CZPLSK - 2006-05-21

CZPLSK - 2006-05-21

by Hugh Wallis

Text and all photographs © 2006, Hugh Wallis - All Rights Reserved

As part of my 4 day crazy European geocaching and border tour in May 2006 (20 border crossings and 15 countries visited) I visited the tripoint where the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia meet. There is a geocache listed there - TrojmezÝ / Three borders see my log at - which, unfortunately, I was unable to find. However I did take a number of photographs of the tripoint area which are provided here. Click on the thumbnails for full size photos.

First though, here is a map of the tripoint region:

I approached from the Czech route, travelling down highway E75 and exiting immediately before the border with Slovakia. Tom-tom led me astray here and told me to exit the highway left which, I realised afterwards, was illegal - I should have continued to just before the border and turned around to take the minor road leading to the tripoint area.. When I reached the village closest to the tripoint I ended up parking about 1km away and walking through the fields although it looks as though I could have, practically at least, driven most of the way further. However the signs indicated that the road was really for residents only and it was a nice day so I elected to walk. The area was clearly one where Sunday afternoon walkers enjoy themselves and, with all three countries now in the EU, the border restrictions appear to have relaxed and opened up the area for those who wish to enjoy this beautiful countryside. I met a number of hikers walking from Poland to the Czech Republic around here as well as a few walking in the other direction.

This photo is of the board in the Czech Republic laying out the rules for crossing the borders in the area
This monument is in the Czech Republic with direction signs clearly visible behind it (looking Westwards)
Closer view of the direction signs
Looking east from the same spot we see a border marker between Poland and the Czech Republic.
Looking west towards the Czech village
These signs are in Poland
The actual tripoint appears to be down a steep slope where two streams meet. The CZPL stream goes from the centre left of the picture and was dry on the day of my visit, The PLSK, becoming CZSK stream goes from top left to bottom right of the picture and was just a dribble on the day of my visit.
This sapling has been placed at the confluence of the streams that, in all likelihood, mark the borders between Poland and the Czech Republic and that between Poland and Slovakia (upstream) and Czech Republic and Slovakia (downstream) - and hence the sapling marks the tripoint.
If this is indeed the tripoint then this is evidence of a Class "A" find (that's my hand)
Looking up the hill to the Slovak side of the tripoint.
Looking up the hill towards Poland
A bit further up the hill towards Poland
Even further up the hill towards Poland (the monument is a different one from that shown earlier and is in Poland)
The same marker (CZPL) as in the previous photo, taken from the CZ side
Looking back towards the Czech village whence I had walked here
Looking back eastwards to the general tripoint area, the two monuments previously photographed are clearly visible with the Czech one being the closer of the two. Slovakia is the wooded area in the background.

A bit further west here are a few CZSK border markers either side of the stream that evidently forms the border.

It appears that the road, which is the only vehicular access to the houses near the tripoint that are in the Czech Republic, passes through Slovakia on its way from the Czech village where I had parked my car, thereby forming a bit of a pene-enclave.