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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


POLLOCK, Jonet b.1612


POLOTSK, Rogneda of b.962
POLOTSK, Rogvolod of b.936


POLSTEAD, Hawise de b.1243
POLSTEAD, Hugh de Knight b.1187
POLSTEAD, Hugh de Knight b.1211
POLSTEAD, Petronilla de b.1247
POLSTEAD, Rohese de b.1250


POLWARTH, Elizabeth b.1361
POLWARTH, Patrick Knight b.1333


POMBIA, Dadone of Count of Pombia b.939


POMEROY, Anne b.1455
POMEROY, Caleb a.1641
POMEROY, Dinah a.1617
POMEROY, Eldad b.1631
POMEROY, Elizabeth a.1619
POMEROY, Elizabeth de b.1288
POMEROY, Eltweed a.1585
POMEROY, Geoffrey de b.1188
POMEROY, Henry I de b.1110
POMEROY, Henry II de b.1144
POMEROY, Henry III de Sheriff of Devon b.1185
POMEROY, Henry IV de b.1211
POMEROY, Henry V de b.1235
POMEROY, Henry VI de Knight a.1265
POMEROY, Henry VII de Knight b.1291
POMEROY, Isabel de b.1294
POMEROY, Joan b.1339
POMEROY, John b.1635
POMEROY, John b.1650
POMEROY, Joscelin de b.1116
POMEROY, Joscelin de b.1078
POMEROY, Joscelin de b.1148
POMEROY, Joseph a.1652
POMEROY, Joshua a.1646
POMEROY, Juliana de b.1300
POMEROY, Mary b.1633
POMEROY, Medad a.1638
POMEROY, Mercy a.1644
POMEROY, N.N. de b.1150
POMEROY, Philip de b.1114
POMEROY, Ralph de b.1118
POMEROY, Ralph de b.1045
POMEROY, Richard b.1670
POMEROY, Roger de b.1112
POMEROY, Seintclere b.1430
POMEROY, Sophronia Eliza b.1806
POMEROY, Thomas Knight b.1348
POMEROY, Thomas Knight b.1370
POMEROY, William de b.1075


POND, Abigail a.1646
POND, Ann a.1564
POND, Daniel b.1628
POND, Elizabeth a.1569
POND, Elizabeth b.1658
POND, Experience a.1664
POND, Francis a.1567
POND, George b.1666
POND, Hannah b.1668
POND, Isaac b.1646
POND, John a.1562
POND, John b.1537
POND, Jonathan b.1622
POND, Judith b.1659
POND, Martha b.1658
POND, Martha b.1660
POND, Mary b.1745
POND, Mary b.1624
POND, Mary b.1657
POND, Mindwell b.1667
POND, Nathaniel b.1650
POND, Robert b.1592
POND, Robert b.1626
POND, Samuel b.1648
POND, Samuel a.1656
POND, Samuel b.1617
POND, Sarah b.1653
POND, Sarah a.1642
POND, Sarah b.1630
POND, Sarah a.1653
POND, Thankful b.1662
POND, William b.1572
POND, William b.1620


PONS, Adelaide de b.953


PONT AUDEMER, Turulf de b.953


PONT De L'ARCHE, Juliana de b.1176
PONT De L'ARCHE, Robert de b.1150


PONTHIEU, Adela de b.1161
PONTHIEU, Agnes de b.1066
PONTHIEU, Clemence of b.1114
PONTHIEU, Enguerrand I de Count of Ponthieu b.987
PONTHIEU, Enguerrand II de Count of Ponthieu b.1027
PONTHIEU, Guillaume III de Count of Ponthieu b.1172
PONTHIEU, Guy I de Count of Ponthieu b.1036
PONTHIEU, Guy II of Count of Ponthieu b.1116
PONTHIEU, Helisande of b.1051
PONTHIEU, Herlouin II de b.886
PONTHIEU, Hugh I de Count of Ponthieu b.956
PONTHIEU, Hugh II de Count of Ponthieu b.1006
PONTHIEU, Jean I de Count of Ponthieu b.1138
PONTHIEU, Marie de Countess of Ponthieu b.1199
PONTHIEU, N.N. de b.1030


PONTUS, Hannah b.1620
PONTUS, Mary b.1622


POOLAM, Robert b.1542


POOLE, Abigail b.1690
POOLE, Abigail b.1732
POOLE, Benjamin b.1653
POOLE, Benjamin b.1682
POOLE, Blanche b.1470
POOLE, Edward b.1609
POOLE, Eleanor de b.1223
POOLE, Elishaba b.1714
POOLE, Elizabeth b.1671
POOLE, Elizabeth b.1711
POOLE, Elizabeth b.1674
POOLE, Hannah b.1720
POOLE, Hannah b.1716
POOLE, Isaac b.1648
POOLE, Isaac b.1717
POOLE, Isaac b.1686
POOLE, Jacob b.1663
POOLE, John b.1670
POOLE, Joseph b.1680
POOLE, Joseph b.1716
POOLE, Joseph b.1677
POOLE, Joseph b.1724
POOLE, Joseph b.1722
POOLE, Joseph b.1650
POOLE, Margaret b.1669
POOLE, Margaret b.1688
POOLE, Mary b.1524
POOLE, Mary b.1674
POOLE, Mary b.1668
POOLE, Mary b.1638
POOLE, Mary b.1681
POOLE, Mary b.1727
POOLE, Mercy b.1724
POOLE, Mercy b.1723
POOLE, Micah b.1731
POOLE, Samuel b.1713
POOLE, Samuel b.1645
POOLE, Samuel b.1684
POOLE, Sarah b.1718
POOLE, Sarah b.1661
POOLE, Sarah b.1636
POOLE, Sarah b.1677
POOLE, Susannah b.1679
POOLE, Thomas Esquire b.1401


POOLEY, Alice b.1568


POORE, Abigail b.1680
POORE, Benjamin b.1696
POORE, Daniel b.1700
POORE, Elizabeth b.1647
POORE, Elizabeth b.1698
POORE, Hannah b.1692
POORE, Henry b.1682
POORE, Henry b.1650
POORE, Jeremiah b.1684
POORE, Judith b.1708
POORE, Mary b.1687
POORE, Mary b.1686
POORE, Mary b.1650
POORE, Mary b.1671
POORE, Sarah b.1694


POPE, Anne b.1637
POPE, Hugh b.1539
POPE, Hugh b.1525
POPE, Joan a.1597
POPE, Mary b.1605
POPE, Nathaniel b.1679
POPE, Patience b.1633
POPE, Sarah b.1658
POPE, Thomas b.1558
POPE, Thomas Roosevelt b.1909
POPE, William Earl of Downe a.1573
POPE, William b.1475


POPHAM, Alexander Esquire b.1500
POPHAM, Alice b.1444
POPHAM, Dorothy b.1538
POPHAM, Edward Esquire b.1530
POPHAM, Elizabeth b.1534
POPHAM, Frances b.1597
POPHAM, John b.1460
POPHAM, John Knight b.1532
POPHAM, John Knight b.1310
POPHAM, John b.1375
POPHAM, Katherine b.1536
POPHAM, Mary b.1607
POPHAM, Robert b.1543
POPHAM, Thomas b.1400
POPHAM, William b.1540
POPHAM, William b.1431


PORDAGE, Joan b.1545


PORHOET, Alan de b.1081
PORHOET, Alianor de b.1186
PORHOET, Eudes I de b.1039
PORHOET, Eudes II de Vicomte de Porhoet b.1124
PORHOET, Eudes III de Count of Porhoet b.1150
PORHOET, Geoffrey de Vicomte de Porhoet b.1079
PORHOET, Guethenoc de b.985
PORHOET, Jeanne de b.1188
PORHOET, Josce de b.1127
PORHOET, Josselin de b.1010
PORHOET, Maud de b.1184
PORHOET, Stephen de b.1130


PORMONT, Philemon b.1600


PORT, Adam de b.1142
PORT, Adam I de b.1067
PORT, Adelaide de b.1069
PORT, Anne de la b.1289
PORT, Clemence de b.1153
PORT, Dorothy b.1540
PORT, Elizabeth b.1538
PORT, Emma de b.1045
PORT, Etheldreda de b.1125
PORT, Henry de b.1072
PORT, Hugh de b.1149
PORT, Hugh de b.1024
PORT, Hugh de b.1109
PORT, Joan de b.1175
PORT, John Knight b.1464
PORT, John Knight b.1500
PORT, John de b.1115
PORT, Margaret b.1542
PORT, William de b.1112
PORT, William de la b.1264


PORTER, Aaron b.1714
PORTER, Aaron b.1689
PORTER, Abigail b.1707
PORTER, Ann b.1685
PORTER, Ann b.1679
PORTER, Anna b.1664
PORTER, Anna a.1621
PORTER, Arthur Sheriff of Gloucestershire b.1505
PORTER, Benjamin b.1692
PORTER, Benjamin b.1660
PORTER, Clara b.1688
PORTER, Daniel b.1683
PORTER, Daniel b.1697
PORTER, David b.1685
PORTER, David b.1740
PORTER, Eleazer b.1698
PORTER, Elizabeth a.1583
PORTER, Elizabeth b.1690
PORTER, Elizabeth b.1654
PORTER, Esther b.1689
PORTER, Experience b.1676
PORTER, Experience b.1810
PORTER, Hannah b.1699
PORTER, Hannah b.1687
PORTER, Hannah b.1662
PORTER, Hannah b.1669
PORTER, Hannah b.1642
PORTER, Hannah a.1776
PORTER, Hepzibah b.1666
PORTER, Hester b.1667
PORTER, Hezekiah b.1672
PORTER, Hezekiah b.1665
PORTER, Ichabod b.1678
PORTER, Isaac b.1687
PORTER, James b.1657
PORTER, James a.1627
PORTER, James b.1659
PORTER, Jane a.1577
PORTER, Jane b.1720
PORTER, Joanna b.1686
PORTER, Joanna b.1719
PORTER, Joanna b.1671
PORTER, Joanna a.1656
PORTER, John b.1523
PORTER, John Esquire a.1575
PORTER, John b.1683
PORTER, John b.1688
PORTER, John b.1675
PORTER, John b.1651
PORTER, John a.1623
PORTER, John b.1648
PORTER, John a.1594
PORTER, John b.1658
PORTER, John b.1666
PORTER, Jonathan b.1696
PORTER, Joseph b.1675
PORTER, Lydia b.1685
PORTER, Lydia b.1689
PORTER, Margaret b.1717
PORTER, Martha a.1579
PORTER, Martha b.1687
PORTER, Mary b.1646
PORTER, Mary b.1703
PORTER, Mary b.1700
PORTER, Mary b.1653
PORTER, Mary b.1672
PORTER, Mary a.1637
PORTER, Mary b.1646
PORTER, Mary b.1638
PORTER, Mary b.1672
PORTER, Mehitable b.1694
PORTER, Mehitable b.1698
PORTER, Mehitable b.1673
PORTER, Miriam b.1696
PORTER, Moses b.1690
PORTER, N.N. b.1706
PORTER, N.N. b.1705
PORTER, N.N. b.1662
PORTER, Nathaniel b.1700
PORTER, Nathaniel b.1660
PORTER, Nathaniel b.1680
PORTER, Nathaniel b.1640
PORTER, Nehemiah b.1694
PORTER, Rebecca b.1666
PORTER, Rebecca a.1630
PORTER, Richard a.1581
PORTER, Richard b.1549
PORTER, Robert b.1652
PORTER, Robert b.1620
PORTER, Rose a.1633
PORTER, Ruth b.1701
PORTER, Ruth b.1671
PORTER, Samuel b.1684
PORTER, Samuel b.1722
PORTER, Samuel b.1681
PORTER, Samuel b.1664
PORTER, Samuel b.1660
PORTER, Samuel a.1635
PORTER, Samuel a.1632
PORTER, Samuel b.1699
PORTER, Samuel b.1637
PORTER, Sarah b.1692
PORTER, Sarah b.1706
PORTER, Sarah b.1655
PORTER, Sarah b.1677
PORTER, Sarah a.1624
PORTER, Sarah b.1713
PORTER, Sarah b.1657
PORTER, Stanley b.1683
PORTER, Susanna b.1716
PORTER, Thomas a.1580
PORTER, Thomas b.1663
PORTER, Thomas b.1650


PORTINGTON, Agnes b.1483
PORTINGTON, Anne b.1498


PORTLAND, Dorothy b.1633


PORTUGAL, Affonso of Duke of Braganza b.1377
PORTUGAL, Alfonso I of King of Portugal b.1110
PORTUGAL, Alfonso II "el Gordo" of King of Portugal b.1185
PORTUGAL, Beatrice of b.1372
PORTUGAL, Beatrice of b.1385
PORTUGAL, Berengaria of b.1194
PORTUGAL, Fernando of Count of Hainaut b.1188
PORTUGAL, Henry I of Count of Portugal b.1066
PORTUGAL, John I of King of Portugal b.1358
PORTUGAL, Matilda of b.1149
PORTUGAL, Sancho I "el Poblador" of King of Portugal b.1154
PORTUGAL, Teresa of b.1177
PORTUGAL, Teresa of b.1157
PORTUGAL, Urraca of b.1151


POST, Abigail b.1664
POST, Abner b.1744
POST, Abraham b.1698
POST, Abraham a.1566
POST, Abraham b.1669
POST, Abraham b.1639
POST, Alvah T. b.1828
POST, Ann b.1610
POST, Ann b.1667
POST, Anne b.1693
POST, Anne b.1707
POST, Daniel b.1673
POST, Dorothy b.1708
POST, Edward R. b.1865
POST, Eleanor b.1719
POST, Eleanor b.1682
POST, Elizabeth b.1695
POST, Elizabeth a.1569
POST, Elizabeth b.1655
POST, Esther b.1739
POST, Gideon b.1703
POST, Hannah b.1693
POST, Hannah b.1671
POST, Hester b.1699
POST, Hester b.1672
POST, Israel b.1709
POST, James b.1671
POST, Jedediah b.1715
POST, Joan a.1563
POST, John b.1700
POST, John b.1723
POST, John a.1558
POST, John b.1657
POST, John a.1629
POST, Jordan b.1709
POST, Jordan b.1676
POST, Joseph a.1633
POST, Joseph b.1678
POST, Katherine a.1627
POST, Lydia b.1705
POST, Lydia b.1674
POST, Margaret b.1653
POST, Margery a.1600
POST, Mary b.1711
POST, Mary b.1697
POST, Mary a.1608
POST, Mary b.1662
POST, Mary b.1680
POST, Mindwell b.1714
POST, Nancy b.1752
POST, Nathan b.1707
POST, Nathaniel b.1702
POST, Nellie T. b.1859
POST, Phebe b.1704
POST, Phineas b.1704
POST, Rachel b.1713
POST, Samuel b.1668
POST, Sarah b.1712
POST, Sarah b.1659
POST, Stephen b.1695
POST, Stephen a.1604
POST, Stephen b.1664
POST, Sybil b.1706
POST, Thomas b.1701
POST, Thomas a.1561
POST, Thomas b.1530
POST, Thomas a.1631


POTE, Arabella b.1673


POTTENGER, Cicilia a.1668
POTTENGER, Cicilia a.1639
POTTENGER, Dorothy a.1594
POTTENGER, Edward b.1572
POTTENGER, Emme b.1576
POTTENGER, Henry a.1596
POTTENGER, Henry b.1565
POTTENGER, John a.1635
POTTENGER, John a.1598
POTTENGER, John a.1661
POTTENGER, Mary a.1583
POTTENGER, Richard a.1612
POTTENGER, Robert a.1663
POTTENGER, Robert a.1606
POTTENGER, Robert a.1634
POTTENGER, Roger a.1648
POTTENGER, Sarah a.1659
POTTENGER, Susanna a.1642
POTTENGER, Thomas a.1667
POTTENGER, Thomas a.1638
POTTENGER, Thomas a.1602
POTTENGER, Thomas a.1569
POTTENGER, Thomas a.1567
POTTENGER, Walter b.1540


POTTER, Anthony b.1627
POTTER, Elizabeth b.1652
POTTER, Elizabeth a.1632
POTTER, Elizabeth b.1697
POTTER, Elizabeth b.1541
POTTER, Elizabeth b.1670
POTTER, Eunice b.1688
POTTER, John b.1610
POTTER, Joseph b.1635
POTTER, Samuel b.1657
POTTER, Samuel b.1648
POTTER, Sarah a.1641
POTTER, William b.1717


POTTLE, Merton L. b.1923


POTTS, John Esquire b.1562
POTTS, Patience a.1683
POTTS, Thomas b.1667


POULETT, Anthony Knight b.1563
POULETT, Henry b.1588
POULETT, John Lord Poulett b.1585
POULETT, Margery b.1591
POULETT, Susan b.1595


POULTER, Elizabeth a.1633
POULTER, John b.1635
POULTER, John a.1606
POULTER, Mary a.1631
POULTER, Richard b.1588


POULTON, Agnes b.1497
POULTON, Anne b.1491
POULTON, Giles b.1495
POULTON, Giles Esquire b.1465
POULTON, Isabel b.1493
POULTON, Martin Esquire b.1489


POUND, Constance b.1562
POUND, Honor a.1539


POUNS, Margaret de b.1296
POUNS, Richard b.1294
POUNS, William de b.1269


POUNSEY, George b.1645


POURE, Roger b.1404
POURE, Roger b.1370


POWELL, Abigail a.1634
POWELL, Ann b.1684
POWELL, Chester b.1712
POWELL, Elizabeth b.1641
POWELL, Elizabeth b.1793
POWELL, Elizabeth b.1707
POWELL, Elizabeth a.1630
POWELL, Hannah a.1637
POWELL, Hannah b.1641
POWELL, John b.1703
POWELL, John b.1839
POWELL, Martha Virginia b.1886
POWELL, Nathaniel a.1629
POWELL, Priscilla b.1642
POWELL, Robert b.1661
POWELL, Robert b.1636
POWELL, Samuel a.1632
POWELL, Samuel a.1627
POWELL, Samuel b.1664
POWELL, Samuel b.1709
POWELL, Sarah b.1633
POWELL, Thomas b.1667
POWELL, William b.1600
POWELL, William b.1705
POWELL, William b.1670


POWER, Joan b.1332
POWER, John b.1569


POWERS, Abigail b.1798
POWERS, Jonathan b.1704
POWERS, Pierce b.1660


POWLE, Stephen Knight b.1542


POWSLAND, John a.1729
POWSLAND, Tabitha a.1733


POWYS, Jane b.1596


POYNINGS, Adam de b.1100
POYNINGS, Adam de b.1126
POYNINGS, Adrian Knight b.1508
POYNINGS, Agnes de b.1351
POYNINGS, Alice b.1410
POYNINGS, Anne b.1560
POYNINGS, Aubrey de b.1135
POYNINGS, Constance b.1408
POYNINGS, Edward K.G. b.1459
POYNINGS, Edward Rector of North Cray b.1419
POYNINGS, Eleanor Baroness Poynings b.1424
POYNINGS, Elizabeth b.1556
POYNINGS, Elizabeth b.1347
POYNINGS, Hawise de b.1298
POYNINGS, Hugh de Knight b.1375
POYNINGS, Isabel b.1418
POYNINGS, Joan b.1491
POYNINGS, Joan b.1384
POYNINGS, Joan b.1396
POYNINGS, Joan de b.1355
POYNINGS, John de b.1324
POYNINGS, John de b.1129
POYNINGS, Luke b.1378
POYNINGS, Luke de b.1373
POYNINGS, Luke de Knight b.1231
POYNINGS, Luke de Lord St. John of Basing b.1328
POYNINGS, Margaret b.1420
POYNINGS, Margaret de b.1353
POYNINGS, Margery de b.1305
POYNINGS, Mary b.1558
POYNINGS, Michael de b.1160
POYNINGS, Michael de b.1300
POYNINGS, Michael de Lord Poynings b.1320
POYNINGS, Michael de Knight b.1271
POYNINGS, Richard Knight b.1402
POYNINGS, Richard de Lord Poynings b.1355
POYNINGS, Richard de b.1326
POYNINGS, Robert Esquire b.1419
POYNINGS, Robert Lord Poynings b.1382
POYNINGS, Rose b.1505
POYNINGS, Thomas Lord Poynings b.1505
POYNINGS, Thomas b.1416
POYNINGS, Thomas b.1381
POYNINGS, Thomas de Lord Poynings a.1349
POYNINGS, Thomas de b.1322
POYNINGS, Thomas de Knight b.1207
POYNINGS, Thomas de Knight b.1296
POYNINGS, Thomas de Knight b.1273
POYNINGS, Thomas de Lord St. John of Basing b.1350
POYNINGS, William de b.1131


POYNTZ, Alice a.1572
POYNTZ, Alice b.1423
POYNTZ, Alice b.1427
POYNTZ, Ann b.1478
POYNTZ, Anne b.1557
POYNTZ, Anne b.1535
POYNTZ, Anne b.1454
POYNTZ, Anthony b.1537
POYNTZ, Anthony Knight b.1480
POYNTZ, Blanche b.1399
POYNTZ, Edmund b.1533
POYNTZ, Edward a.1575
POYNTZ, Edward Esquire b.1355
POYNTZ, Elizabeth b.1565
POYNTZ, Elizabeth b.1604
POYNTZ, Elizabeth b.1492
POYNTZ, Elizabeth b.1456
POYNTZ, Elizabeth Nun b.1441
POYNTZ, Elizabeth b.1491
POYNTZ, Ellen Nun b.1428
POYNTZ, Ferdinando b.1506
POYNTZ, Frances b.1543
POYNTZ, Francis b.1531
POYNTZ, Francis Knight b.1486
POYNTZ, Frideswide b.1524
POYNTZ, Giles b.1502
POYNTZ, Henry b.1527
POYNTZ, Henry b.1437
POYNTZ, Hugh I Knight b.1195
POYNTZ, Hugh II Lord Poyntz b.1252
POYNTZ, Hugh III Knight b.1292
POYNTZ, Humphrey Knight b.1424
POYNTZ, Isabel b.1419
POYNTZ, Isabel b.1403
POYNTZ, James b.1458
POYNTZ, Jane b.1540
POYNTZ, Joan a.1577
POYNTZ, Joan b.1439
POYNTZ, Joan b.1401
POYNTZ, John b.1619
POYNTZ, John b.1569
POYNTZ, John b.1549
POYNTZ, John Gentleman b.1484
POYNTZ, John Esquire b.1422
POYNTZ, John Knight b.1309
POYNTZ, Joseph b.1612
POYNTZ, Katherine a.1574
POYNTZ, Katherine b.1482
POYNTZ, Katherine b.1469
POYNTZ, Margaret b.1510
POYNTZ, Margaret b.1488
POYNTZ, Margaret b.1425
POYNTZ, Margaret b.1433
POYNTZ, Martha b.1615
POYNTZ, Mary b.1563
POYNTZ, Mary b.1500
POYNTZ, Matilda b.1395
POYNTZ, Matthew b.1602
POYNTZ, Matthew a.1571
POYNTZ, Matthew Knight b.1530
POYNTZ, Maud b.1268
POYNTZ, Maurice b.1460
POYNTZ, Maurice b.1431
POYNTZ, Maurice b.1397
POYNTZ, Newdigate a.1608
POYNTZ, Nicholas Knight b.1555
POYNTZ, Nicholas K.B. b.1529
POYNTZ, Nicholas b.1490
POYNTZ, Nicholas b.1465
POYNTZ, Nicholas Knight b.1504
POYNTZ, Nicholas b.1435
POYNTZ, Nicholas Esquire b.1311
POYNTZ, Nicholas b.1160
POYNTZ, Nicholas Parson of St. Mary Hoo b.1295
POYNTZ, Nicholas Knight b.1393
POYNTZ, Nicholas I Knight b.1218
POYNTZ, Nicholas II Lord Poyntz b.1275
POYNTZ, Pontius Esquire b.1347
POYNTZ, Rachel b.1561
POYNTZ, Ralph b.1220
POYNTZ, Robert b.1508
POYNTZ, Robert Knight b.1450
POYNTZ, Robert b.1421
POYNTZ, Robert b.1392
POYNTZ, Robert Esquire b.1359
POYNTZ, Sarah b.1609
POYNTZ, Silvester b.1559
POYNTZ, Thomas b.1606
POYNTZ, Thomas b.1513
POYNTZ, Thomas Esquire b.1452
POYNTZ, Thomas b.1429
POYNTZ, Thomas b.1395
POYNTZ, Thomas Gentleman b.1567
POYNTZ, William b.1546
POYNTZ, William b.1467
POYNTZ, Wilmot b.1489


PRAERS, Elizabeth de b.1338
PRAERS, Joan de b.1330
PRAERS, Randle de Knight b.1245
PRAERS, Randle de b.1295
PRAERS, Richard de b.1270
PRAERS, Robert de b.1275
PRAERS, Thomas de b.1272
PRAERS, Thomas de b.1300


PRALL, Charles Edward b.1859


PRANELL, Henry b.1558


PRATER, Alice b.1538
PRATER, Anthony Gentleman b.1544
PRATER, Bartholomew b.1557
PRATER, Dorothy b.1550
PRATER, Elinor b.1554
PRATER, Elizabeth a.1575
PRATER, Ferdinando b.1571
PRATER, George a.1577
PRATER, George b.1546
PRATER, George a.1583
PRATER, George b.1515
PRATER, Jane b.1517
PRATER, John b.1520
PRATER, John Gentleman b.1491
PRATER, John b.1548
PRATER, John a.1587
PRATER, Margaret b.1542
PRATER, Mary a.1585
PRATER, Nicholas b.1552
PRATER, Richard Gentleman b.1540
PRATER, Thomas b.1569
PRATER, Thomas a.1573
PRATER, William a.1574


PRATT, Aaron b.1651
PRATT, Abial b.1658
PRATT, Adriana b.1511
PRATT, Ann b.1688
PRATT, Ann b.1687
PRATT, Anson b.1801
PRATT, Benjamin b.1680
PRATT, Bennett b.1603
PRATT, Bennett b.1576
PRATT, Caleb b.1693
PRATT, Christopher b.1712
PRATT, Daniel b.1640
PRATT, David b.1688
PRATT, Ebenezer b.1688
PRATT, Elizabeth b.1695
PRATT, Elizabeth b.1740
PRATT, Elizabeth b.1717
PRATT, Elizabeth b.1642
PRATT, Ephraim b.1705
PRATT, Ephraim b.1704
PRATT, Experience b.1720
PRATT, Experience b.1678
PRATT, Francis b.1564
PRATT, Grace b.1606
PRATT, Hannah b.1682
PRATT, Hannah b.1657
PRATT, Hannah b.1699
PRATT, Hannah b.1680
PRATT, Henry b.1717
PRATT, Jabez b.1691
PRATT, Jared b.1769
PRATT, John b.1637
PRATT, John b.1600
PRATT, John b.1645
PRATT, John a.1609
PRATT, John b.1668
PRATT, John b.1705
PRATT, John b.1635
PRATT, Jonathan b.1637
PRATT, Joseph b.1703
PRATT, Joseph b.1672
PRATT, Joseph b.1665
PRATT, Joseph b.1645
PRATT, Joseph b.1648
PRATT, Lydia b.1659
PRATT, Margaret b.1708
PRATT, Margaret b.1681
PRATT, Margaret b.1550
PRATT, Mary b.1667
PRATT, Mary b.1633
PRATT, Mercy b.1642
PRATT, Nathaniel b.1661
PRATT, Nelson b.1815
PRATT, Obadiah b.1742
PRATT, Orson b.1811
PRATT, Parley Parker b.1807
PRATT, Peter b.1647
PRATT, Phineas b.1593
PRATT, Priscilla a.1674
PRATT, Prudence b.1685
PRATT, Reuben b.1739
PRATT, Robert b.1691
PRATT, Ruth Ervina b.1905
PRATT, Samuel b.1736
PRATT, Samuel b.1655
PRATT, Samuel b.1683
PRATT, Samuel b.1637
PRATT, Sarah b.1680
PRATT, Sarah b.1745
PRATT, Sarah b.1718
PRATT, Sarah b.1672
PRATT, Sarah b.1676
PRATT, Sarah b.1652
PRATT, Sarah b.1664
PRATT, Simeon b.1731
PRATT, Stephen b.1740
PRATT, Susanna b.1690
PRATT, Temperance b.1701
PRATT, Thankful b.1728
PRATT, Thomas b.1669
PRATT, Thomas a.1623
PRATT, William b.1674
PRATT, William b.1726
PRATT, William b.1653
PRATT, William b.1584
PRATT, William b.1659
PRATT, William a.1609
PRATT, William Dickinson b.1802


PRAY, Dorothy b.1673
PRAY, Mary b.1697


PREBLE, Abraham b.1642
PREBLE, Abraham a.1604
PREBLE, Abraham b.1673
PREBLE, Benjamin b.1657
PREBLE, Benjamin b.1684
PREBLE, Hannah b.1672
PREBLE, Jemima b.1691
PREBLE, John b.1646
PREBLE, Joseph b.1651
PREBLE, Joshua b.1678
PREBLE, Judith b.1703
PREBLE, Mary b.1662
PREBLE, Mary b.1686
PREBLE, Nathaniel b.1675
PREBLE, Nathaniel a.1648
PREBLE, Obadiah b.1681
PREBLE, Rachel b.1644
PREBLE, Rachel b.1688
PREBLE, Sarah b.1659
PREBLE, Stephen b.1693
PREBLE, Stephen b.1655


PREECE, Anna Elizabeth b.1852


PRENCE, Elizabeth b.1647
PRENCE, Hannah b.1629
PRENCE, Jane b.1637
PRENCE, Judith b.1645
PRENCE, Mary b.1639
PRENCE, Mercy b.1631
PRENCE, Rebecca b.1625
PRENCE, Sarah b.1649
PRENCE, Thomas b.1627
PRENCE, Thomas b.1600


PRENDERGAST, David de b.1202
PRENDERGAST, Gerard de b.1196
PRENDERGAST, Mary de b.1222
PRENDERGAST, Matilda de b.1242
PRENDERGAST, Maurice de Knight b.1145
PRENDERGAST, Philip de b.1170
PRENDERGAST, William de Knight b.1199


PRENTICE, Grace b.1648
PRENTICE, John b.1655
PRENTICE, Kezia b.1745
PRENTICE, Smith b.1718
PRENTICE, Thomas b.1715


PRESBURY, Stephen b.1668


PRESCOTT, Ebenezer b.1682
PRESCOTT, Elizabeth b.1678
PRESCOTT, Hannah a.1639
PRESCOTT, Joanna b.1676
PRESCOTT, John a.1635
PRESCOTT, John b.1672
PRESCOTT, John b.1643
PRESCOTT, John b.1604
PRESCOTT, Jonas b.1648
PRESCOTT, Jonathan b.1675
PRESCOTT, Jonathan b.1645
PRESCOTT, Lydia a.1641
PRESCOTT, Martha a.1632
PRESCOTT, Martha b.1680
PRESCOTT, Mary b.1670
PRESCOTT, Mary a.1630
PRESCOTT, N.N. b.1634
PRESCOTT, N.N. b.1631
PRESCOTT, Sarah b.1674
PRESCOTT, Sarah a.1637
PRESCOTT, Vicey b.1820


PRESLEY, Jane b.1784


PRESTON, Adam b.1559
PRESTON, Alice b.1561
PRESTON, Anne b.1510
PRESTON, Catherine b.1533
PRESTON, Christopher Viscount Gormanston b.1536
PRESTON, Daniel a.1621
PRESTON, David b.1685
PRESTON, Edward a.1619
PRESTON, Eliasaph a.1643
PRESTON, Elizabeth b.1527
PRESTON, Elizabeth b.1459
PRESTON, Elizabeth b.1649
PRESTON, Elizabeth b.1678
PRESTON, Elizabeth a.1623
PRESTON, Elizabeth b.1653
PRESTON, Ellen b.1557
PRESTON, George b.1540
PRESTON, Hackaliah a.1643
PRESTON, Hannah b.1637
PRESTON, Helen b.1512
PRESTON, Henry de Knight b.1354
PRESTON, Jacob b.1658
PRESTON, Janet a.1588
PRESTON, Jehiel a.1640
PRESTON, Jenico Viscount Gormanston b.1629
PRESTON, Jenico Viscount Gormanston b.1502
PRESTON, Joan b.1424
PRESTON, John b.1654
PRESTON, John b.1673
PRESTON, John b.1563
PRESTON, John a.1617
PRESTON, John a.1633
PRESTON, John Esquire b.1395
PRESTON, John b.1676
PRESTON, Jonathan b.1682
PRESTON, Joseph a.1646
PRESTON, Katherine a.1589
PRESTON, Levi b.1662
PRESTON, Margaret a.1583
PRESTON, Martha b.1676
PRESTON, Martin b.1542
PRESTON, Mary b.1530
PRESTON, Mary b.1646
PRESTON, Mary b.1672
PRESTON, Mary a.1629
PRESTON, N.N. de b.1310
PRESTON, Nicholas b.1539
PRESTON, Nicholas b.1539
PRESTON, Rebecca b.1670
PRESTON, Richard b.1555
PRESTON, Richard a.1594
PRESTON, Robert Viscount Gormanston b.1415
PRESTON, Robert Lord Preston b.1335
PRESTON, Roger b.1614
PRESTON, Samuel b.1651
PRESTON, Sarah a.1626
PRESTON, Thomas b.1680
PRESTON, Thomas b.1643
PRESTON, Thomas a.1585
PRESTON, William Viscount Gormanston b.1452
PRESTON, William b.1553
PRESTON, William b.1529
PRESTON, William a.1614
PRESTON, William b.1592
PRESTON, William a.1591


PRESTWOOD, John Esquire b.1359
PRESTWOOD, Matilda b.1384


PRETT, Grace b.1570


PREUILLY, Agatha de b.1163
PREUILLY, Eschivard de b.1079
PREUILLY, Gauzbert de Seigneur de Bouchet b.1127
PREUILLY, Geoffrey I de b.990
PREUILLY, Geoffrey II de b.1017
PREUILLY, Geoffrey III de Count of Vendome b.1040
PREUILLY, Geoffrey IV de Count of Vendome b.1076
PREUILLY, Jeanne de Dame de Bouchet b.1152
PREUILLY, Pierre I de Seigneur de Preuilly b.1102
PREUILLY, Pierre II de Seigneur de Preuilly b.1125


PRICE, Eleanor b.1599
PRICE, Elizabeth b.1686
PRICE, Jane b.1596
PRICE, Mary b.1688
PRICE, Mary b.1627
PRICE, Rhonda b.1759
PRICE, Susanna b.1613
PRICE, William b.1650


PRIDE, Peter b.1675
PRIDE, William b.1677


PRIDEAUX, Admonition a.1639
PRIDEAUX, Admonition b.1592
PRIDEAUX, Alice b.1491
PRIDEAUX, Anne b.1651
PRIDEAUX, Bridget b.1660
PRIDEAUX, Catherine b.1513
PRIDEAUX, Christian b.1260
PRIDEAUX, Edmund Sheriff of Cornwall b.1606
PRIDEAUX, Edmund a.1601
PRIDEAUX, Edmund Knight b.1555
PRIDEAUX, Edmund a.1618
PRIDEAUX, Elizabeth b.1609
PRIDEAUX, Elizabeth b.1497
PRIDEAUX, Elizabeth b.1532
PRIDEAUX, Elizabeth b.1552
PRIDEAUX, Fulke Esquire b.1470
PRIDEAUX, Honour b.1648
PRIDEAUX, Humphrey a.1611
PRIDEAUX, Humphrey Knight b.1573
PRIDEAUX, Humphrey Esquire b.1487
PRIDEAUX, Joan b.1499
PRIDEAUX, John b.1642
PRIDEAUX, John a.1605
PRIDEAUX, John Sheriff of Cornwall a.1582
PRIDEAUX, John b.1547
PRIDEAUX, John a.1620
PRIDEAUX, Katherine b.1542
PRIDEAUX, Margaret b.1489
PRIDEAUX, Margaret a.1631
PRIDEAUX, Margery b.1544
PRIDEAUX, Margery b.1515
PRIDEAUX, Mary b.1517
PRIDEAUX, Mary a.1598
PRIDEAUX, Mary a.1617
PRIDEAUX, Nicholas b.1657
PRIDEAUX, Nicholas a.1607
PRIDEAUX, Nicholas b.1493
PRIDEAUX, Nicholas Knight b.1549
PRIDEAUX, Peter Knight a.1626
PRIDEAUX, Peter Knight b.1596
PRIDEAUX, Richard b.1550
PRIDEAUX, Richard b.1495
PRIDEAUX, Richard Knight b.1519
PRIDEAUX, Robert Rector of Newton St. Petrock b.1502
PRIDEAUX, Roger b.1645
PRIDEAUX, Roger Sheriff of Devon b.1523
PRIDEAUX, Sarah b.1588
PRIDEAUX, Tabitha b.1586
PRIDEAUX, Thomas b.1622
PRIDEAUX, Thomas b.1526
PRIDEAUX, Thomas Knight b.1236
PRIDEAUX, Thomasine a.1603
PRIDEAUX, Timothy a.1590
PRIDEAUX, Walter b.1654
PRIDEAUX, William b.1521
PRIDEAUX, Wilmot b.1559

Surname List