The Stephen Mead GAR Post No. 187 - Fort Branch, IN

The Stephen Mead Post No. 187
Grand Army of the Republic, Fort Branch, IN

The History of GAR Post # 187

Source: History of Gibson County, Her People, Industries and Institutions, by Gil R. Stormont.   B. F. Bowen & Co., Inc., 1915.  p 256.

Stephen Mead Post, Grand Army of the Republic, was organized at Fort Branch in 1883, with the following charter members: Silas M. Holcomb, Elias Lambert, John T. Dickson, Isaac H. Myers, William J. Lowe, Hugh D. McGary, John W. Yeager, Golston S. Wilson, James Crilley, Casper Gram, Benjamin F. Robinson, John W. Carter, Charles Mead, William T. Stilwell, Chesley F. Garrison, Robert Onyet, Samuel Anderson, William J. Woods, Elisha L. Pritchett, Michael Robinson, Charles F. Abel, W. Gary Hopkins, David Korte, Anthony Alsop, David B. Butler, Joseph K. McGary, William A. Preston, William H. Pritchett.

Since the organization this post has met with misfortunes of various kinds, one of the most serious being the loss of their records and post property by fire. This loss included their original charter and other valuable papers, so that it is impossible to give an accurate history of the organization. But it can be said that. notwithstanding the adverse fortunes they have experienced, there have been enough members of loyal and patriotic spirit to maintain the organization and keep their flag afloat. The following have served as post commanders since the organization: S. M. Holcomb, W. T. Stilwell, Henry Hamilton, Casper Gram, T. A. Walters. John E. Ruston. B. F. Stewart, John A. Ewin, August Rodeman, C. F. Garrison, William Hickrod.


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