Tyler was a special child

Tyler was a special child, a true boy, an adventurer, a lover of life and a child of nature. 
Tyler had no enemies. He did not know any strangers and was a friend to all.

His ability to brighten a room or disperse sadness was easy for him. He loved to sing and 
dance, would make up songs and perform for us. He was funny and sweet.

Tyler loved to run, play, dig holes and climb trees, all the things a boy should do. His family 
was very dear to him, and the loss and sadness are immeasurable. Great time will pass till it 
subsides, but know the memory of Tyler and the strength of his spirit will keep us strong. 
We will never forget you, Tyler.

Love Mom, Dad, [grandma], Pauline Drury, [grandpa] Tom Wells, [grandma and grandpa] Leonard and Sharon Babcock, great-grand-parents Reva Neeley and Ernest Zobel [MN] brother Nick, Uncle Tom, and Great Uncles, Mark Drury, Scott Neeley and Homer Wells, and all his many cousins who never got to meet him. 

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