-1875  M507701   **  1743-1786
   (Evangelical Lutheran Or
    Lutheran Congregation Of
    Zion Church)
C507701   **  1742-1875  M507701   **  1743-1786
   (Lutheran Congregation Of
    Zion Church)
C507591  1780-1827  M507591  1785-1799  
Montgomery Alabama
M533581  1777-1804  
Morounsco, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  

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Nandue, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Nanticoke, Wicomico
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Naswadux, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Naswalux, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
New Windsor, Carroll
   (Saint Lukes Winters
    Lutheran Church)
C504241  1768-1875  
Newport, Charles
   (Trinity Parish)C533651  1792-1852  M533651  1794-1852  

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Perrahawkin, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Pipe Creek, Carroll
   (Saint Benjamins Or
    Kriders Evangelical
C507901  1767-1837  
   (Saint Benjamins Or
    Kriders Reformed)
C507691  1754-1836  
Pocomoke, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Port Republic, Calvert
   (Christ Church)C507681  1688-1847  M507681  1701-1838  
Prince George Parish, Montgomery
C507601  1780-1832
M507601  1806-1813  
Prince Georges
M533591  1777-1804  

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Queen Anne Parish, Prince Georges
   (Saint Barnabas Church)C507781  1689-1777  M507781  1711-1771  
Queen Caroline Parish, Howard
   (Christ Church)C507791  1711-1857  M507791  1711-1857  

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Randallstown, Baltimore
   (German Evangelical
    Lutheran St. Peters
C504511  1850-1873  
Reformed Church, Frederick
C711791  1747-1756  
Rehobeth, Somerset
   (Coventry Parish)C504731  1736-1828  M504731  1734-1828  
C504732   **  1837-1875  M504732   **  1838-1885  
Rocky Hill, Frederick
   (Grace Evangelical
    Lutheran Or Formerly St
    Peters Church)
C504282  1876-1888  
   (Grace Evangelical
    Lutheran Or Formerly St.
    Peters Church)
C504281  1767-1875  M504281  1767-1791  
Rocky Ridge, Frederick
   (Mount Tabor Reformed
C711851  1875-1885  

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Saint Andrews Parish, Saint Marys
C507811  1753-1819  M507811  1742-1763
J507812  1736-1886  M507812  1771-1857  
K507812  1736-1886  
Saint James Parish, Anne Arundel
C533692  1854-1869  
Saint John's Parish, Frederick
C535671  1878-1885  M535671  1878-1895  
Saint Johns Parish, Prince Georges
C507771  1701-1805
M507771  1701-1775
Saint Maryannes Parish, Cecil
C507911  1729-1799  M507911  1729-1799  
Saint Marys
M533601  1777-1804  
Saint Michaels Parish, Talbot
C510241  1672-1704
M510241  1831-1859  
Saint Pauls Parish, Kent
C507941  1650-1818  M507941  1650-1818  
Saint Pauls Parish, Queen Annes
C507841  1754-1795  M507841  1761-1795  
Saint Peters Parish, Montgomery
C510221  1799-1830  M510221  1822-1854  
Saint Peters Parish, Talbot
C507951  1681-1855  M507951  1681-1744
Saint Stephens Parish, Cecil
C507921  1688-1837  M507921  1695-1802  
Saintt Maryes, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Sassafras, Kent
   (St Stephens North
    Sassafras Parish)
M711941  1695-1817  
Shrewsbury Parish, Kent
C507851  1699-1869  M507851  1699-1882  
Silver Run, Carroll
   (Saint Mary Lutheran
C504941  1759-1863  
   (Saint Marys Reformed)C507581  1812-1873  
Smiths Island, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
C714901  1600-1720  
C734346   **  1600-1720  
St Johns Parish, Baltimore
C594781  1694-1885  
St Philips Parish, Prince Georges
C507761  1846-1868  M507761  1848-1868  
St. James Parish, Anne Arundel
M533691  1698-1855  
Stepney Parish, Somerset
C510231  1703-1824  

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M533611  -1780  
Taneytown, Carroll
   (Trinity Evangelical
    Lutheran Church)
C504561  1788-1862  M504561  1801-1802
Thurmont, Frederick
   (Apples Lutheran And
    Reformed Church)
C504301  1773-1849  
Trinity Parish, Charles
C510211  1729-1803  M510211  1729-1803  

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Utica, Frederick
   (St Paul Evangelical
    Lutheran Church)
C711871  1862-1885  

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Virginia, Somerset
   (Accomake)C734346   **  1600-1720  

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Washington Alabama
M533621  1777-1804  
Western Run Parish, Baltimore
   (Saint Johns Church)C510201  1810-1831
M510201  1824-1885  
Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel
M533681  1699-1885  
Wiccocomoco, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Wiccocomoko, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Wickocomoco, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Wickocomoko, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Wicocomoco, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Wicocomoke, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
Wikocomoco, Somerset
C734346   **  1600-1720  
William And Mary Parish, Saint Marys
   (Saint George Or Poplar
    Hill Church)
C507611  1787-1822
M507611  1799-1810
Woodsboro, Frederick
   (Evangelical Lutheran And
    Reformed Church)
C504621  1803-1859  M504621  1847-1861  
   (Saint Peters Lutheran
C504631  1767-1874  M504631  1768-1792  
M585541  -1778  

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