The Oakland City Post No. 302 GAR - Oakland City, IN

The Oakland City Post No. 302
Grand Army of the Republic, Oakland City, IN


GAR Post #302
Roster of Charter Members
February 14, 1884

Source: Indiana State Archives, Commission on Public Records



Company and Regiment or Ship

1 William H. Coleman Co. F, 33rd Ind.
2 William H. Bigham Co. F, 33rd Ind.
3 William H. Springer Co. E, 38th Ind.
4 Isaac Woods Co. G, 65th Ind.
5 Adam Young Co. B, 65th Ind.
6 Robert Alcorn Co. K, 65th Ind.
7 Isa Castetter Co. A, 37th Ind.
8 George Verling Co. H, 58th Ind.
9 G. T. Benton Co. A, 58th Ind.
10 Abraham Cole Co. C, 58th Ind.
11 George W. Wilder Co. K, 58th Ind.
12 Jesse A. Crow Co. F, 58th Ind.
13 Robert A. Jenkins Co. F, 42nd Ind.
14 William B. Dill Co. D, 16th Ill.
15 Ephriam Christmas Co. G, 1st Ind. Cav.
16 William Bilderback Co. A, 1st Ind. Cav.
17 Hiram (?) Williams Co. F, 1st Ind. Cav.
18 F. M. Lansford Co. C, 81st Ind.
19 J. A. Black Co. I, 42nd Ind.
20 L. J. Robinson Co. B, 91st Ind.
21 E. G. Fowler Co. C, 42nd Ind.


GAR Post # 302
Officers Elected and Installed
February 14, 1884

W. H. Coleman P. C.
George Verling S. V. C.
E. G. Fowler J. V. C.
W. H. Springer O. D.
Abe Cole O. G.
Robert Alcorn Chaplain
Blank Surgeon
Albert(?) Castteter Q. M.
Jesse A. Crown Adj't.
F. M. Lansford Sergt. Major
Ephriam Christmas Must. Sergt. (?)


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