Greeney Family Genealogy
Greeney Family Genealogy

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Name variations include: 
Granier, Grenier, Greaney, Graney, Greeny, Greene, Greenie, Greenup, Gruny, Gruney

Related Family Lines and Alternate Spellings
Including  but not limited to:
Burns - Byrn; Culbreth - Culbreath; Clarida - Clariday;
Garrett - Jarrett - Jarrot;   Ivy - Ivey - Ivory ?;
Locklear - Locklier - Lockler - Locklar - Lockaleer - Lucklear - Lockalaire - Lockelaire;

Stewart; Lind; Bronge Parks; Tanner; Rains; Gurley; Foster; Close; Follis; Celik;

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Unidentified Greeney related photos.
(please email me if you can identify anyone)

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Family Regional Ties
Southern Illinois Area
Also  Scott County, Arkansas & Missouri
Circa    1820 - 2000

Indian Canoe

Combined Family Lore
(not necessarily fact)
A Few Facts
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Family of John Greeney - Born 1820 - Missouri

NOTE:  A BURNS family is mentioned here

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James "Artie" Greeney - known as Art

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Cleft Chin

See 5 generations of photos below:

Other Characteristics that may be related

Unknown Greeney or Grainer
or similar name.

John Greeney
About 1820 - Unknown

Robert Vinson or Vincent Greeney
Circa 1846 - Circa 1879-80
Charles Fletcher Greeney - head - chin

Charles Fletcher Greeney
Cleft Chin
James Art Greeney - gas station - head

James Art Greeney
Cleft Chin
Curly Hair

    C F Greeney

Cleft Chin
Straight Hair

Ron Greeney cleft chin

Cleft Chin
Curly Hair

J Greeney

Cleft Chin
Straight Hair

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Greeney Family from 1820 - WorldConnect Family Tree

If you have additional information on the Greeney family or related families, please e-mail me at

[email protected]

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Additional research is needed on the interconnected families.  Here are some links to other sites that may have information and varying perspectives on the history and area. 

"Ah what a tangled web we weave as we build these families."

Illinois - Native American Info
Illinois - History - Black Laws - Slavery
Illinois - the French & Little Egypt
Museum - State of Illinois - River Bottom - Archives

Williamson County, Illinois AHGP

Williamson County Illinois Pioneer History - mentions Burns
Williamson County Illinois - Early Land Entries - mentions Burns & Culbreath
Williamson County Illinois - Early Settlers - lists Lockaleer, Burns, Garrett
Williamson County Illinois - Indian Occupants - Fur trade

Africa, Illinois History

Census - 1818 > Burns
Census - 1818 > Garrett
Census - 1818 > Locklear

Family Lines - Ivey Ivy Womack and more

Burns & Ivey

Locklear - Lockler - Locklier Mary Simons

Chicago tied mobsters were active around Williamson County, Illinois.

Klu Klux Klan and  Unions

Herrin Mine Massacre

Learn more about Fur Trappers and Traders

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Where is that?

Regional Map
  • Absher, (Abshier) an unincorporated
    • According to "An Historic Gazetteer of Williamson Co., Illinois" it was a
        villiage in Crab Orchard township, section 35, 
    • Named for William A. Absher, dealer in farms in that part of the county.
    • Absher became a post office July 27, 1892 with William A. Absher the first
      postmaster. He had the office at the crossroads where he also dealt in real
      M.R. Jones, the general storekeeper, was postmaster when mail service was
      discontinued April 15, 1908.
      The Shawnee Indians had a camp near Absher at a spring. They came there
      regularly until 1817. Indian Camp church supplanted the Shawnees at this
      camping site.
  • Atilla (Unincorporated)
      • Located northeast of Crab Orchard
      • Latitude & Longitude: 37°46'11" N, 88°46'16" W
      • Survey: T. 9 S., R. 4 E.
      • Elevation: 562
      • Civil township: Crab Orchard
      • USGS Quad: Pittsburg
      • Map: 1878
  • Burn's Neighborhood - near Corinth
      • UNKNOWN
  • Corinth (Unincorporated)
    • Located east of Johnston City
    • Latitude & Longitude: 37°49'08" N, 88°46'35" W
    • Survey: T. 8 S., R. 4 E.
    • Elevation: 519
    • <>Civil township: Corinth
    • USGS Quad: Pittsburg
  • Crab Orchard
      • Located on IL 13 between Marion and Harrisburg
      • Latitude & Longitude: 37°43'45" N, 88°48'15"
      • Survey: T. 9 S., R. 4 E.
      • Elevation: 495
      • Civil township: Crab OrchardUSGS Quad: Crab Orchard
  • Population: 702 (Change since 1990: -11.3%)
  • Located on IL 166 between Marion and New Burnside<>
  • Latitude & Longitude: 37°37'10" N, 88°50'12" W
  • Name origin: Edward G. Creal
  • Post office: Sep. 22, 1846 - Now
  • Poordo
      • UNKNOWN

  • Population: 575 (Change since 1990: -4.5%)
  • Located northeast of Marion
  • Latitude & Longitude: 37°46'37" N, 88°50'58" W
  • Name origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Post office: Mar. 10, 1907 - Now

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Some of these ancestors may have seen these
Views of Williamson County Illinois

Marion Public Square

      Some postcard views of Williamson County Illinois of the era.

Illinois Central Railroad Station, Marion, Ill
1906 Marion Illinois
West Main Street, Marion, Williamson County, Illinois about 1908
1905-10 Dirt St Marion Illinois
Marion Illinois - South Main Street
 Dirt Street likely 1905-1910 - Note Church Steeple

Elks Home about 1909
Elks Home, Marion - Williamson County, Illinois 1909 era
High School - formerly Logan's Home
Marion Illinois High School.  Formerly Site of General Logan's Home
Elks Club
Elks Home or Elks Club - Marion Illinois
Goodall Hotel Marion Illinois

Goodall Hotel, Marion Illinois


Public Square Marion Illinois

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