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Ira Hurt and Eliza Lewis Slaughter 

Ira Hurt was born in Bedford, Virginia on May 16, 1803.  On December 13, 1821 at age eighteen, he married Eliza Lewis Slaughter, then only thirteen years of age.  Eliza was born May 20, 1808 and died January 20, 1876 at their plantation home, Oak Hill, in Franklin County, Virginia.  Ira's death followed a year later on November 5, 1877.  


The children of Ira and Eliza Hurt

(in birth order by year) 

1822  Adrion Hurt 

1825  Milton Reeves Hurt md. Elizabeth Ray

1827  Lieut. Richard Andrew Hurt

1830  Ira M. Hurt md. Lavinia Jane Helms

1832  Mary Ann Hurt md. Joseph Pace

1834  Catherine Malvinia Hurt md. Richard Menefee

1836  John Gilmon Hurt md. Mary Whitlow

1841  William Henry Harrison Hurt md. Missouri Franklin Ramsey

1845  Eliza Frances Hurt md. Tazewell Helms

1847  Martha Jane Hurt

1849  Sarah Elizabeth Hurt

1852  Almedia Senah Hurt md. George W. Hartwell