Memorial to Allen Jay Hunter

Allen Jay Hunter
 (1964 --2009)

A Memorial:   Beyond the Meaning of Life

On April 7, 2009, we lost an incredible individual, who brought to so many who he touched, a fresh breeze of fun, laughter, comfort and joy.  

During his dispensation with us, Jay’s life developed into one of giving of his heart and soul to whoever found their way into his mortal journey.   His family was more than “just family."   His friends were more than “just friends.”   He spent over fifteen years in the health care field focusing on caring for the elderly.   This he had a sincere compassion and worked with an unselfish drive for their special care.

His sudden departure from us was a shock to all who knew him.   But above all, his life with us was a blessing to more than he could ever know.   This brings us to give perspective to how his life influenced each of us.   If you knew Jay, you knew not only a fun filled heart but a caring soul.   Those of us, who were fortunate to cross his life’s path, will carry with us not only memories but a part of him throughout our life. 

When we see how Jay’s life interacted with us, we were taught how to interact with others.   If his life done nothing more than introduce you to caring for God’s creation, his purpose was fulfilled a thousand times over.   But, here is another “wow” factor of understanding the meaning of his life.   If his life allowed you to see and witness the goodness of God then his crown of life will have a multitude of stars.   Did Jay’s life witness to you?   Did his life give you an understanding that was beyond knowing?    Did he touch you in a special way with his heart that toned your life into compassion?   If so, he completed his duty and assignment here.   It is now up to us to pick up where he left off and proceed with the journey in another chapter of life. 

Each of us, regardless who we are or what stature we hold in life, are all destined to fulfill a purpose in the Grand Design of Things.   This principle was placed into motion before the first atom was ever released into Creation.   Jay Hunter fulfilled his purpose.   His time was done.   And those who have an understanding of the transition of this mystery of mortal man into the immortal spirit will know that this life is only a beginning to what lies for us in eternity.   Let us consider our lives the “learning ground” for the life to come.   Let us all give witness to Jay’s life that we in turn can express the same if not greater compassion and joy to others. 




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