William Don and Gretta Rawlings Wiser

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Don and Gretta were born and raised in Fairview, Idaho. Following their marriage in 1936, they resided in Utah at Salt Lake City, Ogden, Springville, Provo and Hurricane and in California at San Diego, Vista, San Marcos and Escondido.


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       William Don Wiser


v      Descendants John Harvey Wiser

William Harvey Wiser

       William Harvey Wiser Eustacia Rawlins Cunningham

v      Descendants William Don Wiser

       John Harvey Wiser Henry Hulme Haslam

Emma Jones Haslam

v      Descendants Ann Parry Jones

       Henry Hulme Haslam

v      Descendants Ephraim James Rawlings

Edis Irwin Rawlings

       Edis Irwin Rawlings Eliza Jane Shirts

v      Descendants Gretta Rawlings

       Ephraim James Rawlings William Bodily

Leah Bathsheba Bodily

v      Descendants Delilah McFerson

       William Bodily

v      Descendants

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