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Tyler Alexander Babcock 

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This web site is being put here in loving memory of Tyler, and for his short life that 
ended so tragically.  I hope after you read this that you will be more aware of the problem 
of unleashed and out of control dogs. This poor child wasn't even safe in his own yard. Aggressive or any dogs for that matter shouldn't be allowed to roam free not matter what!!!!

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

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New member of the family in Clovis CA, b; 11-9-1998 
he was my only grandchild and is now he is gone.

       I have removed some of his photos except for the ones below his last and only school photo. 
       Because he was  Killed January 2, 2005  by 2 or 3 dogs [pit bulls] while playing
in his grandparents yard where he and his father were staying while 
waiting for their home to be available to move in. 
How would you like the image of a 6 year old boy with the back of his skull 
and neck ripped off by the two pit bulls permanently etched in your mind. 

His father Matt Babcock had just moved back to the area.

He maybe gone but he will not be forgotten.  
Tyler was a special child  message from Mom and Dad
and the rest of the family

 Tyler's guest book maintained online by
Mark B. Drury, his Great Uncle.
Please view and/or leave a message .


 People Against Dog Attacks  [name not Final yet] this funding will also help the fight for better laws. 
We are trying to get the word out for help at the State and County levels and whole counties not just certain areas some
people in the country think that their dogs can run free an onto other peoples property and they don't  train to make them stay on their own property. They train pit -bulls to fight and be aggressive. Rottweilers, Pit bulls and Chows are the ones considered by insurance companies to be uninsurable. If loose with owner or on a leash they should be muzzled at all times.  

Some ethnic groups think its their right to have aggressive dogs, are more important than the lives of human beings. "Pit bulls are not loving pets. They serve no purpose in civilized society. It has been said by law enforcement in California that the only people who own pit bulls are gang members and drug traffickers. Not exactly the groups that win accolades for their community service and civic responsibility."

Just as there is MADD [Mothers Against Drunk Drivers]  there should and will be one for P.A.D.A. His parents and family are trying to start a support group to fight against Fatal Dog Attacks especially of children who can't defend themselves. Some adults don't have a chance against dog attacks either so this will help everyone.  If you want to help or have ideas let us know. We need help to get a bill in the legislature of California that is like the one that was passed  in 
New Mexico, Bill S188.

47th legislature - STATE OF NEW MEXICO - first session, 2005
bill in New Mexico http://legis.state.nm.us/Sessions/05%20Regular/bills/senate/SB0188.html 

Thanks for any help!

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This site is maintained by his grandmother; 
Pauline Drury  

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