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Oak Hill - Leathers Farm - Hale South

Tombstone inscriptions transcribed from Cemetery listings of the Carroll County Historical Society by Rita Scott, Tom Sisco and Fleta Aday. If you would like to transcribe a Carroll County Cemetery listing for us to post to this page contact Fleta. I will mail a hard copy of the listing of your choice for transcription.

Oak Hill Leathers Farm Hale South

GPS Coordinates 36-21-22 North by 93 - 21 - 53 West
Obituraries published as early as 1948 refer to this cemetery as the Oak Hill Cemetery. The cemetery is sometimes referred to by other names, but it seems the original name was Oak Hill Cemetery. The name was taken from the nearby Oak Hill School. Listing by Gene Norris August 26, 1984. Cemetery located approximately 5 miles Northeast of Green Forest, Arkansas. Travel mile North on Hwy 311, turn left on Douglas Road [CR 802], travel 3 miles east, turn left and travel 1 miles on dirt road. The cemetery is on a small rise on the left. [Driving directions with map Survey done by Carl Stamps in November 1984 states the grave with a flat stone over it at the fence is a black person. The Callens graves face the north. They have stacks of quarried stone laid in about 5 stepped layers; three of the graves have flat head stones.
Cemetery located in Section 30, TWP 20 N, R 22 W about 1/4 mile east of Callens Branch and about 200 yards east of the county road. The Cemetery is also know as Oak Hill Cemetery, according to Mr. Stamps, but there has been no evidence of a schoolhouse at this location for decades. Cemetery has at least 15 graves stones with no visible markings.

Hampton, John G.--Double stone--May 24, 1871--March 23, 1926
View Image
Hampton, Martha J.--June 8, 1871--July 14, 1914 View Image
Hampton, Infant Daughter--d/o JG & MJ Hampton--June 26, 1897 View Image
Hampton, Little Rose--Infant d/o JG & MJ hampton--July 13 1914--June 3 1917 View Image
Satterfield, Wm--No dates View Image
Teter, Elbert--s/o Perry & Winna Teter--June 26 1914--Aug 11 1975 View Image
Teter, Perry--s/o Noah & Virginia Teter--May 10 1890--Aug 30 1958 View Image
Teter, Nora B.--Dec 18 1886--Oct 27 1975 View Image
Teter, Lona--d/o Noah & Virginia Teter--April 6 1883--May 29 1957 View Image
Teter, N. W.--July 25 1849--Dec 18 1923 View Image
Teter, Virginia F.--Wife of NW Teter--Oct 31 1844--Jan 28 1927 View Image
Teters, Willie--Hus. Of Florence Teters--June 8 1869--Feb 5 1890 View Image
Young, Mytle--June 4 1906--Aug 26 1948 View Image
Satterfield, E. H.--March 4 1861--Dec 22 1932 View Image
Satterfield, Sarah Frances--Feb 22 1874--Dec 23 1971 View Image
Satterfield--s/o E. H. Satterfield--1902 View Image
Teter, Noah--s/o JA Teter, no dates View Image
Teter, Eugene--grandson of JA Teter, no dates View Image
Teter, James A.--1876--1941 View Image
Teter, Flora F.--1872--1942 View Image
Tipton, Ellis Andy--April 11 1881--April 11 1950 View Image
Tipton, Cordelia--Jan 28 1881--April 23 1962 View Image
Teter, Eli Isaac--Double Stone--Nov 17 1878--Sept 14 1951 View Image
Teter, Oma M.--Double Stone--Dec 25 1883--Sept 21 1953 View Image
Leathers, A. O.--Dec 17 1822--April 6 1854 View Image / Another View
Leathers, T. S. J.--Wife of A. O. Leathers--May 20 1825--Sept 6 1894 View Image / Another View
Callen, Thomas Bonepart--Oct 1 1822--1843/44 View Image
----Son of Thomas Callen Sr. Jane West Callen born in Tenn. And died a bachelor
Callen, Thomas Sr.--March 20 1762--Jan 4 1848 View Image
----Born in Ireland, came to N. Carolina with parents in 1768, married Miss Jane C. West March 22 1816, Came to Ark 1842,
West, Jane C.--Wife of Thomas Callen Sr.--1789--Oct 5 1851 View Image
----born in Tenn.
Nineteen Graves in Callen Family Plot
View Image
View Image
View Image
View Image
View Image

Trees in Background are in the Cemetery

LEATHERS FARM CEMETERY - [also known as Riddle Cemetery]
GPS Coordinates 36-20-53 North by 93 - 21 - 03 West

Leathers Farm Cemetery file updated April 2011,
with photos and genealogy data

Leathers Farm Gravemarker Photos

Listing by Gene Norris, September 4, 1984 and Carl Stamps November 1984. The cemetery is located on the Dan Norton (1997) farm approximately 4 miles east-northeast of Green Forest on old Alf Leathers farm (Sec. 32, Twp 20 N. R. 22 W.) Driving Directions to this cemetery The cemetery is overgrown with many unmarked sandstones knocked down or broken but has been enclosed with a good fence since 1984. Carl Stamps reported that some of the stones were damaged by trees blown down by the 1927 tornado. Gene Norris wrote that the cemetery has not been used since about 1912 and is one of the oldest in Carroll County. The stones face the northwest. In 1984 there were about 40 unmarked rocks or stones in this cemetery. Note indicates hand written notes I transcribed from the original pages in the Carroll County Historical Society Cemetery book.

Riddle, Hester A.---Jan 10 1838--Oct 19 1894 Photo
Riddle, W. H. H. --Dec 30 1840--Apr 12 1912 Photo
Capps, Gorretty--dau. W. L. & M. A. Capps--April 26 1876--Sept 5 1877 Photo
Wallace, C.--Note says Sarah Wallace Photo
No Name--Note: Leaning against Wallace stone is one with hand craved date 1853
Cox, Minnie M.--Dau. A. J. & E. P. Cox--Died Sept 3 1884 age 7 mo. 8 days
Cox, William F.--Son A. J. & E. P. Cox--Died Aug 29 1884 age 1 mo 12 days
Cox, John A.--Son A. J. & E. P. Cox--Died July 30 1870 age 10 yrs 11 mo Photo
McNiel, M.--No dates stone down
McNiel, J. --No dates Photo
Chaunc, M.--Crudely hand carved, no dates, Note says Mary Chauncey - M. C. HaungPhoto

Shank, Jacob--Died April 24 1884 aged 46 yrs 1 mo 22 days, Note: Jacob once owed this land
Capps, Effie--dau. J. T. & S. M. Capps--Dec 12 1873--Jul 17 1876 Photo
Capps, Lovetta--dau. J. T. & S. M. Capps--May 01 1872--Mar 19 1873
Leathers, John V.--Died Nov 11 1875 aged 48 yrs 2 mos 9 days, Note says b. April 1 1827 Photo

Hale-South Cemetery

View Gravestone Images @ Find a Grave (H. B. Smith Farm)

Compiled by Gordon D. Hale-Berryville, Arkansas March 19 1995.

Hale - South cemetery is located about one mile south from the Dry Fork Store in southern Carroll County, then about one half to three-quarters of a mile west in the middle of a pasture. The place is called the old Sue Hale place. A nice fence was built by some of the Smith boys from Kingston. There seems to be a few unmarked graves, but they had no visible markers.

Smith, Henry Britian--Came from Overton Co. Tn and Settled this Farm 1834--10 Jul 1806--9 Dec 1844
Boatwright, Jane--Wife of W.A. --5 Dec 1871--9 Jan 1900
Boatwright, Little Mary--Dau. Of W.A. & Jenn--5 Mar 1895--9 Jan 1901
Boatwright, Infant--Son of W.A. & N.J. Marker with "B" next to it--24 Jan 1894--24 Jan 1894
Jones, Sue Hale--2 Small Stones on Either Side of Her. Letters Mch & J.B.--2 Jan 1874--27 Feb 1958
Hale, Margaret C.-- Dau. of--Jasper & Nancy "Chaney" --2 Jan 1941--20 Nov 1886
Hale, John Tate--Pvt. Co. C3 Ark. Rock in Form of a Tree Trunk with --Inf-. Confed.. State of Amer.
----"Death the Crown of Life"--19 Apr 1842--5 Oct 1913
Hale, Isham Fairwell-hand Clasp--Marker No Dates
Hale, James A.----25 Jul 1810--30 Sep 1858
Phillips, Mary E----13 Sept 1819--None Listed
Hale, Thomas F----12 Sept 1856--10 Apr 1880
Hale, Isic N.----22 Apr 1852--5 Apr 1880

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