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Welcome to Hunter's home. I hope you will grab a rocker and sit a spell on my front porch. There is a warm summer breeze, the Crepe Myrtle is in full bloom and you can help me shell these Butter Beans. Let me introduce you to my family, some of my writing, maybe bore you with some pictures and tell you about the old days.

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This site is always under construction, so new pages, pictures and additions to pages will be added as time and energy permits. please excuse me while I take a nap. As I get older, I find Construction is tiring.

The screen door is open. Come on in and pick a room."

Family Room,The Family Tree

In Memory Of


Nicholas George and Margaret --- of Isle of Wight and Lancaster Co, VA. A Marty Grant Site page.

Hamon Critz Of Patrick County Virginia, And His Descendants

Three Generations of The Hughes Family: Orlando, Leander, & Archelaus

George Family DNA Study

Horton Surname DNA Project

Hughes Surname DNA Project

Hunter Surname DNA Project. THIS LINK REMOVED

Pace Society DNA Project

Thomas Surname DNA Project

Wright Surname DNA Project

Images From The Past

Birth Citizens of The CSA

Gratitude And Recognition

Family Documents And Records

Tombstone Territory

I don't know who they are! Do you?

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