The Farragut Post No. 27 GAR - Evansville, IN

The Farragut Post No. 27
Grand Army of the Republic, Evansville, IN

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Elected Officers in 1882

Source: Indiana State Archives, Commission on Public Records

W. H. Keller P. C.
C. H. Myerhoff S. V. C.
Will Warren J. V. C.
Jac. W. Messick O. D.
W. A. Sluder O. G.
H. A. Mattison Chaplain
J. W. Compton Surgeon
J. H. Holtman Q. M. S.
Conrad Reichert S. M.
August Leich Adj't.

Elected Officers in 1897

Source: A History of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Indiana, by Joseph P. Elliot, 1897

William Nelson P. C.
L. N. Wheeler S. V. C.
William Elliot J. V. C.
George J. Geissler O. D.
Herman Knoll O. G.
S. B. Sansom Chaplain
Dr. J. W. Compton Surgeon
William Warren Q. M.
S. B. Lewis Q.M.S.
George J. Vickery S. M.
George G. McGrew Adj't.
Byron Parsons Trustee

Past Post Commanders from 1881 until 1897 were as follows:

W. H. Keller (three terms)
C. H. Myerhoff
A. C. Rosencranz
Jacob W. Messick
A. J. McCutchan
C. J. Murphy
H. C. Gooding
H. A. Mattison
J. R. Elderfield
W. H. Gudgel
Jos. C. Overell
August Leich

The History of GAR Post # 27
Source: History of Vanderburgh County, Indiana, Brant and Fuller, 1889, p. 557

The objects and aims of this organization, instituted in times of peace, yet composed exclusively of survivors of the war, are benevolent and fraternal.  Farragut Post, No. 27, Department of Indiana, was organized June 24, 1881, with forty-two (forty-six) charter members.  To the present time 443 have been lost by death , and enough by removals from this locality and other causes, to reduce the membership to 342.  Among its membership are those who served in all branches of the army, and many from all parts of the country, many of whom were officers high in command and statesmen of national repute.  The post commanders in the order of their succession have been : W. H. Keller, (three terms), C. H. Myerhoff, A. C. Rosencranz, Jacob W. Messick, A. J. McCutchan and Christpher J. Murphy, now commanding.  from the organization to the present, Capt. August Leich has been adjutant; Dr. J. W. Compton, surgeon, and Conrad Reichert, sergeant major.  The other officers at the date of organization were: Charles H. Myerhoff, S.V.C.; Geroge H. Neekamp, J.V.C; Michael Gorman, Qrm.; H. A. Mattison, chaplain; J. W. Messick, O. of D., and J. H. Holtman, Qrm. Sergt.  The other present officers are: Edward Grill, S.V.C.; H. P. Hopkins, J.V.C.; August Schmitt, Qrm.; S. B. Sansom, chaplain; C. H. Myerhoff, O. of D.; R. M. Nickels, O. of G., and Joseph E. Schu, Qrm. Sergt.  The post was incorporated under state law in 1885; the present trustees are: A. C. Rosencranz, S. R. Hornbrook and C. H. Butterfield.

Under the auspices of the post Memorial day exercises are annually conducted, when that tender tribute of loving praise due the heroic dead of the nation's armies is paid with appropriate ceremonies.  While ever thoughtful of those who have pitched their tents in the silent encampment on the other side of that deep river which flows between this life and the vast beyond, the post has not been unmindful of the living in its works of charity, and its efforts of love to bring back that harmonious feeling between the two sections of the country lately at war, which ought to exist for the good of the present and the greatness of the future.  The reunion of the Blue and the Grey under its auspices, held at Evansville, in 1887, was a great event in the history of the city and of the country, being the most successful practical effort of its kind known to the people of the nation.  The post induced by invitation a discussion of the Shiloh fight between Gen. James C. Veatch and Gen. Alvin P. Hovey, which created intense interest among soldiers in all parts of the country; and through its members, has given to the literature of the war period many valuable papers.  Its armory in the Masonic block is one of the finest in the state, and is handsomely furnished with every convenience for the comfort and entertainment of its members.  The auxiliary branches, the Women's Relief Corps, and Sons of Veterans, are in a flourishing condition.  The former was instituted in 1885. 

Post 027 has had 650 members on its roll, 62 of whom have died .  Its present membership is 313 (Source: A History of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Indiana, by Joseph P. Elliot, 1897).  Photographs and other memorabilia of many of the members can be found in the GAR room at the Veterans' Memorial Coliseum in Evansville.  The post's charter, dated June 24, 1881 is also there and contains the names of the original members (Tri-State Genealogical Society Packet - March 2005, p. 8).

From the "Mortuary Report" of Farragut GAR Post 027 for year ending December 31, 1933:
John Smith, age 91, Priv., Co. D, 42nd Indiana, died 11/18/1933

Source: Indiana State Archives, Commission on Public Records

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