IGI Batch Numbers for New Mexico, USA





IGI Batch Numbers for New Mexico, USA

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Some towns/counties are listed in the IGI under more than one state/province. Where batch numbers for a town/county with the same name have been found in a different state/province as well as this one, that state/province appears in the "Other States/Provinces" column as a clickable link (or more than one if appropriate). Clicking this link will take you to the relevant entry on that state/province's page (which may be either for the same town or for another town elsewhere with the same name).

If you see a ** beside a batch number, this batch either covers more than one location or includes entries with different names/spellings for what may be the same Town, Parish, Church or Chapel. Common such discrepancies are to find both St. and Saint or to have both hyphenated and unhyphenated versions of the same name. Sometimes the same town will be listed with a different county even in the same batch. It should be remembered that much of the indexing performed by the LDS was done by people (who were all volunteers, I believe) who were not familiar with the local geography. Clicking on the ** will display a list of alternative locations for that batch.

If dates are available for a batch number they will be shown to the right of the batch number. These dates are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the batch. They may overlap or be consecutive and may have errors and are provided only as a guide to what might be available in the batch in question.

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Acoma, Valencia
   (Catholic)C512641  1725-1777  M512641  1726-1776  
Albuquerque, Bernalillo
   (Immaculate Conception)M536222  1883-1895  
   (San Felipe Catholic)M512674
Anton Chico, Guadalupe
   (Saint Joseph Catholic)C512661  1857-1875  M512662  1857-1885  
Arroyo Hondo, Taos
   (Nuestra Senora De Los
C512651  1852-1869  M512651  1852-1869  

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Belen, Valencia
   (Nuestra Senora De Belen
C512701  1793-1851  M512702  -1874  
J512702  1849-1875  M512703  1826-1856  
K512702  1849-1875  M512704  1856-1885  
Bernalillo, Sandoval
   (Catholic)C512631  1700-1712  M512631  1700-1712  
   (Nuestra Senora De Los
    Dolores Catholic)
C512772  1846-1875  M512773  1864-1885  
   (Our Lady Of Sorrows)M528603  1857-1864  

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Carrizozo, Lincoln
   (Santa Rita)C528771  1869-1885  M528771  1874-1880  
M528772  1869-1895  
Cochiti, Sandoval
   (Catholic)C512611  1736-1829  M512611  1776-1827
Costilla, Taos
   (Sacred Heart)C528621  1865-1885  M528621  -1878  

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Dona Ana, Dona Ana
   (Catholic)C512901  1859-1875  

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El Rito, Rio Arriba
   (San Juan Nepomuceno)C528781  1869-1885  M528781  -1882  
M528782  1869-1895  

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Galisteo, Santa Fe
   (Catholic)C512621  1711-1727  M512621  1712-1727

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Isleta, Bernalillo
   (San Augustine Catholic)C512722  1844-1955  M512723  1726-1846  
M512724  1857-1956  

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Jemez, Sandoval
   (San Diego)C512731  1701-1829  M512731  1720-1776  
C512732  1851-1875  M512733  1852-1885  

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La Joya, Socorro
   (Our Lady Of Sorrows)C528641  1871-1885  M528642  1872-1895  
La Mesa, Dona Ana
   (San Jose)J528811  1877-1888  M528811  1877-1888  
K528811  1877-1888  
Laguna, Valencia
   (San Jose Catholic)C512601  1720-1776  M512601  1700-1776  
Las Cruces, Dona Ana
   (Santa Genevieves)M528851  1889-1895  
M528852  1859-1889  
Las Vegas Town, San Miguel
   (Immaculate Conception)C528821  1884-1885  M528822  1890-1891  
M528823  1885-1895  
   (Our Lady Of Sorrow)C528631  1886-1887  M528631  1870-1895  

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Manzano, Torrance
   (Our Lady Of Sorrows)C528691  1867-1885  M528692  1876-1895  
Mesilla, Dona Ana
   (San Albino Catholic)C512711  1852-1875  M512711  -1859  
M512712  1852-1885  
Monticello, Sierra
   (San Ignacio Mission)C528681  -1872  M528681  1869-1895  

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Nambe, Santa Fe
   (Catholic)C512691  1707-1725
M512691  1707-1724

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Pecos, San Miguel
   (Nuestra Senora De Los
    Angeles Catholic)
C512891M512892  1699-1772  
Penablanca, Sandoval
J512921  1841-1876  M512922  1873-1885  
K512921  1841-1876  
Penasco, Taos
   (San Antonio)M528732  1859-1895  
Picuris De San Lorenzo, Taos
   (Catholic)C512681  1750-1867  M512682  1726-1837  

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Ribera, San Miguel
   (San Miguel Del Vado

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San Felipe, Sandoval
   (Catholic)C512751  1726-1829  M512751  1726-1814  
   (San Felipe Mission)J536361  1767-1829  M536361  1726-1814  
K536361  1767-1829  
San Ildefonso, Santa Fe
   (Catholic)J512761  1725-1834  M512761  1725-1880  
K512761  1725-1834  
San Juan, Rio Arriba
   (San Juan De Los
    Caballeros Catholic)
M512843  1726-1857  
San Miguel, San Miguel
   (Catholic)C512911  1829-1853  
Sandia Pueblo, Sandoval
   (Nuestra Senora De Los
C536351  1771-1846  M536351  1772-1857  
Santa Ana, Sandoval
   (Catholic)C512741  1771-1844  M512741  1694-1711
   (Santa Ana Mission)J536381  1771-1828  M536381  1694-1828  
K536381  1771-1828  
Santa Clara, Rio Arriba
   (Holy Cross Catholic)M512802  1904-1908  
Santa Cruz, Santa Fe
   (Holy Cross Catholic)C512791  1731-1850  M512794  1885-1895  
Santa Fe, Santa Fe
   (San Francisco De Asis
C506521  1747-1770  M506521  1728-1791
C506522  1771-1791  
Santo Domingo, Sandoval
   (Catholic)C512932  1771-1869  M512932  1771-1869  
   (Santo Domingo Mission)J536391  1771-1777
M536391  1771-1777
K536391  1771-1777
Silver City, Grant
   (St. Vincent De Paul)C528651  1874-1885  
Springer, Colfax
   (St. Joseph)J536331  1882-1885  

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Tome, Valencia
   (Purisima Concepcion
C512851  1793-1847  
Tularosa, Otero
   (San Francisco De Paula)J536401  1867-1885  M536402  1869-1895  
K536401  1867-1885  

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Wagon Mound, Mora
   (Santa Clara)J536411  1872-1885  M536413  1872-1895  
K536411  1872-1885  

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