Reunions of Company E, 42nd Indiana

Reunions of Company E
42nd Indiana

 1895 Reunion of Co. E, 42nd Indiana

 Source: Oakland City Journal, October, 1895
Article Submitted by Bill Marshall


    The fair ground is the scene of a happy reunion today:  The surviving members of Co. E, 42nd Ind. have met again to shake hands with peace and freedom as an accompaniment to good will.  About one hundred people were present and when the dinner hour came those present partook of a feast (?) that was bountiful (?).

    After dinner the company adjourned to the old (unreadable) hall and held a business meeting.  One of the most impressive and saddest things was the roll call.  Only nineteen of the members of the old company answered “here.”  Two widows of deceased members were there.  Capt. Ashmead was elected president for the ensuing year and Jas. McGary secretary and treasurer.  The next reunion will be held on Oct. 8th, 1896 at the residence of Robt. Richardson in Oakland City.

    After all business was transacted, Rev. G. D. Wolfe addressed the assemblage in his happy and entertaining way.  Addresses by others present were listened to, war stories were told and the reunion of gallant Co. E came to a close, all hoping to meet again in ’96.  Princeton News, 24th.

    Those present from Oakland City were: Capt. J. R. Ashmead, J. M. Cockrum, and R. R. Richardson.

1896 Reunion of Co. E, 42nd Indiana

Source: Oakland City, Journal, October 9, 1896
Article Submitted by Bill Marshall

Company E, 42nd

            The annual reunion of Co. E, 42nd Ind. was held at the fair grounds yesterday.  The morning was spent in general handshaking and a reunion generally, together with music by the drum corps and local glee club.  In the afternoon the business of the company was transacted.  Roll call showed  (the) following present:  J. R. Daughterly (Daugherty), D. H. Turner, Joe K. McGary, Princeton; J. W. Patterson, Geo. F. Hillman and O. K. Patterson, Petersburg; Austin D. Rutter, Chauncy, Ill., Alfred Pritchett and Jas. A. Waters, Owensville; Ransom Decker and Alf. Decker, Oatsville; Thos. Ward and R. B. Lucas, Union; J. R. Ashmead, J. M. Cockrum and R. B. Richardson, Oakland City; Levi Jordan, Mt. Carmel.  The death of three comrades were reported – Capt. N. R. French, Jas. A. Lounsdale, and Stephen H. Powell – and suitable resolutions were adopted.  Letters were read from a large number of comrades expressing regret at enforced absence.  Lieut. Wm. Jones was elected president and Joe K. McGary secretary and treasurer for the ensuing year.  Good speeches were made by Dr. G. C. Mason, Capt. J. E. Chappell, Col. W. M. Cockrum, Rev. J. B. Pilant, and Jas. L. Stewart.  The next meeting will be held at the home of R. B. Richards near Owensville.  The reunion was quite a success in every particular, there being between 300 and 400 people present.



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