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Dundee was named by Alexander Gardiner, who was born in Dundee, Scotland.



Voters Presidential Election - Lake Precinct including Elgin - Plato - Dundee


David H. Haeger began his brickyard in 1871.  This later became Haeger Pottery


               Walter Haertels Monument Records (With Elgin Genealogical Society).



City Hall - Dundee





I found this posting at the Underground Railroad site.  Does anyone have any more information about it?

"I grew up in West Dundee, Illinois in an very old house. In the cellar there was a stone tunnel that led somewhere and had been blocked off a long time ago and there was a closet that had a secret passage way into the cellar. We were always told that the tunnel led to a church a few blocks away but no one ever knew much about it. There was another house in town called "The Pinkerton House" that had something to do with someone who was involved with Lincoln somehow and this house was involved in the Underground Railroad also."



Country Tea Room, 14N630 IL 25, East Dundee vicinity,


Biographical Information

Julia Gay, who made a grand tour of Europe in 1912, sending a enthralling series of letters back to her family (now in the Inn's collection). She studied at Boston and Chicago universities, and went on to become the first female superintendent of schools in America, serving six years in that role in Dundee, Illinois.

Judge Hewitt was born in Oppinham, Montgomery County, New York, in 1809. While he was a small boy, his family moved to Dundee, Illinois, and later to Elgin, Illinois, where he studied law.

Allan Pinkerton the Dundee barrel maker who established a renowned private detective agency. Link to Elgin Courier article by Mike Alft of 04/25/1999


Crime - Fires - Disasters Etc.

Tornado  March 28, 1920


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