Names of 42nd Indiana Men Who Appear in Slideshow

Names of the Men Whose Pictures are Displayed in Slideshow

The list is numbered in order of appearance.  
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1. Colonel James G. Jones
2. Colonel Gideon R. Kellams
3. Lieutenant Colonel William M. Cockrum
4. Adjutant James G. Stubblefield
5. Major Nathaniel B. French
6. Captain Charles G. Olmstead, Co. A
7. Captain Alfred Myler, Co. C
8. Captain Isaac. W. McCormick, Co. G
9. Captain John Eigenman, Co. D
10. Captain Jacob D. Skelton, Co. F
11. Captain Spillard F. Horrall, Co. G
12. Lieutenant Allen Gentry, Co. H
13. Lieutenant William M. Jones, Co. C
14. Drummer Johnny Messick, Co. A
15. Private George W. Wiggs, Co. E
16. Private Henry T. Hunter, Co. G
17. Private William Tate Musgrave, Co. B
18. Private Nathaniel Black, Co. A
19. Corporal Reuben Hunter, Co. G
20. Private Thornton Clark, Co. B


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