IGI Batch Numbers for New York, USA





IGI Batch Numbers for New York, USA

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Some towns/counties are listed in the IGI under more than one state/province. Where batch numbers for a town/county with the same name have been found in a different state/province as well as this one, that state/province appears in the "Other States/Provinces" column as a clickable link (or more than one if appropriate). Clicking this link will take you to the relevant entry on that state/province's page (which may be either for the same town or for another town elsewhere with the same name).

If you see a ** beside a batch number, this batch either covers more than one location or includes entries with different names/spellings for what may be the same Town, Parish, Church or Chapel. Common such discrepancies are to find both St. and Saint or to have both hyphenated and unhyphenated versions of the same name. Sometimes the same town will be listed with a different county even in the same batch. It should be remembered that much of the indexing performed by the LDS was done by people (who were all volunteers, I believe) who were not familiar with the local geography. Clicking on the ** will display a list of alternative locations for that batch.

If dates are available for a batch number they will be shown to the right of the batch number. These dates are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the batch. They may overlap or be consecutive and may have errors and are provided only as a guide to what might be available in the batch in question.

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   (Specific Location)
Births or
Marriages    Other State(s)/

C734381   **
C735525   **  1867-1884  
Adams, Jefferson
   (First Presbyterian Church)M523941  1824-1857  
Addison, Steuben
C744580   **  1910-1916  
Albany, Albany
   (First Dutch Reformed
C506191  1797-1850  M506191  1683-1855  
C506192  1683-1799  
   (First Lutheran)C506211  1774-1875  M506211  1794-1880  
   (First Presbyterian)C506221  1785-1870  M506221  1785-1870  
   (Second Dutch Reformed
C506201  1814-1850  M506201  1814-1843  
   (Second Presbyterian
C530191  1829-1869  M530191  1829-1870  
   (Sprague Presbyterian
C530181  -1875  M530181  -1885  
   (State Street
    Presbyterian Church)
C510841  1861-1875  M510841  1863-1871  
C541041  1861-1885  
   (Third Presbyterian Church)C530171  -1875  M530171  -1885  
Amenia, Dutchess
C510261  1749-1809  M510261  1759-1785  
Angelica, Allegany
C733093   **  1869-1904  
   (First Presbyterian Church)C511441  1812-1875  M511441  1856-1881  
Angola, Erie
   (Most Precious Blood
    Catholic Church)
C536761  1871-1875  M536761  1872-1885  
Annandale On Hudson, Dutchess
   (Saint John The
    Evangelist Episcopal)
C507391  1854-1875  
Arcada, Wayne
C734484   **
Ashville, Chautauqua
   (Methodist Episcopal
    Church Ashville Charge)
M539261  1884-1885  

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Babylon, Suffolk
   (First Presbyterian Church)C505981  1798-1857  
Ballston Center, Saratoga
   (First Presbyterian
    Church At Ballston)
C511041  1783-1792  M511041  1783-1793  
Bangall, Dutchess
   (First Stanford Baptist
M510131  1776-1805  
Berea, Orange
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C506531  1823-1871  M506531  1822-1825  
Berne, Albany
   (Beaver Dam Dutch
    Reformed Church)
C506231  1763-1861  M506231  1787-1835  
   (Saint Paul Lutheran
C506241  1790-1874  M506241  -1794  
Bethany Presbyterian Church, Bronx
C539071  1873-1874  M539071  1873-1877  
Bethel, Sullivan
   (White Lake Presbyterian
C507461  1811-1875  M507461  1841-1878  
Bethlehem Twp, Albany
   (Reformed Church)C503041  1799-1871  M503041   **  1799-1861  
Blauvelt, Rockland
   (Greenbush Presbyterian
C524451  1815-1855  M524451  1814-1855  
Blenheim, Schoharie
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C510681  1794-1825  
Blooming Grove, Rensselaer
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C511261  1814-1866  M511261  1831-1866  
Bloomingdale, Essex
   (Presbyterian Church)C535221  1855-1859  
Broadalbin, Fulton
   (First Presbyterian Church)C510851  1799-1860  M510851  1838-1885  
Brooklyn, Kings
C516142   **  1869-1870  M509402   **  1860-1867  
   (Birth Certificates)C715176
   (Central Presbyterian
C523991  1851-1875  
Brownville, Jefferson
   (First Presbyterian Church)C524121  1818-1867  M524121  1828-1829  
Brunswick, Rensselaer
   (Gilead Evangelical
    Lutheran Church At
    Center Brunswick)
C511191  1777-1859  M511191  1802-1859  
Buffalo, Erie
C736005   **
   (Grace Episcopal Church)M537321  1829-1885  
   (Saint Pauls Episcopal
C537441  1812-1875  M537441  1825-1885  

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Cambridge, Washington
   (First United
    Presbyterian Congregation)
C511061  1794-1871  M511061  1844-1875  
   (The Protestant
    Presbyterian Congregation)
C511071  1784-1816  M511071  1791-1868  
Canaan, Columbia
   (Congregational Church
    And Society Of New
    Canaan At Canaan Four
C510971  1743-1873  M510971  1807-1829  
   (First Presbyterian Church)C511291  1830-1843  M511291  1830-1836  
Canton, St Lawrence
M526141  1881-1885  
Catskill, Greene
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C510541  1732-1800  M510541  -1754
   (Kiskatom Reformed
    Protestant Dutch Church)
C511101M511101  1842-1850  
   (Protestant Reformed
    Dutch Church Of Leeds)
C510871  1833-1875  M510871  1833-1885  
Charlton, Saratoga
   (Presbyterian Church)C511051  1801-1855  M511051  1801-1862  
J524191  1801-1855  M524191  -1801
K524191  1801-1855  
   (West Charlton United
C510491  1803-1823
Chatham, Columbia
   (Congregational Church Of
    New Concord)
C510981  1803-1832  M510981  1821-1831
Chenango Point, Broome
   (First Presbyterian Church)C511451  1817-1850  M511451  1827-1835  
Cherry Valley, Otsego
   (First Presbyterian Church)C511401  1799-1849  M511401  1809-1849  
Churchtown, Columbia
C503891  1760-1869  
Clarkstown Twp, Rockland
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C505511  1795-1849  
Claverack, Columbia
   (Reformed Church)C504141  1727-1875  
Clinton, Oneida
   (Congregational Church)C510651  1788-1843  
Cobleskill, Schoharie
   (Union Reformed Dutch
C511221  1829-1848  M511221  1828-1845  
   (Zions Evangelical
    Lutheran Church)
C510691  1795-1871  M510691  1806-1821  
Coeymans, Albany
   (Reformed Church)C507801  1793-1845  
Cohos, Albany
C516142   **  1869-1870  
Colonie, Albany
   (Boght Becker Dutch
    Reformed Church)
C506251  1784-1872  M506251  1784-1871  
Columbia, Herkimer
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C507071  1802-1836  M507071  1825-1836  
Conquest, Cayuga
C734484   **
Cooperstown, Otsego
   (Presbyterian Church)C511301  1800-1863  M511301  1800-1863  
Cortlandtown, Westchester
   (Reformed Dutch Chur.)C510371  1741-1748
Coxsackie, Greene
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C510551  1738-1800  M510551  1797-1875  

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De Peyster, St Lawrence
M526111  1882-1885  
Douglaston, Queens
   (Zion Episcopal Church Of
C510601  1830-1875  M510601  1830-1879  
Durham, Greene
   (First Presbyterian
    Church Of Durham)
C510881  1798-1853  
   (Reformed Dutch Church In
    Oak Hill)
C510891  1794-1832  M510891  1798-1830  
   (Second Presbyterian
    Church Of West Durham)
C510901  1816-1872  

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East Greenbush, Rensselaer
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Of Greenbush)
C511201  1788-1866  M511201  1788-1801  
East Hampton, Suffolk
C510151  1699-1746  M510151  1700-1746  
East Palmyra, Wayne
   (Presbyterian Chruch)C507111  -1832  
Easton, Washington
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Church)
C510501  1803-1859
Edwards, St Lawrence
M526171  1884-1895  
Exeter, Otsego
   (Congregational Church)C535401  1806-1861  M535401  1824-1839  

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Fine, St Lawrence
C526211  1877-1884  
Fishkill, Dutchess
   (Dutch Reformed Church)M510531  1731-1834  
Fleming, Cayuga
   (Reformed Dutch Church At
    The Owasco Outlet)
C511121  1807-1881  M511121  1829-1886  
Fly Creek, Otsego
   (Presbyterian Church)C535411  1828-1851  
C535412  1853-1879  
Fonda, Montgomery
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Church Of
C511311  1758-1858  M511311  1772-1858  
Fordham, Bronx
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C506261  1793-1875  M506261  1805-1880  
Fordham, Westchester
M509682   **  1856-1867  
Fort Plain, Montgomery
   (First Reformed Church)C511381  1844-1875  

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Gallatin, Columbia
   (Reformed Church)C504191  1748-1875  
C733331   **  1867-1884  
Genoa, Cayuga
   (First Presbyterian Church)C511461  1799-1853  
C524411  1800-1853  
German Flatts Twp, Herkimer
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Church)
C515081  1763-1795  M515081  1781-1796  
Germantown, Columbia
   (Christs Evangelical
    Lutheran Church)
C510991  1746-1864  M510991  1811-1864  
   (Reformed Church)C503981  1729-1875  
Ghent, Columbia
   (Christs Evangelical
    Lutheran Church)
C511091  1801-1875  M511091  1825-1885  
   (Reformed Dutch Church
    Called Christs Church)
C511001  1775-1875  M511001  1785-1790  
Gilboa, Schoharie
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C510701  1801-1871  M510701  1803-1884  
Glen, Montgomery
   (First Reformed
    Protestant Dutch Church)
C511141  1805-1882  M511141
Goshen, Orange
   (First Presbyterian Church)J530931  1806-1816  M530931  1805-1816
K530931  1806-1816  M530932  1776-1804
Graham, Orange
   (Associated Reformed
    Presbyterian Church)
C506931  1797-1857  M506931  1797-1860  
Grahamsville, Sullivan
   (Reformed Dutch Chur.)C507471  1845-1870  M507471  1844-1867  
Greenfield, Saratoga
   (Congregational Church)C510341  1792-1814  M510341  1792-1814  
Greenville, Greene
   (Presbyterian Church)C510911  1789-1824  M510911  1789-1824  
Greenwich Village, New York
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C506271  1806-1858  M506271  1808-1859  
Greenwich, Washington
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C511081  1809-1878  M511081  1858-1865  
Guilford, Chenango
   (Christ Church)C506281  1830-1875  M506281  1833-1879  

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Hammond, St Lawrence
M526121  1847-1849
Hamptonburgh Twp, Orange
   (Presbyterian Church)C506541  1796-1809
M506541  1796-1881  
Harpersfield, Delaware
   (Presbyterian)C510801  1830-1834  
Hempstead, Nassau
   (Christs Presbyterian
C510141  1805-1875  M510141  1805-1885  
   (Saint Georges Church)C510311  1725-1771  M510311  1725-1786  
Herkimer, Herkimer
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Church)
C510642  1800-1815  M510641
M510642  1801-1830  
Hermon, St Lawrence
M526281  1881-1895  
   (Methodist Episcopal
    Church Of Hermon)
C526311  1786-1826
M526311  1883-1895  
Heuvelton, St Lawrence
   (First Presbyterian Church)C538561  1859-1885  
Highland, Ulster
   (Holy Trinity Church)C505541  1811-1875  
   (Methodist Episcopal
C505551  1855-1875  M505551  1853-1880  
   (Presbyterian Church)C505561  1810-1813
M505561  1811-1880  
Hillsdale, Columbia
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C506131  1776-1849  
Hobart, Delaware
   (Saint Peters Episcopal)C510811  1794-1876  
Homburg, Erie
C516142   **  1869-1870  
Hopewell, Dutchess
   (Dutch Reformed Church)M510271  1766-1788
Hopkinton, St Lawrence
M586131  1886-1895  
Hornby, Steuben
   (Presbyterian Church)C524501  1831-1885  
Hunter, Greene
   (Presbyterian Church)C538591  1822-1824
M538591  1837-1857
Huntington, Suffolk
   (Central Presbyterian Or
    Second Presbyterian
M524511  1864-1871  
   (First Church)C505991  1723-1778  M505991  1723-1779  

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Jamaica, Queens
   (First Reformed Dutch
C515061  1702-1729  
Johnstown, Fulton
   (Saint John Episcopal
C510631  1815-1862  M510631  1815-1862  

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Katsbaan, Ulster
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C506511  1730-1769  M506511  1735-1762
C506512  1769-1796
Kinderhook, Columbia
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C511011  1718-1864  M511011  1717-1864  
Knowlesville, Orleans
   (First Presbyterian Church)C538661  1846-1875  

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Lansing, Tompkins
   (Presbyterian Church)C534971  1806-1842  
Lansingburg, Rensselaer
   (First Presbyterian Church)C510521  1793-1822
Lawrence, St Lawrence
M526101  1882-1885  
Linlithgo, Columbia
   (Livingston Memorial
    Reformed Church)
C507371  -1827  M507371  1869-1885  
   (Reformed Church)C504121  1722-1874  
Lisbon, St Lawrence
M526261  1882-1895  
Lockport, Niagara
C516142   **  1869-1870  
Loonenburg, Greene
   (Zion Lutheran Church)C510561  1725-1800  M510561  1705-1783  
Louisville, St Lawrence
C526221  1848-1849  
Lumberland, Sullivan
   (First Congregational
    Church (formerly Narrow
    Falls & Middlebrook Ch))
C507481  1787-1874  
Lyons Falls, Lewis
   (Forest Church)C538801  -1854  

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Machackemeck, Orange
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C506491  1716-1827  M506491  1737-1825  
Manhattan, New York
C599325  -1871  
   (Birth Certificates)C594613  -1870  
C594619  -1871  
C594629  -1871  
C715012  -1873  
C715057  -1876  
C715094  -1879  
C715097  -1879  
C715098  -1879  
C715101  -1879  
C715103  -1879  
C715117  -1881  
C715121  -1881  
C715131  -1882  
C715139  -1883  
C715152  -1884  
   (Register Of Births)C594592  1867-1868  
Manorton, Columbia
   (Saint Johns Lutheran)C503921  1765-1872  
Marbletown, Ulster
   (First Dutch Reformed
C505501  1746-1798  
Marilla, Erie
   (Methodist Episcopal
M539371  1883-1885  
Mattituck Aquebogue Parishes, Suffolk
C506121  1752-1809  M506121  1751-1809  
Mayfield, Fulton
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C511021  1792-1821  
Mellenville, Columbia
   (Reformed Church)C507381  1838-1875  M507381  1845-1885  
Meridian, Cayuga
   (Presbyterian Church)C538881  1836-1841
M538881  1862-1877  
M538882  1877-1885  
Mexico, Oswego
   (First Presbyterian Church)C535001  1810-1870  M535001  1828-1836  
Middleburg, Schoharie
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C511231  1786-1865  M511231  1827-1865  
Middlefield, Otsego
   (First Presbyterian Church)C535051  1830-1850  
Minaville, Montgomery
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Church Of Florida)
C511151  1800-1875  M511151  1800-1802
Minden Twp, Montgomery
   (Lutheran Saint Pauls
C511161  1793-1845  
   (Reformed Dutch Church At
    Fort Plain)
C511171  1809-1851  M511171  1788-1849  
Mongaup Valley, Sullivan
   (Associated Reformed
C507491  1830-1874  M507491  1831-1885  
Montgomery, Orange
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C506551  1734-1859
M506551  1734-1779
Monticello, Sullivan
   (Presbyterian Church)C507501  1810-1875  M507501  1854-1885  
Morristown, St Lawrence
M526321  1881-1895  

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Nassau, Rensselaer
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Church)
C510951   **  1804-1880  M510951  1805-1880  
New Baltimore, Greene
   (New Baltimore Reformed
C511131  1833-1875  M511131  1833-1884  
New Dorp, Richmond
   (Moravian Church)C503131  1749-1862  
New Hackensack, Dutchess
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C506171  1757-1875  M506171  1765-1880  
New Hamburg, Dutchess
   (First Presbyterian
    Church Of Wappingers
M535121  1811-1892  
   (First Presbyterian Or
    Wappingers Creek
    Presbyterian Church)
C506141  1811-1862  M506141  1811-1862  
New Hartford, Oneida
   (Presbyterian Church)C511321  1791-1818
M511321  1792-1818  
New Paltz, Ulster
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Church)
C505601  1817-1875  M505601  1817-1882  
New Prospect, Ulster
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C506481  1832-1869  M506481  1832-1880  
New Rhinebeck Cobleskill, Schoharie
   (German Reformed Church)C511241  1790-1876  M511241  1790-1882  
New Scotland, Albany
   (Presbyterian)C506291  1784-1873  M506291  1807-1808  
New Utrecht, Kings
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Church)
C510301  1718-1741  
New York
C516142   **  1869-1870  
C744580   **  1910-1916  
New York, New York
M500132   **  1646-1850
   (All Saints Church)C506651  1824-1862  M506651  1824-1862  
   (Baptismal Register Of
    Reverend Henry Chase)
C505651  1822-1853  
   (Brainerd Presbyterian
C539041  1834-1851  
   (Broadway And Seventy
    First Street Christ
    Episcopal Church)
C510831  1793-1848  
   (Charles Street United
    Presbyterian Church)
M539081  1836-1876  
M539082  1877-1887  
   (Chelsea Presbyterian
C539021  1843-1870  M539021  1844-1867  
   (Christ Lutheran)M510321  1752-1776  
   (Eighth Presbyterian
C539031  1819-1842  M539031  1819-1842  
   (Fifth Avenue
    Presbyterian Church)
C515051  1810-1862  
   (First And Second
    Presbyterian Church)
C507981  1722-1787
M507981  1756-1813  
   (First German
    Presbyterian Church
    Rivington Street)
C535271  1851-1861  M535273  1852-1872  
C535272  1861-1872  
   (Free Presbyterian Church)C535111  1830-1833  
   (Garden St. Dutch
    Reformed Church)
C506301  1812-1852  M506301  1812-1853  
   (Lexington Avenue Or
    Stanton Street
    Presbyterian Church)
C535341  1843-1856  M535341  1843-1869  
   (Lutheran Church)C510571  1725-1783  
   (Madison Ave Or Northwest
    Or Sugar Loaf St. Dutch
    Reformed Church)
C506311  1808-1851  M506311  1808-1850  
   (Madison Avenue
    Presbyterian Church)
M535321  1848-1865  
   (Madison Street German
    Presbyterian Church)
C535281  1848-1860  M535282  1861-1872  
M535284  1873-1885  
   (Presbyterian Church)C535141  1882-1895  
   (Presbyterian Church Of
    The Covenant)
M535131  1846-1853  
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C505611  1639-1730  
C505612  1731-1800  
   (Saint Marks Church)C510581  1787-1842  
   (Seventh Presbyterian
M535291  1835-1847  
M535292  1818-1833  
M535293  1856-1878  
   (Tenth Presbyterian Or
    Rose Hill Presbyterian
C541021  1836-1852  
   (Thirteenth Street
    Presbyterian Church)
M539051  1846-1847  
   (Trinity Church Parish)C510591  1749-1809
M510591  1746-1861  
   (Vandewater Street
    Presbyterian Church)
C523751  1818-1829  M523751  1823-1829  
   (West Twenty Third Street
    Or Westminster
    Presbyterian Church)
M539001  1839-1841
   (Westminster Presbyterian
M539061  1869-1886  
Newtonville, Albany
   (Methodist Episcopal)C510791  1824-1834  
Newtown, Queens
   (Presbyterian Church)C506971  1727-1772
M506971  1709-1881  
Nichols, Tioga
   (Presbyterian Church)C535381  1865-1890  
Niles, Cayuga
C736005   **
Niskayuna, Schenectady
   (Protestant Reformed
    Dutch Church)
C511211  1783-1860  M511211  1836-1861  
North Salem, Westchester
   (Presbyterian Church)C535461  1832-1880  
Northville, Fulton
   (Presbyterian Church)C535371  1851-1875  
Nunda, Livingston
   (First Presbyterian Church)C535351  1832-1866  

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Oakland, Livingston
   (Presbyterian Church)C535361  1819-1840  
Onondaga Hill, Onondaga
   (Presbyterian Church)C506951  1819-1843  
C734602   **  1879-1886  
Oswego, Oswego
   (First Presbyterian Church)M511361  1832-1870  
Otisco, Onondaga
   (Congregational Church)C506961  1824-1853  
Owasco, Cayuga
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C506321  1799-1801  

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Palatine, Montgomery
   (Lutheran Trinity Church
    Of Stone Arabia)
C510921  1735-1815
M510921  1739-1830  
   (Reformed Dutch Church Of
    Stone Arabia)
C510931  1740-1875  M510931  1739-1821  
Palmyra, Wayne
   (Zion Episcopal)C507241  1823-1875  M507241  1827-1885  
Paris, Oneida
   (The Paris Religious
C511331  1795-1855  M511331  1795-1855  
Parishville, St Lawrence
M526271  1881-1895  
Perth, Fu
   (United Presbyterian
    Church Of Broadalbin)
M510861   **  1821-1885  
Perth, Fulton
   (First Presbyterian
    Church Of West Galway)
C511031  1793-1819  M511031  1793-1888  
   (United Presbyterian
    Church Of Broadalbin)
C510861  1821-1846  M510861   **  1821-1885  
Pierrepont, St Lawrence
M526331  1881-1895  
Pine Bush, Orange
   (Graham And United
    Presbyterian Church)
C507091  1794-1857  M507091  1797-1860  
Pine Plains, Dutchess
   (Round Top Lutheran)C510461  1760-1788  
Pleasant Valley, Dutchess
   (Presbyterian Church)C504501  1793-1829  M504501  1793-1820  
Port Richmond, Richmond
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C503181  1696-1790  
C733331   **  1867-1884  
Poughkeepsie, Dutchess
C515091  1716-1808  
   (First Reformed Dutch
M510281  1746-1835  

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Red Hook, Dutchess
   (Christ Church Episcopal)C507401  1854-1875  
Reformed Church, Bethlehem Twp
M503041   **  1799-1861  
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, Nassau
C510951   **  1804-1880  
Rhinebeck, Dutchess
   (Episcopal Church Of The
C507411  -1840
   (Reformed Church)C503911  1731-1875  
   (Saint Pauls Lutheran
    Church Of Wurtemberg)
C504271   **  1760-1874  
   (Saint Peters Lutheran
C503901  1733-1875  
Richmond, Richmond
   (Saint Andrews Chur)C503191  1752-1796  
Rochester, Monroe
C734384   **
C735534   **
Rochester, Ulster
   (First Dutch Reformed
C507521  1795-1875  M507521  1736-1795
Rossie, St Lawrence
   (First Presbyterian Church)C526341  1821-1831  
Rumbout, Dutchess
   (Presbyterian Church)C510291  1744-1774
M510291  1750-1770
Russell, St Lawrence
M526131  1881-1885  
Rye, Westchester
   (Christs Church)C510161  1790-1875  M510161  1791-1879  

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Saint Johnsville, Montgomery
   (Saint Johns Dutch
    Reformed Church)
C510941  1788-1796  M510941  1816-1878  
Salamanca, Cattaraugus
C516142   **  1869-1870  
Salem, Westchester
   (Church Of Christ)C510171  1752-1820  M510171  1752-1822
Schaghticoke, Rensselaer
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C510331  1752-1866  M510331  1750-1868  
Schenectady, Schenectady
   (First Dutch Reformed
M510351  1694-1768  
Schodack, Rensselaer
C505641  1770-1875  M505641  1692-1885  
Schoharie, Schoharie
   (High And Low Dutch
    Reformed Congregation)
C511341  1728-1873  M511341  1732-1799  
   (Saint Pauls Evangelical
    Lutheran Church)
C511411  1728-1830  M511411  1743-1830  
Schuylerville, Saratoga
   (Saratoga Reformed Dutch
    Protestant Church)
C510671  1790-1857  M510671  1790-1857  
Scipio, Cayuga
   (Presbyterian Church)C511481  1814-1820  
Seneca Falls, Seneca
C736215   **
Shawangunk, Ulster
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C507101  1750-1866  M507101  1751-1784
Southold, Suffolk
   (First Church Of Southold
    Or Presbyterian Church)
C510361  1750-1832  M510361  1747-1885  
Springfield Center, Otsego
   (First Baptist Church Of
C511351  1787-1852  
St Lawrence
C736005   **
Stamford, Delaware
   (First Presbyterian)C510821  1835-1877  
Staten Island, Richmond
   (United Brethern
    Congregation Or Moravian)
C510091  1749-1862  M510091  1764-1863  
Stillwater, Saratoga
   (Congregational Or First
    Congregational Church)
C511471  1752-1817  
   (First Presbyterian Or
    Presbyterian Church)
C511271  1818-1853  
Syracuse, Onondaga
C516142   **  1869-1870  
   (Valley Presbyterian
C507011  1808-1863  

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Tappan, Rockland
   (Dutch Reformed Church)M510611  1753-1754
   (Irregular Congregation)C510101  1766-1778  
Tivoli, Dutchess
   (Red Church)C507421  1766-1813  
   (Saint Pauls Episcopal)C507431  1816-1827  
   (Trinity Episcopal)C507441  1854-1875  
Troy, Rensselaer
   (First Presbyterian Church)C510471  1793-1827  
   (Second Street
    Presbyterian Church)
C510961  1848-1875  M510961  1834-1885  

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Unionville, Albany
   (Union Dutch Reformed
C511371  1826-1869  M511371  1827-1885  
Upper Red Hook, Dutchess
   (Saint Johns Low Dutch
    Reformed Church)
C507451  1785-1875  
Utica, Oneida
C743134   **
   (First Presbyterian Church)C511391  1813-1852  M511391  1813-1829  

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Valatie, Columbia
   (Saint Lukes Millville)C504101  1826-1875  M504101  1826-1880  
Vischer Ferry, Saratoga
   (Reformed Dutch Church Of
C511251  1801-1856  M511251  1840-1855  

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Wales, Erie
   (Methodist Episcopal
    Church Wales And Wales
    Center Charge)
C538471  1866-1875  M538471  1874-1884  
Warsaw, Wyoming
   (First Presbyterian Church)C510381  1809-1824
Warwick, Orange
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C506561  1803-1860  M506561  1804-1843  
Watertown, Jefferson
C735534   **
Wawarsing, Ulster
   (Dutch Reformed Church)C503311  1745-1852  
Wayland, Steuben
C737724   **  1882-1899  
West Copake, Columbia
   (Reformed Church)C503931  1783-1875  
West Sand Lake, Rensselaer
   (Lutheran Church)C510481  1784-1868  
Westford, Otsego
   (First Congregational
    Church Or First
    Presbyterian Church)
C535431  1803-1857  M535432  1872-1873  
Westmoreland, Oneida
   (First Congregational
C507081  1792-1806
M507081  1793-1806  
Whitestown, Oneida
   (First Presbyterian
    Church Of Whitesboro)
C511181  1851-1875  M511181  1795-1874  
Wolver Hollow, Nassau
   (Reformed Dutch Church)C510511  1741-1834  
Worcester, Otsego
   (Third Congregational
C535421  1800-1825  
Woster Co
C735526   **
Wurtsboro, Sullivan
   (Dutch Church (formerly
C507511  1806-1870  M507511  1831-1884  
Wurtumburg, Dutchess
   (St. Pauls Lutheran Church)C504271   **  1760-1874  
Wynantskill, Rensselaer
   (Reformed Protestant
    Dutch Church)
C510661  1794-1841
M510661  1795-1886  

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Yonkers, Westchester
   (Saint Johns Episcopal
C511111  1820-1826  M511111  1820-1840  
Yorktown, Westchester
   (Hanover Presbyterian
C535451  1785-1829  M535451  1785-1795  

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